34-year-old Mom of Two | 5' 4" 113 Lbs | ReAug in 2014 After Double Bubble in 2013 | Not Looking Good

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I had my first aug in July 2013 after...

I had my first aug in July 2013 after breastfeeding two children, 19 months apart, for over a year each. I was deflated. I went from an "almost B" to a "full C". I had Natrelle silicone implants - style 15, both 371cc implanted with a peri-areolar incision under the muscle.

Overall, I am happy with the size for my frame. (I'm 5' 4" and 113 lbs). However, from the beginning it appears that my left pocket was either naturally more deep, or my surgeon made the pocket too deep, therefore I have a "double bubble" on my LEFT side. My surgeon waited for it to heal, but it didn't. Today, I also see a slight right-side double bubble, as well.

My option is to have the original PS merely make an in incision at the lower portion of the breast fold and tighten the pockets internally.

I have instead opted to increase the size of my implants to a full D, or DD. I purchased a few D bras after my surgery when I was swollen and over time, my implants have dropped and "fluffed" and I've also lost about 10 lbs. I'd like for my D bras to be full. My PS will take precautions prior to implanting the new implants so that the double bubble doesn't happen again.

Am currently deciding how big I would like to go, am thinking no bigger than 492 cc's, but am flexible. Confirming with surgeon soon.

Surgery tomorrow morning!

Met with the surgeon and his office twice this week. I feel really comfortable that the next aug will fix my double bubble as much as possible. Because of my internal anatomy, we have some challenges, but the larger implant should actually help with the matter.

My goal is to be a full D - but NOTHING larger than a DD. I have 371cc silicone unders now and he is thinking anywhere from mid to high 400 cc's.

I'm hoping that the "less pain" and "faster recovery time" is true of secondary augmentations.

Will post when I can!

Day 1 - About 8 hours post-op

My surgery lasted about an hour and a half. I was very concerned about the anesthesia, but I have a patch behind my ear and had zofram at the surgery center.

I'm currently sitting up in a lazy boy and cannot get over how much more range of motion I have after this surgery. I can already put my hair in a top knot.

The soreness is primarily at my rib cage where my PS had to work on my pocket and put a few sutures. I've only looked once, but the DB looks FAR better. My implant size increased from 371cc's to 492 (or 491) cc's.

Will take a better picture tomorrow, but this time my incision point is under the breast so the shape is a little... off. I'm hoping that's normal.

I'm optimistic, sleepy and feeling good.

Day 2 About 24 hours post-op

Far less pain than the first procedure, however definitely can feel discomfort at the creases.
Still feel far better than the first aug.

Am happy with the results so far. Looking forward to showering.

Day 3 Post Op - feeling good!

Overall I feel good, I had forgotten about how difficult it was to get up from a reclining position, but aside from that I'm feeling great. Completely went off pain pills after Thursday (day of surgery) and Friday (Day 1 Post Op) and have been on tylenol every six hours for Saturday(Day 2 Post Op) and Sunday (today). It's like my body knows within 30 minutes that it's time for some relief.

I also forgot how DIFFICULT it is to get a good night's sleep after a breast aug, yikes. Good thing my two little ones had me prepared for this.

Thus far I am really liking my results. I am waiting for the drop and fluff. I'm definitely enjoying not wearing a bra. My first aug was peri-areolar and my nipples were in so much pain. This time since I had pockets to fix, the incision point was inframammary and the "discomfort" is quite different.

Overall, the husband and I can definitely see a difference from my before (371's) and after (492's). At this point, I'm happy I went through with it.

So far, so good. I visit the Dr. for my post-op on Thursday.

Six weeks post up - a little nervous.

My right side looks exactly how I want for it to look... but my left side... The double bubble has been fixed, but now it appears that I have two completely different shaped breasts. The left breast has settled far sooner and far lower than my right. I'll be honest, I'm nervous about it and can't imagine that my right side is going to "drop and fluff" and be symmetrical with the left one. When I lift up the left breast a bit, it's exactly where I'd like for it to be, but at this point, doing a THIRD surgery to raise this breast makes me ill. I'm trying not to be emotional and merely wait for the results to settle, but I at this point I'm disappointed in the shape; the size I LOVE. I've emailed/contacted my doctor and am waiting for what he has to say.

Conversely, I am VERY happy with the size of my implants and how I look in clothes. In swimsuits, not so much. I'm very self-conscious and unfortuantely, I wasn't before with my double-bubble.

Again, hoping I can find a resolution.

...and procedure #3 is happening Friday

Met with my PS and he assuaged all of my fears and concerns. In laymen's terms, he'll be going in through the existing incision point under my left breast and adding more stitches to "lift" the implant.

I am optimistic and hope that this is all that I need. The in-office procedure is happening Friday 10/3 and I'm only being charged for "supplies."

Will report back.

Had my in-office suturing today

I had my in-office appointment this morning in order to fix the bottoming out of my left breast. I was there at 8:15 a.m. and out by 10:30 a.m. I had local anesthetic and it burned a bit, but wasn't painful. Obviously I was awake throughout the whole procedure and my Dr. and nurses were **awesome**. So reassuring, professional and conscious of how I was feeling. They answered all of my questions throughout the procedure. I could feel the tugging and pulling of my implant and what I assume was suturing, but again - not painful.

My doctor ended up putting approximately a dozen short sutures and two long ones in. I'm definitely sore on my left side but just taking tylenol for the pain.

Attached are photos that I took last night, before the procedure. Photos of "after" are forthcoming.

Day of Procedure #3 - Photos

Here are some before and afters. I had the surgery this morning. I'm pleased with the cleavage change and the correction of the bottoming out with my left breast. (Right breast in photo.)

Fingers crossed... so far so good!

Ignore the lighting differences, please.

3.2.15 Several months after the Third Procedure

Here are some pics as of 2/28/2015 -- about 4 months after my in-office 3rd procedure to "tack up" my left breast.

Overall, I'm happy. Quite frankly, the shape of my left breast just seems to be a lot different from my right. I am not 100% thrilled with the overall outcome; but that's not to be blamed on my doctor for lack of effort. (Both he and his office staff/nurses were nothing but accommodating and kind.) Honestly, I think it's just the way I am! I'm about 90% happy and quite frankly, that's good enough for me. In the future (10 years from now) when I replace them; I'll definitely ask about some additional internal support. Until then, I'm not willing to have a fourth procedure.

Am I still happy that I had the surgeries? Absolutely. My breasts look a thousand times better than what I was working with post-babies/breastfeeding. I'm not overwhelmingly excited that I have both scars on my nipples (which healed perfectly) and also underneath my breasts (from the second and third surgeries). But since I'm not an exotic dancer, it's really fine.

All in all, though - I'm fine! Here's to being happy with what we've got.

Total cost of my surgeries

Augmentation #1 - $6,100.00 (July 2013)
Augmentation #2 - $5,973.00 (July 2014)
"Procedure" #3 - $259.00 (Only for supplies - fantastic doctor) (October 2014)

TOTAL: $12,332.00
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