24 Year Old in Need of Reduction - Nuffield, GB

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So I've been wanting a reduction done for a few...

So I've been wanting a reduction done for a few years now, Iv just turned 24 a few days ago and I am a 30k. I am a hairdresser so standing all day and my back and neck kill me. I am going in for surgery January 10th it can't come fast enough. I couldn't be anymore excited but very anxious as to how they will look. I am going private as the nhs wanted me to lose 2 stone even though I am not overweight I am 5'1 and weigh 63kg

Only 3 days until surgery :)

Only 3 more sleeps before surgery, couldn't be anymore excited right now knowing I will finally get rid of these after thinking about it for so long hopefully the next few days fly in


So the day for surgery is nearly here, iv to be at the hospital for 7am tomorrow for surgery at 8 does anyone have any tips I should know about afterwords ?

Surgery done :)

Had my surgery yesterday morning, so happy it's finally done, I had 1.5kg removed from each side which is 5lbs so happier I will be a bit lighter now. Not too much pain just a bit uncomfortable when trying to sleep through the night I have been awake nearly every hour but as far as I can see the results look amazing so it will all be worth it in the end. Hopefully I will get home today if everything is ok and I feel well enough,

Day after surgery

So I got home today just one day after my surgery. Not too much pain just a bit tired still can't Beleive how different they look couldn't be any happier with them just now

6 days post op

Just been at hospital having my dressings changed everything looks good and they are really happy with the healing ! Can't wait to get these off next week

3 weeks post op

So it's been 3 weeks since surgery, the last 2 days iv been in agony have been back to hospital and they said everything is looking fine just a few bits not totally heeled yet which is really sore, hopefully will b sorted soon but apart from that I couldn't be anymore happier with them

Nearly 10 weeks post op

Finally everything has healed up after having an infection . I am really happy with the result so far and so glad I got it done :) these pictures were a few weeks ago when wound was still open and surgeon told me left one would go back to normal shape as infection mishapes it a bit so hopefully will change soon

6 months on

Been 6 months since my reduction and everything has been amazing, looking at this pic it makes me so happy I went ahead with it makes a huge difference to my life

7 months post op

So happy with my new boobs scars r looking great nipples are a bit dif but doesn't bother me I knew it would never b exactly perfect and from some that I have seen mine look really good so I couldn't be anymore happier with them

1 year post op

It's been over a year now since my operation, could not be any happier with my boobs make my life so much easier couldn't recommend Ben chew enough
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