Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction Flanks and Breast - Nova Scotia, NS

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It is an hour until my procedure, and I'm really...

It is an hour until my procedure, and I'm really nervous. I'm 25 yrs old, and have been thinking about doing this ever since I grew these hips. I have been very skinny in the past and still had this problem, and my mother and sister both have these hips too. It is pretty obviously a genetic thing. It makes pants, skirts, and dresses look revolting and this fat needs to go!

I'm getting flank lipo and a breast reduction lipo on the left side to make them more even. The breast lipo I am a little worried about, however I have been told that it should yield a good result.

I will try to post more after the surgery. Although my flanks look okay from the front, the back view is what I really want to change.

The Day After Surgery

Today is day one after the surgery, which went really well. Since I had requested to be under local anesthesia only, I was a bit worried about pain. The doc performed ultrasound assisted liposuction, and so the pain was almost none (about as painful as someone pressing on your skin) although the ultrasound part was really strange. The machine makes a noise that sounds like nails on a chalkboard, which you can feel inside your jaw. Luckily that part only lasted a few minutes.

After I had been sewn up, I stood up and walked out of the OR, feeling shaky but otherwise totally fine. Before I put on the compression garment I got to see myself in the mirror, and aside from a bit of swelling, I could see that it looked awesome.

Night time was fine, I woke up three times or so and took the extra strength tylenol I had been told to take once every four hours. At 2 am I took the garment off for a brief time since it was kind of uncomfortable.

Today has been incredibly tiring. I went to class in the morning, and all of my energy was sapped within the hour. Fortunately I only had one class, so I came home and have been lying in bed ever since. The pain is mild on the tylenol, but the compression garment is causing me to have indigestion which exacerbates everything. My flank area feels much worse than my breast, but even my flanks just feel like really tender bruises, like I fell on the ice or something.

I will post more pictures once the swelling goes down more.

A couple pictures

This pic is from about 15 hours after surgery, and you can already see the huge difference from the front and side. The backside is hard for me to take a picture of but you can see a bit of difference. The breast looks the same as pre-surgery due to swelling, so not much to see.



It is day two. I woke up this morning after sleeping through the night (no Tylenol) with no uncomfortable feeling of any kind. I forgot I had even had surgery until I got up and felt the compression garment.

Last night I spread some arnica on the areas, and I could feel it helping almost immediately. I'm not usually sold by homeopathic/naturopathic medicine, but I feel like I can attribute some of my lack of pain to it. I took one Tylenol this morning just in case, but I doubt I needed it.

Crazy though.

Way more swollen and LUMPSSSSSSSSS

So I have been wearing my compression garment the whole time except to shower, but for some reason the swelling has gotten worse? As in I look the same as I did before the operation...

Also the garment has started to crease in places and cause bad indentations in my flesh around which are hard lumps and ropy bumps. I should probably replace it with something, but for now I'm just wearing lululemons which will hopefully do the trick. I just would rather take longer to heal than heal incorrectly.

I should probably also mention that I had 400 cc on each flank removed, and 75 cc taken from my breast. I feel like my breast unevenness may not resolve as well as I had hoped, because I see no change at all even though he took 2.5 oz of fat out of there.

Otherwise, I have lost a bit of weight in general from eating less so I think I probably look better anyway just because of that. I'm pretty tried of agonizing about my results.

Two weeks out

So it will be 20 days tomorrow since I had the surgery. I still have lumps on my sides and see no size reduction in my breast really at all. As much as my flanks look better than they did, and dresses work better, I still feel like they bulge out and I am still self-conscious.

We shall see what happens at the post op in thirteen days....

Great on one side, horrible on the other

Alright, so I talked to the doctor at the post op a week or two ago and he says that this will resolve, but it is making me really unhappy.

On my left side I have an indent that runs horizontally to my back. On the top and bottom of the indent, the fat bulges out and makes me look deformed. I know that I was asymmetrical before, but I was hoping that the extra fat on this side would also be removed.

I am trying really hard to be patient, but it looks really bad. When I wear dresses it is VERY obvious, to the point where I feel as uncomfortable wearing them as I did pre-op.

Pretty Dramatic Results!!

My boobs are now so close to the same size, it is unreal. I can go without a bra and my nipples line up, and I can wear bras with very little support (and I'm a D!) so crazy. They aren't perfect, but I honestly feel like this is pretty close... Pic attached, bad angle, but you get the idea.

Does it look better? I can't tell

See pictures

Revision to left flank

So it has been a while since my operation, and when I went in to see the doc at six months I was still unhappy with the left flank. He agreed to a minor revision surgery under local to just get the fat that was missed because of my body's asymmetry. (No charge, which was really great of him)

I just had the procedure and am in bed. It looks really swollen and I intend to take it easy for the next couple of days. As before, the surgery was painless, and it only took about 45 mins. He removed 100 cc by suction assisted lipo. I will post pictures once there is something to see.

My life has changed completely

The left flank turned out great, and if anyone wants pictures, I can do that.

I've decided to update this review because I have a few things to say. This surgery was probably the best decision I have ever made. My confidence and self-esteem is right where I always wanted it to be, I look at my body and I love it now, and I feel like the mental block that prevented me from being really ambitious and happy has been lifted.

Since I got the surgery, I lost 15-20 pounds and I feel great. I used to think, why would I lose weight if my flanks will still look bad? And now I barely even think about it. It is truly incredible.

It is strange to realize how much changing your outward appearance can really make a difference, even if nobody else notices.
Nova Scotia Plastic Surgeon

Dr Bendor-Samuel and his staff all made me feel like what they were doing was routine and uncomplicated, which made me feel less nervous. Although I had done a lot of research, he answered all of my unanswered questions satisfactorily. During the consultation he seemed to want to get it over with, but I understand he had a patient in the OR waiting for anesthesia to kick in, so that makes sense. If I had needed him to help convince me more, or explain more to me, I am sure he would have done that un-begrudgingly, however I didn't need very much of either. During surgery, he worked quickly and explained what he was doing as it progressed, since I couldn't see what he was doing. Afterward, he had an on-to-the-next sort of attitude, which was in itself reassuring. The nurses were both really nice, and were quick to respond to any discomfort. Aftercare and follow-up: The compression garment they gave me was completely different than the one they showed me during the consultation, and it ended up buckling at the end of the first week. Basically unwearable, but not a huge deal I guess. I had been a bit disconcerted after the first operation, but after getting this revision done I am thoroughly impressed with everyone at his clinic. It was no hassle at all, and everyone was really nice throughout. I think it was mostly my hesitation about doing this, and my existential doubts that prevented me from seeing this as positively as I should have after the first operation. He and his practice get a full five stars overall from me!

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