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When i turned 40 l no longer had a flat tummy. I...

When i turned 40 l no longer had a flat tummy. I had a pouch. A pouch that needed to go. I was very anxious and down right terrified for weeks up until the day of the sugery. Dr. Freeland brings a certain kind of calm. The meds helped too. I went into the surgical center at 8 am. I actually went into surgery about 10 am and came out of sugery around noon. My pain level was at a 2 or 3. I stayed in recovery for what seemed like a half hour before Dr. Freedland came in spoke with us, answered all questions and gave us his cell phone and office number. Soon after l was wheeled out to the car. My fiance drove us home. Walking was uncomfortably and would take my pain level up to a 5. I laid down with my feet elevated all day, only getting up to use the bathroom. Im a bit of a neat freak so i did get up once to tidy up a bit and washed some dishes. My drain tubes were emptied twice before 10pm. Its about 3 am and i feel like they should be emptied but I'm a bit too squeamish for that and l don't want to wake my fiance so l will wait. The nurses and Dr. Freedland stressed how important it is to stay on top of the pain, so l took my Norcos every 4 hour. I also have a pain pump inserted in my chest and that helps a lot. I was really expecting more pain but I'm very thankful my pain level is at about a 1 or 2 and it hasn't been 24 hours yet

Day 2 Tummy Tuck with lipo of fhe flanks

This is day 2 I'm very sore and starting to itch under the bandages. The pain is a deep muscle pain as if you did a really good ab workout times 10. 1 of my drain tubes are not draining which the nurse said is to be expected. My pain is about a 4 at worst. I still take my pain meds every 4 hours. I don't have much of an appetite. Getting up out of bed is very difficult but I managed to get up and give myself a sponge bath. After being up for about a half hour I became dizzy and nautious. I was prepared because they give you a prescription for nausea. I laid down and was in and out of sleep all day. I'm used to being on the go so needless to say cabin fever is already kicking in. Here are some pics of my wrapped abs with the drain tubes and the pain pump

The 4th day the wraps come off

So I went in today and the nurse removed my pain pump and my bandages. She said the procedure came out perfect and that I looked really good. I knew it must have looked pretty good when she asked did I have stretch marks before. However I am too sqeamish to look at blood, stitches and drain tubes. So I'm sorry I'm not able to take pictures or even clean my wounds. I get the drain tubes out in 4 more days and I will try then.
On a brighter side...I am off all pain meds and i feel pretty good. I still walk slow and slightly bent over as not to disrupt the tubes or stitching. Sleeping is challenging because I try not ti lay on the drain tubes but i can not sleep on my back. I will be walking on purpose today as i feel well and almost pain free.

3 weeks and 3 days

I am 3 weeks and 3 days out of surgery. I have still not removed my surgical tape just because I'm sqeamish. I will just let the nurse do it. She is great at that.
I am happy with the results so far. However there is a puckering on my right hip at the end of the incision that concerns me. They said it will settle and go down. I am still wearing the waist binder. It seems like I can not stand up straight without it. When Im not wearing it I swell and become very uncomfortable. I returned to work on thr 10 day out of sugery for a couple of hours a day. Cant wait to get back in the gym.

1 month after my TT and Lipo

I finally had the nurse take off my surgical tape last week. I almost passed out lol. Just not sure the scar is healing right. You be the judge. I'm a little concerned that my right side has puckering and welting right at the bikini line...oh no. Well anyway tomorrow I see my Doctor for the first time since surgery. I'm sure he will put my concerns to rest. My healing process is taking a lot longer than I thought. I'm still experiencing a little pain and discomfort especially at night. I really look forward to working out soon.

1 year post-op anniversary

It has been a year since my surgery and l have to say the journey was much longer than l thought. I can do all normal activities but l still have tightness after eating or drinking to much. I do have the doggy ear on one side that needs to be fixed but the thought of going back into surgery just freaks me out and l have no idea how much revision surgery will cost. It's very odd looking and is even obvious through my clothes. I would say I am about 70% pleased with my surgery. I'm hoping to get the doggy ear fixed and look more normal.
Bloomfield Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Freeland was very patient and easy to talk to. I even made an appointment a few days before my surgery because l had a few more questions and was so fearful l couldn't sleep at night. Dr. Freedland made me much more comfortable and at ease about the whole thing. My friends will be getting their tummy tucks from Dr. Freedland. He was just awesome.

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