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So, I've been wanting rhinoplasty since I got...

So, I've been wanting rhinoplasty since I got aware I've gotten my fathers big nosetip, my mothers wide nostrills, and a larger version of her nose bump for a nose. I have a pretty low self esteem from before, and I know that this is something that will really give it a much needed boost. People have said to me I should just try and "wear" my nose with pride, but I am too weak of a person to be able to do that since it's quite obvious that my nose sadly has these not very feminine flaws.

I've taken all pros and cons seriously into consideration. And I've done my fair share of research on this. I've also given it a whole lot of thought, since I'm actually not a big fan of fixing up your natural appearance with surgery at all. If it was just a small flaw on my nose, then I would just stick with it, but this is bothering me to the amount where I feel like a rhinoplasty would be a positive thing for me.

Now, I'm young and poor and don't have the money for a rhinoplasty yet, but when I do I want it to look something like in the two pictures I've attached when it's "done". I do not want a perfect nose. I want my nose, but slightly more feminine, so I've tried to just straighten the nosebridge, and push the nose tip in a little (shrink it I guess). I want a natural and not too noticeable result in the end. So what do you think of the after-photos? It's not too much or too small of a change?

Added another before/after picture. I've been...

Added another before/after picture.

I've been thinking more and more about how skilled these plastic surgeons must be. Sure, I'm just using Photoshop to edit, but it's really all about the tiniest details with this. A tiny change to the tip for example, can make the biggest difference to the whole appearance of the nose. The surgeons are highly skilled artist.
When and if I do this, I really hope for a good outcome. I'm pretty certain it will go well though, I'm very confident this surgeon I've chosen is skilled enough for what I want done.

Sent the clinic a mail with pictures a few days...

Sent the clinic a mail with pictures a few days ago asking if it was possible for the doctor to assess my images and to see if my edited after picture was something that would be realistic/possible to expect. Now I'm waiting for the answer. :) I explained I didn't plan on doing this in the nearest future because of my economic situation though.

I'm still a bit unsure about this. I am a quite anxious person, and I would be really scared on the operation day, and possibly after it too because of the swelling.

And I've decided to, if I go through with this in the future, that I want to ask if they can take a picture of my profile straight after the operation so I can se how it looks before the swelling kills my face. :P
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