20, 5'0", 34 E/F, No Kids, Constant Pain

Since I was 13 (with breasts smaller than a B) I...

Since I was 13 (with breasts smaller than a B) I have experienced extreme rib and back pain with little to no rhyme or reason. As I have gotten older this pain was made worse and more constant by my breast size. I have bounced between a DD and F for 7 years. At my smallest size I was a 30 DD and at my largest I was a 34 F. I am now at about a 34/36 E. I know weight has a lot to do with it but I have been unable to work out without CONSTANT pain in my chest for 6 months. My first plan was to lose about 25 pounds and see where that put me, but that has become impossible due to the pain I feel from working out. My next step was to meet with a surgeon to see if a breast reduction was for me. Dr. Kirwan has been so so so helpful and honest with me. He recommended the surgery and has suggested I go down to a C up (yay Bralettes here I come!) His office staff is super nice yet somewhat distracted at times, but they are very nice and reassuring. I feel confident in his work. I am beyond excited to get the surgery done and look and feel better about myself. I am currently going to be paying for this out of pocket and then submit my claim to insurance to be approved. Dr. Kirwan sent a letter to my insurance company but he did not put how much tissue he plans to take out so my insurance company said that I had to try 3 months of a therapeutic alternative and then see where that put me. I was not down to do that, I'm on my last legs here with all of this. I can't raise my arms above my shoulders anymore due to pain (it's bad). But the surgery is approaching faster and faster. I will post before pictures soon.
Norwalk Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Kirwan is very kind and very smart. He made me feel very comfortable and safe when I met with him. He gave me good advice and sugestions on what to in between our first meeting and surgery. His office staff are very nice. After my meeting with Dr. Kirwan one of the women who works there sat down with me and talked me through some of my fears. The office staff can be a bit confused at times, but they are really good at communicting with the patients.

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