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I have always had a problem with my nose. I've had...

I have always had a problem with my nose. I've had people make comments and tell me I look like a witch and a rat and for as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of having rhinoplasty. I decided to get serious and researched surgeons in Adelaide. There wasn't an awful lot to go from which is why I'm writing this review, to hopefully help others. I found the website for Norwood Day Surgery in SA where Dr Zacharia (a Sydney surgeon) was working. I booked a consult and from the moment I walked in I felt like this was the doctor for me. Dr Zac was very honest and upfront about everything, I think he could tell that I didn't know what I should be asking so he took the time to just tell me everything. He took photos and described what he thought would be the best way to 'fix' my nose. He said he would like to keep a natural look, get rid of the hump on my nose and bring the tip up slightly as my nose tilted down slightly. I walked away with a photo of the possible outcome and within a week, booked the surgery. I was so excited and for the next few months, I googled Dr Zac and watched and read everything there was online about him. I understood that he had a pretty bad rap at times (there are some bad articles and reviews) but it didn't change my decision. I was still confident in his abilities from what I had seen of him as a person and also from the before and after images on the website. I felt very comfortable. The day of my surgery I was so nervous! The nurses took me to prep me and I instantly started crying. I had never been in a hospital for anything let alone a surgery. The nurses were wonderful, the whole team put my mind at ease and dos everything to keep me comfortable. I then met with my Anaesthetist Dr Dennis who was lovely! He was so wonderful and made me feel in very safe capable hands. He answered all of my questions and then Dr Zacharia came to visit me before heading in. I once again broke down and he sat next to me and went over everything again just for my peace of mind. Everyone was wonderful and I walked in to surgery feeling confident that I was going to have a great result. I lay on the bed and as I was about to have my midday nap Dr Dennis put his arm on my shoulder and told me everything would be fine. I woke up a few hours later, it felt like there was something on my nose but I still didn't realise where I was. The nurse came over once she saw I was awake. I honestly woke up feeling like I'd had an excellent sleep. I got up and had a sandwich and Dr Zac came to check on me again. He said he was very happy with how it went which only made me feel more confident and comfortable. My parents took me home and I've been recovering since. I had 2 follow up calls the next day (which was a Saturday), both women I spoke to were wonderful and said if I had any questions I could call or text anytime. There is hardly any pain, it's more of an inconvenience because I don't want to leave the house with my cast on. I'll be getting my internal splints removed tomorrow and the rest removed on Monday. I'll post photos once my cast comes off. I can already notice that my nose looks smaller, the hump is gone and I already feel happier. So far Dr Zac has been wonderful! That's why I wanted to give him a good review as I couldn't find much when I was researching. I hope this helps anyone else looking to get work done by Dr Zacharia. (I've also found out that he's had a TV show called Changing Faces on Foxtel and is currently making another show called 'Unveiled', impressive!). I'll update photos on Monday after the big reveal :)

More before photos

Cast off - day 10

Ok so had my cast taken off today. Nostrils are out of whack but to be expected. The jump is gone (thank god) but my nose looks pointy and the tip looks droopy and bulbous. Hating my side profile at this stage and everyone else seems to love theirs when the cast comes off. Hoping that it's just swelling. Seems like it's way too 'swollen' to get to the same as in the altered image I got. Everything I read says that the face looks a bit piggish and the nose will drop eventually but my tip is already hanging low and not turned up at all. I've emailed Dr Zac to ask if he has seen it and it's normal (he was in Sydney). Anyone had this droopy bulbous tip experience?

Digitally altered image by Dr Zac during Consult

What I was given as the 'expected outcome'

Pointy tip

Tip seems to be more upturned as it was before my surgery. Still a bit pointy. Waiting to hear back from the surgeon. Feeling a bit better and if I do need revision after a few months then so be it. Would have preferred it to slope more and be more rounded off

Swelling reducing

Feeling much better about my nose. After speaking to Dr Zac's office I've been taping my nose whenever I'm able to and just started taking Bromelain tablets (2 tablets 3 times daily as directed by the Dr). Swelling has gone down heaps and I can tell my tip is still swollen and will reduce further in the next few months. Feeling much better about the appearance of my nose and confident that my result will be a good one. So relieved!

Update on swelling

Feeling much better after speaking to a couple of Dr Zac's other rhinoplasty patients. The swelling on my bridge has noticeably decreased and my tip seems to be raising. The 'ball' like tip is more noticeable from below, seems quite triangular but I think it'll round off once the swelling goes down. Very happy with the general shape, just anxious to see the final result and want the tip of my nose to hurry up with the healing and go down. The uneven nostrils aren't bothering me, I can see its swollen more inside one nostril so I know they'll even out eventually. Just the tip that bothers me at the moment but it will get better I'm sure :)
Follow up appointment with dr Zacharia next Fridayso I'll be able to ask all of my questions then.

5 weeks post op

What an eventful roller coaster this has been. My swelling had reduced a lot from where I was day of cast removal. I was headed to Adelaide for my 4 week follow up and some idiot failed to give way and cleaned me up. As a result, I copped an airbag to the face (super painful on the nose, don't recommend it). My nose bled and swelled up like crazy! It was huge. Dr Zac was lovely! He had to fly to Sydney so I wasn't able to reschedule my follow up till next month. He called me himself though after requesting some photos so he could still check on my nose and see if anything was obviously out of place. Thought it was wonderful of him to call me himself and not have a nurse or reception staff make the call on his behalf. Definitely earnt my respect. 1 week after the accident and my swelling seems to have gone down on the bridge but my tip is still quite large and odd looking on my face. Dr Zac said that at 6 weeks the 'shrink wrapping' will start to take place which I think should get me to a good place. Still wish my tip was more raised but regardless it should be ok if my tip is still just large from swelling. There are a few bumps on my nose that I can feel which I assume is swelling as well. there is one bump on the side of my nose which has made the tip look like its leaning to one side and makes my nose look crooked from the front on Occassion. Definitely seeing improvement with the shape each day though. I just hope it continues to shrink. I notice my tip is a lot more raised in the morning when I take the tape off, I wish it stayed like that all the time

Follow up

I had my follow up recently with dr Zac. I notice that a lot of people comment on the fact that they don't see much of their surgeon after their ops, that they come in for a minute and then leave them to a nurse so this was what I expected. I was greeted so warmly by Dr Zac even though I had emailed him like a crazy person freaking out after my initial cast removal. Dr Zac was so lovely! He was genuinely complimenting how different and great I looked, he went through my surgery in detail and explained exactly what he had done. He addressed my concerns and didn't brush them off. My mind was totally at ease when I walked out. He explained that he could feel that my bridge was still quite swollen and showed me how to massage it daily to help smooth it out. He also noticed that there was a bump on one side which he explained was also just swollen, causing it to look assymetrical. Dr Zac told me to continue massaging it and taking Bromelain and that in a months time he would give me some injections to help with any remaining bumps. Dr Zac even pulled out my before photos to see how much I had changed. He really made me feel like I was in good hands. And I can also claim a bit back from Medicare now as I had a deviated septum which he fixed. Getting more and more happy with my nose each day. I can't wait to see what it looks like when the remaining swelling is gone

Revision booked for different surgeon

Ok so haven't done an update in a while.. it's almost been a year since my surgery and I'm now booked in for a revision with Dr sylaidis at Adelaide Plastic Surgery. For those who aren't aware, 4 weeks after my surgery, I was in a bad car accident (what are the chances!). Anyway, the other driver was at fault so long story short the revision is mostly covered by insurance but after the accident, my nostril started to collapse and there was an obvious bend in the front of my nose. I went back to Dr Zac who proceeded to tell me that yes it was crooked and a bit caved in but 'it's not that bad'. He also added that if most of his patients had just this as a problem they would be quite happy... says a lot about his other patients results, yikes !?
His solution was to massage the inside of my nostril with a cotton bud and to use 'dissolvable injectable fillers' which he advised would dissolve in 2 months... both solutions that were not permanent. I should also note that My breathing is terrible now and he suggested no solutions for that problem. I walked out of my appointment in tears and felt as though when I started crying I was quickly hurried along and out the door. At that point I didn't go back to see Dr Zac again. The insurance company and myself have a lot of trouble getting my medical info/reports from them as well so it seems that when you leave, they are of no help.
I've added some photos and what I notice (in all/a lot) of his work is that Dr Zac removes the columella. Mine was meant to be slightly lifted, instead it's now gone completely and Dr sylaidis isn't sure he will be able to fix it. Because of this, it looks quite witchy and unfeminine. From certain angles it looks like my tip is hanging low because the support below it is gone. Dr sylaidis also noted that my cartlidge has in fact collapsed and been pushed over (due to the force from the airbag). The only way to fix this along with my breathing is revision surgery using a medpore graft to rebuild the cartlidge. I'm also not happy with the pinched look - not discussed prior to surgery, Dr Zac just did it. My nostrils also look almost unattached in one place and quite droopy and saggy. One of them is also very harsh and looks like it's been cut and therefore looks like it is no longer rounded at the top. My profile is also still too big, he didn't shave enough down. So overall not happy with the surgery, the second follow Up consult where my concerns were actually brought up and the fact that I cannot get my medical reports from the surgery to assist with my revision. I've also noticed the difference in forms that need to be signed before surgery... at Norwood day surgery there was a lot of legal forms, not just one, to sign which basically say you can't sue them. Adelaide Plastic Surgery have only one form and it's just to acknowledge the risk involved.
Dr Zac also didn't show me any photos at my consult but Dr sylaidis had numerous photos. He was also willing to show me the worst, he kept photos so that he could be honest to people about possible outcomes.. and the worst wasn't even that bad. I've also found out that the photos on Norwood day surgerys website are super old, some over 5 years.. there is no current work and not many in total at all. Price difference is also phenomenal, I thought $15k was normal, apparently I could have had Dr sylaidis do my surgery in half the time for half the price and the outcome seems like it would have been 10x better. Will be making a new review for Dr sylaidis in may when I have my revision, fingers crossed this is the last.
But if you want my opinion on Dr Zac, don't waste your time, your money or your emotions on this doctor.
I wanted to take my photos down but I've chosen to keep them up to hopefully help someone else.

Before photos

Revision done! My columella is back!

Had revision surgery yesterday with Dr sylaidis. No cast on so already stoked with the result! Can't wait until the swelling reduces and I see the final result. Swelling at the front is due to the medpore sheet that was put on that side. It should look less crooked once it heals. Also had soft tissue added to fill in the dents. Happy already, I wish dr sylaidis did my primary surgery
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