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As a kid I always had a perfect button nose, and...

As a kid I always had a perfect button nose, and when I was around 13/14 it suddenly changed into a horrible, big, crooked, droopy nose. Not the kind that simply ruins your profile, the kind that ruins your whole face, from any angle. Mentally, I never truly accepted it as my nose, and in my head I still pictured myself with the nice nose I used to have, but every once in a while I was reminded of its presence and it killed my confidence, even though otherwise I'd consider myself quite attractive. There's be times when I had a great outfit on, nice makeup, my hair was done, I was feeling really great about myself, and then while laughing or turning to the side or something, I remembered how my nose looked, and it was just awful, to feel so great about yourself and then have that feeling ruined by one stupid feature. 

I dreaded pictures. Because I knew the nose I used to have, and would have in the future, and should have, MY nose, wasn't what was going to show in the picture. I didn't see the nose as part of my face, I mentally cancelled it out, but I knew that's what others saw. I was 17 when I had my rhinoplasty, and so I spent that majority of my life with the nose I felt I always should have had, this big monstrosity was what was new and foreign to me. When I finally was about to actually get the surgery, I wasn't even a bit scared or nervous. I was of course a little excited, but that wasn't the main feeling. I was relieved. I was finally getting back what was once mine. Like finally going home after a strange and exhausting journey. My nose didn't bother me anymore, because I knew now it was only a matter of days. 

The actual procedure was a breeze. My doctor was brilliant, and it honestly couldn't have gone more smoothly. I remember chatting with the doctor about sports, feeling really calm, and then I woke up with a new, no, with my old face. He really did an amazing job, and I'm honestly surprised at all the stories about rhinoplasty being mentally and physically exhausting. I guess physically, it can vary. But if it's mentally exhausting, maybe you're not the right candidate for it. Maybe it's because I had a lot of support from family and friends, but I think it was because I didn't just want a rhinoplasty the way I want highlights, I needed it. I knew I'd have one eventually, it was just something I couldn't imagine not having. Mentally, for me, it wasn't exhausting at all, it lifted a weight off of my shoulders and have me a new life so to speak. As soon as I woke up I was thinking to myself, it's finally over. Wow. No more worrying about this, no more letting my nose ruin anything, no more dreading pictures, no more having that constant feeling in the back of my mind that while I see my real face, other people probably only see my nose. I felt like I was freed. 

Physically the recovery couldn't have been any easier. I know it varies, but I only has brushing on the bridge of my nose, and it completely disappeared in under 3 days. There is still swelling (I am a week post-op) but the worst of it is gone, and I can already see the shape of my nose and am good enough to go out in public and other people can't tell. Pain-wise, I literally could not believe how easy it was. I did not take a single pain pill, maybe one Advil, because it really did not hurt. Due to the nature of my surgery I didn't need a cast or packing, so no problems there. I was a little out of sorts from the GA and had a sore throat from the breathing tube for about 2-3 days. That is literally my biggest "complaint". If I had to do it again, I would in a second. People ask me if I see a huge difference myself, or they say things like "wow, it must be so weird to have a completely different nose!" Yes and no. I mean, of course there's a huge difference. But at the same time, to me there isn't. This is what my nose is supposed to look like, what it did for the vast majority of my life. 

When I look in the mirror there's nothing to get used to, because this is what I always truly had. It's not different or foreign to me at all. In fact it's very familiar. But when I look at the before pictures, that's what's weird and unfamiliar to me. It didn't take any time to "get used" to my "new nose". None. I felt like I was myself again as soon as I had it, even with the bruising and swelling. But the old pictures were immediately so weird to me. Maybe it's because I always mentally blocked out my nose, if I tried to accept it, it would ruin my confidence. But now to look at those pictures, it's like looking at the pictures where I'd accidentally colored my hair black. A temporary thing that was not at all, and never would be me. Now I finally look the way I always pictured myself, I don't worry that people can see my awful hook nose, and I don't worry that it's ruining my face. It really is like a weight lifted off of my shoulders. If you are trying to decide whether or not you should get a nose job, I don't have any advice for you, because I've never been in that position. For me it was always something that simply had to happen. No questions asked. If you feel that way, I probably don't even have to tell you, but do it. Make sure you find a great doctor, but it will change your life as much, if not more, than you think it will. Obviously it has had a big impact on my looks, but the real impact was mental. It really is one of the best things I ever did, and I'm glad I did it as soon as I did and didn't waste any time. It's been a life changer. And I'm only a week post-op. Even with the swelling, I'm so much happier.

As mentioned above, did an incredible job, procedure and recovery couldn't have been easier, all around great experience.

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