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I had rhinoplasty with Dr tahery back in March. I...

I had rhinoplasty with Dr tahery back in March. I felt so confident about it at the time... I am cabin crew and I travel all over the world so it is easy and cheap for me to travel anywhere to have this procedure done...and after meeting other surgeons I felt confident with Tahery as he took the time to meet with me out of his office hours and also messaged me after I met with him to tell me he 'seen great potential in improving my nose'. I felt so good about this... and how wrong I was. Everything bad that he could of done to my nose he did. He didn't do anything I asked. I asked for a slope and for my nose to be made shorter... he made my nose so flat to my face even sunglasses don't sit properly.. no slope at all. My tip is indented and now I will need a cartilage graft from my ear. The bump that he shaved down is reappearing and my nose is actually wider than it was before! My scar is also not great and has a lump in it.. he said he can Lasor it.. but again why should he have to had he sown it up properly? When I go to work and meet new people so many comment on my nose.. they ask why a surgeon would do this to me.. I ask myself the same question.. how is this man getting away with ruining vulnerable girls noses?
I have recently met with Tahery for the first time since having the procedure. I told him how unhappy I was and he laughed in my face. As you can imagine this made me angry and our meeting did not go down well. I am living with depression because of this man and he some how thinks it's funny.
I know many others who's noses he has ruined and I hope that my post can warn others off going with him. He told me that my nose wasn't bad at all and that it just needs 'fine tuning' (yeah right!) a top surgeon should do the job right the first time and I shouldn't need to have 'fine tuning' even though I need a lot more than that done, I wouldn't call having to take skin from my ear fine tuning...I told him I do not trust him to touch my nose again and he told me to think about it but I know he is not capable of making my nose right and I now have to pay a lot of money to fix the mess he caused me.
It's so devastating to pay all that money and have so much hope that you will be happy with the outcome to be made miserable and depressed. Now looking for revision specialists :(


Worse in real life

More photos 9 months post

More photos ... dr thinks this is a 10 minute job to be fixed and other than that it is a good rhinoplasty... this guy is delusional

Bumps on nose

It has been 10 months since my op and I have developed two bumps either side of my nose... if I stretch my skin by flaring my nostrils you can see them ... makes me soooo angry that this man can do this to so many people and get away with it !!!!


These are the bumps I am talking about which turn white when I pull a certain face

Expert opinions

I went to see two renowned rhinoplasty specialists recently... one in Turkey and one in Iran... both have told me how bad my nose is. One told me that my tip is completely destroyed and botched. I paid dr Tahery £4500 pound to mess my face up, these people are charging 2000€ and 1000$ for primary rhinoplasty ( obviously I have to pay more for revision). I have seen so many people unhappy with Taherys work and I cannot believe that he can take people's money and make such a mess. He claims he does more rhinoplasty surgeries than anybody else.. I just cannot understand how he can be qualified in this field.

General Medical Council

I urge you all to check out the gmc website list for doctors current restrictions - Dr Mohammed Tahery

Opinions from Other Surgeons

Recently I have met with renowned surgeons. Both of them appalled by my primary rhinoplasty. One surgeon told me that I was a great candidate for rhinoplasty and he can't understand what went wrong. He told me that my tip was completely destroyed and 'botched' - Something Tahery didn't agree with ofcorse and claimed all I needed was fine tuning. Both surgeons said that my surgeon must not have much experience in the rhinoplasty field however Tahery has told me many times that he performs more surgieries than any other surgeon. I am feelignso upset right now that I could of had a lovely nose had I never had gone with this man. He never lived up to his promise and I just hope that my review gets noticed and people DO NOT go with him.
I am hoping to have revisions surgery next month... god knows how it will go after the doctor opens up my nose and sees the damage he has created... I will most likely need cartilage taken from my ear :(

Nose before

Guys my nose was not great before for the people who are commenting saying that it was... it was long and bumpy

Revision !!! After botched jawed tahery Nuffield

Had my revision done one week today with dr alpaslan yildirim in Istanbul... he is amazing guys. Can not believe the damage DR TAHERY caused to my nose! I had to have skin taken from my ear and put into my tip... dr tahery laughed at me when I said my nose was done badly and told me it will be a fine tuning job to fix it! But I had to have so much done to it... all because of the man who cannot do a good job in the first place. He has deleted his realself account now! Photos are a before and after on the operating table and then one week after.. i don't even feel swollen.. with tahery I was badly swollen for a month I couldn't leave the house! If anybody is looking for rhinoplasty or revision please look into dr alpaslan... he is so talented and not expensive. It saddens me that I paid so much in the first place and if I would of found this doctor first I would of paid less than half of what I paid with tahery!


Because dr tahery is incompetent
Manchester Otolaryngologist

Thought he was a nice man.. now I live in regret for not doing enough research on him

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