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I am 28 and have hated my nose as far back as I...

I am 28 and have hated my nose as far back as I can remember. I get paranoid all the time convinced everybody is looking at the monstrosity in the centre of my face. I researched surgeons for over 12 years and as my children are now that bit older it was time to take the plunge. I had a few consultations with different surgeons. Then I met Dr Tahery!! This was the surgeon I had been searching for. He is amazing within 2 minutes I knew this would be the DR to change my life. I wrote down a list of questions I wanted to ask but he covered each and every point in great detail without me even having to raise them. He's realistic and clearly very skilled. I waited about a week for my consultation and I have my op 5th of August I am so excited. I will post before and after pics soon as I have it done. Fingers crossed everything goes ok


Well I got to the hospital at 7.30 this morning went down to have op at 10 am. I have just woke up & feel horrific, the pain is no were near what I was expecting thou just feel really rubbishy in general. I am hungry thou and I don't have best of appetites so really suprised . The whole team was great and helped put me at ease. I am going to try get some sleep see how I feel then.

Some more pics

Sore!! Groggy!! BUT best decision ever made

Day after op

Well I am so sore and irritated it's unbelievable :-( it's so hot in here & there is no air con in rooms for the price not to great. The packing is hanging out and I have to keep strapping bandages round my face as it won't stop bleeding. Looks a right mess, they said packing should dissolve so I am off home now with a box of codeine & a saline spray. Overall it was just as I expected. I seen Tahery last night he said everything went great and he will remove splint next Thursday. I am so glad to be going home but slightly worried as if anything happens I can't just buzz & a doctor will come haha oh well. I have used full tub of Vaseline on lips as they are so sore and my mouth is starting to blister with being constantly open gasping for breathe. Oh well I Let you know how am feeling in couple of days
Manchester Otolaryngologist

Realistic, informative and very friendly

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