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I am the worst decision maker in the world. Hence...

I am the worst decision maker in the world. Hence why I have been umming and arring like a thing possessed about having surgery for in and around 5 years, clinging on to the hope that one day I'd wake up and a decent pair will have appeared, but sadly not.

So after much research, and several consultancies I finally committed, booked a date and paid up. That date is tomorrow and in true form I am in an absolute flap about what size to go to.

I am vertically challenged and have the figure of a child (hence the surgery!) and really do not want that fake look. The surgeon has advised 240-270 cc. I'm flitting between playing it safe and going for 250, or going for it and having 270 as I don't want to regret feeling too small after all of the brain power (and money!) spent.

Safe to say I am a bag of nerves this evening! I've not really let myself think about the surgery too much until this week. Looking at botched jobs for 'research purposes' was not the best idea either!

I have full faith in my surgeon however, and I'm really excited to finally have the body of a (miniature) woman.


It's all over and I am the proud owner of a pair of boobs! Such a stree free and pain free experience, could not fault any part of it.

Dr Prinsloo went ahead with the 270 cc in the end and I'm really pleased. I'm yet to peak under the surgical bra yet, despite being in the comfort of my own home! They look slightly swollen and are sore when I move but apart from that I'm absolutely fine.

Currently taking meds like clock work so as to avoid any impending pain. Sleeping upright on a v pillow (£5 eBay!) which I'm getting on well with considering I'm usually a face down tummy sleeper!

Day 2 post op

Feeling so much more comfortable today! Managed a full nights sleep last night and didn't awake on my back in a painful frantic panic!

Only thing bothering me today is itchiness! I think it must be my skin stretching. At first I thought it was my surgical bra being generally budget (and ugly) and so irritating me, so whipped it off hoping for a few moments of relief, but sadly that didn't help. I've rubbed in some bio oil (away from the incisions) to relieve a bit hopefully.

I've stopped taking the codeine now, just on two paracetamol every 6 hours. Mainly because I'm bloating so much and I think I'm managing my pain now without the need for codeine. I get no pain at all when I don't move, and just tight twinges when I forget and do something wild like reach for something!

The surgeon mentioned a 'gurgling' noise which sounds horrendous, and I have noticed it quite a lot. Apparently completely normal and feels much like when your stomach gurgles. In fact it's hard to tell the difference!

I've managed to treat myself to two shallow baths which has helped me feel less like a troll! The nurses said A shower was okay but if bandages are pretty much written off if they get wet, so didn't want to risk it with my post op not being until next Wednesday.

Really think that recovery is mainly mindset, getting washed, dressed and moving about has improved my mood loads today.

Really happy with how they are starting to look and feel. Still haven't tried any outfits on with them yet (mainly as I sold all my 'tiny titty' clothes to celebrate) and plan to buy a new wardrobe. Added a few new pictures bra-less (feeling brave).

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