20, 5'0", 34 E/F, No Kids, Constant Pain

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Since I was 13 (with breasts smaller than a B) I...

Since I was 13 (with breasts smaller than a B) I have experienced extreme rib and back pain with little to no rhyme or reason. As I have gotten older this pain was made worse and more constant by my breast size. I have bounced between a DD and F for 7 years. At my smallest size I was a 30 DD and at my largest I was a 34 F. I am now at about a 34/36 E. I know weight has a lot to do with it but I have been unable to work out without CONSTANT pain in my chest for 6 months. My first plan was to lose about 25 pounds and see where that put me, but that has become impossible due to the pain I feel from working out. My next step was to meet with a surgeon to see if a breast reduction was for me. Dr. Kirwan has been so so so helpful and honest with me. He recommended the surgery and has suggested I go down to a C up (yay Bralettes here I come!) His office staff is super nice yet somewhat distracted at times, but they are very nice and reassuring. I feel confident in his work. I am beyond excited to get the surgery done and look and feel better about myself. I am currently going to be paying for this out of pocket and then submit my claim to insurance to be approved. Dr. Kirwan sent a letter to my insurance company but he did not put how much tissue he plans to take out so my insurance company said that I had to try 3 months of a therapeutic alternative and then see where that put me. I was not down to do that, I'm on my last legs here with all of this. I can't raise my arms above my shoulders anymore due to pain (it's bad). But the surgery is approaching faster and faster. I will post before pictures soon.

7 days out!!

So I had to have my pre opt appointment with the surgeon about a month before my surgery due to my university finals. Totally fine, and super easy. We re discussed size, and some fears I have. I went in thinking a whole lot had changed but that wasn't the case I just was nervous. I had a lot of silly questions that were pointless but they answered them anyways which made me feel a lot better. We also talked a little about after care. They wanted to save the bulk of that for after the surgery (which I think is weird). They kind of threw me for a loop by telling my I HAD to get a highly specific and expensive post surgery bra, as well as a very very expensive scar cream that is only sold at their office. Like really? I'm already paying so much why do I need to pay 250 for scar cream. Plus I kind of have to get it, they make sure to remind you to purchase it before you leave.

Side note, I've been trying to sleep on my back but keep rolling over! Any suggestions?

Before pics

Front and side view. Surgery is tomorrow! I have a tattoo on my other side next to my boob. But for privacy reasons did not post

1 day post

Well it's my first day post and it's going well so far. The hospital staff was so great! They made me feel so at ease and safe. The surgery went well they said but it did go over because I lost more blood than they were expecting. They have two different recovery centers. The one you go to if you are really sick or just getting out of surgery and then one they get ready to discharge you in. I woke up in the first one and then was sent to the second. The nurse in the second was trying to get out of their quickly because the unit closed in a half hour and I was one of the only people left there. I got up to use the ladies room and almost fainted (or did faint, I can't recall) so they moved me back to the first recovery space and they got sugar and more fluids in me. They were all so nice!! I was super nauseous most of the time post opt but it was on and off. I felt super ill the car ride home, but I live close to the hospital so it's okay. I didn't sleep great as a kept having to use the bathroom or was thirsty. The left drains in me but because the emptied them and changed my dressing before I left the hospital there was hardly anything in the drains. (Sorry if this post is all over the place I'm tired but wanted to update everyone). Then this morning I went to my surgeons office and he took out the drains, re did my dressing and put me in the surgical bra. I am super sore and don't have much of and Appetite and I can't move my self to any place other than the bathroom without feeling sick. I know this all doesn't sound great but it's to be expected after surgery. I am taking pain killers ever 4 hours and just resting.

5 days post

So I'm 5 days post. It's been a wild ride to say. In gonna go day by day about my post opt from day 2 on (day 1 is in the post above)

Day 2: still groggy and needing a lot of help. I still was in a lot of pain and didn't move much. I was still in pain killers at this point and they started to make me really nauseous. It was kind of a battle between being nauseous and in pain. The pain was more soreness than anything. I felt like this constant need to kind of slouch over and protect my boobs... Idk it was odd.

Day 3: it was Sunday so I just kind of took it easy. I had like a sponge/cat bath because I felt gross. Still super sore. I was out of it because of my painkillers and some Antithesis still being in my system. I found it hard to walk and move around. I had a hard time going places without help. I could get around my house okay. I was using my arm WAY too much and was grabbing and reaching for things and whatnot. So not a smart move lol. I also was still dealing with a lot of nausea

Day 4: I saw my doctor again and he said that everything was healing very well! Which was good news. I stopped taking painkillers this day. I also had to kind of convince the nurse to give me a pill prescription for nausea. The dr prescribed a suppository. They gave me the pill form thank god. I also ended up not wearing the surgical bra. It was so so so uncomfortable. It has a tight strap on the bottom that is super thick and it just like pressed into me in the worse way so I wore a sports bra/bralette thing I had bought. One thing I got fearful of is how I am going to return to my normal life. I live in NYC and had this done at my home in CT. I take the subway everyday so I have to walk down stairs fast and move quickly. I've Been moving very slowly and when I have walked down stairs I moved even slower. So I'm kinda nervous of that and getting knocked or pushed on the train.

Day 5: best I have felt post opt!! Less groggy but still not great. I took the anti nausea pill and felt great. But in super sore and in pain. I am still slow and defs now need a lot more help getting things that are above or below me. I slept on my stomach last night which freaked me out but I was fine and they said there was no reason to come in to see the doctor. I felt feverish today but it passed. The biggest thing is I'm sore and it's kinda Uncomfortable. But sometimes when I'm just sitting down on my phone I feel fine! I did take a bath today (I'm getting my hair washed tomorrow as I'm scared to shower). I took the bra off and it felt really strange and weird to not have any support or covering and I could hardly bathe so I put the bra back on and took a bath. It feels weird. Everything looks swollen and gross. No redness yet but there is a lot of dried blood. I feel kinda nasty and am really ready to feel normal again

Close to normal!

It's been over a month since my surgery and things are going great! I'm feeling close to normal and am excited for spring!!! After week 2, it didn't feel weird to shower without a bra or anything. I stupidly would do a lot of lifting and raising things above my head, but it turned out to be fine. I started to feel more and more normal and at ease with things which is always good. Things are still sore sometimes and I do get random pains. I'm still very protective of my chest on the subway haha. I can lead almost an entirely normal life, Except no backpack use, don't lift heavy things Often and I am always wearing a bra. I can finally sleep On my stomach again which is awesome!

I will say I had a scare the other day, my right breast swelled up and became painful. My surgeon called in antibiotics for me and I'm doing a lot better now! Will post pics soon, but the scares are not too bad!
Norwalk Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Kirwan is very kind and very smart. He made me feel very comfortable and safe when I met with him. He gave me good advice and sugestions on what to in between our first meeting and surgery. His office staff are very nice. After my meeting with Dr. Kirwan one of the women who works there sat down with me and talked me through some of my fears. The office staff can be a bit confused at times, but they are really good at communicting with the patients.

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