Boob-birth Today...375CC Mentor High Profile Silicone . 44 Years Young , Two Children. Norwalk, CT

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Every single one of stories I have read have been...

Every single one of stories I have read have been so encouraging and so informative so I won't bore anyone's lol. Surgery went very well. Ice paks, extra strength Tylenol and pillow with arms are my best friends other than my new "breast friends". Follow up tomorrow and will post pics. Before surgery was a small A , maybe B and was tired of wearing majority padded bras
Ellen A. Mahony, MD
Ellen A. Mahony, MD
09 Aug 2017

Feeling "reborn" at any age is something we all can applaud! I'm so glad the clock had a new start date for you! Enjoy! Dr Ellen

After pics day one

LOVE my new assets

The size I have is the largest I could have gone. I cannot imagine going any bigger because my skin is so tight but I am in love with my new boobs. I think they are perfect size and I know they will keep getting better and better

Before pic ...larger A cup

Before pic

Day 5...

Loving them...told myself I will appreciate my new boobs as I was never happy with my small ones. So why boob greed...but I do still love them

6 days post op

Day 6 pic

Day 6

Tomorrow is two weeks

Tomorrow is two weeks and I feel more like my energetic self. Implants are feeling more Iike a part of me. Hope I get clearance to start working out ! Cannot wait

Two weeks

Two weeks 375cc mentor hp silicone under muscle . Prior size A cup

Time flies after the first weeek

17 days....stitches out , incisions look amazing , changes every day


Three weeks

Seeing changed every day. Definitely getting softer . Left one is still a little stubborn but overall very happy with them

Three weeks

Three weeks

Today I can jog! Omg I cannot wait

It has been very difficultly not working out. I am post three weeks and can jog and next week can run! I did walk through this process with the permission of my BA but next week I can do weights etc. this felt like forever to get here

Getting my jog on

Before and after in same shirt

The before pic is with the VS add two cups bra PLUS cutler inserts .
2nd pic is all me with a sports bra ...makes me happy

Softer every day...

Boob birth is very similar to childbirth , in the fact that everyday there are so many changes happening from one day to the next. My "twins" , well maybe not identical twins but twins nonetheless, keep getting softer. Finally can squish them together. Three weeks old !!!

Love the projection

34DD currently

Sat will be one month exactly

Sat will be one month exactly..left boob stil not perfect but that was always the smaller one before my BA..hope to have more cleavage too

Sat will be one month exactly ...

With push up bra

Finally back to working out , full speed other than a few machines like the pull up machine. Feeling great. Still have boob greed from time to time. Boobs disapear in clothes. Tried a push up bra on. Holy big lol. Looking forward to seeing the daily changes till my final result

With push up

With push up just to see what I would look like

Before and after in same dress

Before and after. (In the before I was wearing a padded,push up). In the after is body by Victoria from VS (push up, underwire , no padding (at least I don't think so but I am used to thick padding so cannot tell)

Five weeks

Five weeks today. Feeling great. Back to running, weight lifting, row machine. I tried the assisted pull up Machine and had to stop, implants moved and it was just the weirdest feeling. Wil hold off until my next appt to get cleared for that type of exercise. Someday a feel size is perfect and others feel small. Keep reminding myself how far I have come from my little flat A's lol

6 weeks

I am at six weeks. Girls are settling in more. Some days seem smaller but definitely feels more like "real" boobs And not hard balls. It is great to be able to put them out their at times but also can easily cover them up.


Getting softer every day. Cannot believe it took me years to do this. I was always afraid of altering my body for a elective. Best thing I have done for myself


32DD fits better, more cleavage too

My bra band is actually a 33 so I am between a 32 and 34. Just bought a couple 32DD's, like the fit much better. More cleavage too :)


32DD vs bra

Implants? Feel too real

Almost two months. Feeling great, as if I never went through this process. My boobs feel like I had them forever . On occasion I do forget and have a sinking feeling when taking off my bra , like I used to, and once I do I get so excited because I no longer put my "boobs" in a drawer...

Two months

Cannot believe it has been two months or the fact that I have fake boobs m. They feel so much a part of me now . So thankful

Two months

Two months

More pics 2 months

Month 2

Finally can fill out a bathing suit ...beyond happy

Go to finally enjoy the feeling of what it feels like to have ta-tas

2.5 months loving the girls

Time keeps flying. Love my boobs. Still cannot believe I have them but yet forget they are there at times.

Lying down view

Almost 3 months

I cannot believe it has been 3 months. The years I waited for this, the two months it took from my consult to my surgery, the first week , month and now. Incredible how I feel. I always had a good body image but being able to fill out my clothes, word cannot describe it. I cannot lie . At times, I wish I went bigger but I have to remember, at the time, that is all my body could handle. If I was 10 years younger I probably would consider another surgery. Just blessed to be healthy and no more overly padded bras!

Side view almost 3 months

Almost 3 months (next week)

3 months In clothes

Love the upper pole fullness...hope that stays that Way

Officially 3 months ...375cc hp under muscle

Officially 3 months and feeling amazing . My girls have finally settled to where j think they will be from here on. They do disappear under clothes but I am on with having to wearing a padded bra to get my desired look. At least now I can take off my bra and still have amazing boobs instead of pancakes.
Thankfully everyday I made
This decision

32DDD at VIctoria's Secret

Anyone else have issues with finding the perfect size? The 34's are too loose. I tried 34DD, 32DD and 32DDD, which Is the best fit so far

Pics 32DDD (from VS)


Cannot believe it's been 4 months

Still loving my girls. Have to admit, there is an occasional today that I actually forget about them but most days I am obsessed with looking at them and dressing them up and showing them off lol.

4 months

4 months

More 4 months

More 4 month pics

Hope these pics can help others decide on size

Pictures helped me tremendously through this process. I was always on this site looking at pics and sizes. If I can even help one or two ladies like so many others helped me. Sizing is the most stressful (aside from
A healthy surgery)

Old bathing suit

Old bathing suit that I had to use chicken cutlet inserts to give me a small boob now this is just me , no padding or insets. Still wish I went a little bigger

Another of old bikini

Old bikini no padding no insets

Full body, almost 5 months post op

Full body shot with bodysuit. Love the bodysuits

Full body shot , almost five months

When I feel small...

When I feel small I have to remember how far I have come in the world of boobs. First pic is with a padded suit WITH silicone inserts

More bikini top pics


5 months and one week

Time flies. Girls are settling more and more. I think they may be at their final stage. Love that I can play them
Up or down.

Over 6 months already

6 month appt...nurse noted my breasts feel very natural. I love them. Still in awe . The newness is still there. Best decision . Recently got engaged and could not be happier! Even though he loved my old small boobs , he loves my new ones too ;)

More 6 month pics

More 6 month pics. 375cc hp under muscle

8 months

Cannot imagine my life before implants. Still one of the best decisions I made

8 month pics that never posted

I love my boobs! Had my first mammogram with my new assets. The tech showed me a view of my implants under my muscle. Very strange ! Healthy boobs are the priority!

First spray tan with the girls ..8.5 months

Love dressing them up or down

Almost ONE year

I cannot believe it has almost been a year
Since my BA. Still the best decision I have made. I run 5-6 times a week, lift weights a
They have not restricted me in anyway. They feel like they have been mine all along. I still vaguely remember stuffing my very padded bras with chicken cutlets. I recall the way it felt at the end of the day taking my boobs off lol. No regrets other than I wish I went bigger. They are
Settling very well but with no bra they do tend to get lost in clothes , love
The look when I squish them together . However, I am very happy with my outcome.


Shows how squishy they are

One year m!

Cannot believe it has been one year already. I love my boobs. Some pics with clothes

13 months

First pic is at 8 months, next two are current pics (13 months). Different bras. I love that I can push them up or conceal them. Not saying I still don't struggle with wanting to go bigger. Now that the settled they are soft and feel natural but I am one that wanted the more fuller, augmented look. Then I come back down to reality and realize how lucky I am to have been able to do this and my size fits my frame and healthy lifestyle.

One year and one month

Still loving my implants . Thy feel very natural. They do not limit me in anyway.
The first pic is from 7 months post op and one year post op, in the same shirt. Also including pics that show how I can hide them if I want to (not that I ever wan to).

Where to buy bikini tops

Anyone struggling with bikini tops? I used to shop at Victoria's Secret for the best
Tops. Even though I have implants I still want a push up type bikini top. The average bikini top has no padding and I feel so flat chested in them, not flattering. If anyone can offer suggestions, it would be appreciated. Thanks!
Westport Plastic Surgeon

Ellen A. Mahony, MD
Ellen A. Mahony, MD
09 Aug 2017

Feeling "reborn" at any age is something we all can applaud! I'm so glad the clock had a new start date for you! Enjoy! Dr Ellen

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