21, 650cc smooth silicone HP unders

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My consultation will be soon. My surgery date is...

My consultation will be soon. My surgery date is already set. I'm so excited! I'm a 34b. Not sure what size To go to. Getting under the muscle and silicon. :) I know that much! I'm really nervous. I have researched this for months and still scared. I know she has the rice sizers at her office. How do I know which ones are right for me? What if I go too small or large?

Wish boobs

About me

So I'm 21. I'm 5'4 and 110-115 pounds. I'm currently a 34 b and would really like to end up a strong D. :)


Surgery has been MOVED from July 28 to JUNE 9th!!! My consult is June 1. I'm so flipping happy.

Oversized pillow for post op!

Just ordered this pillow. From what I've read I'll be sleeping propped up so I bought something I thought would help with the comfort of that. I'll let you all know if it works. Looks super comfy.

Okay. Now I'm scared.

I think it really hit me today. I'm 22 days away from surgery. I'm freaking out! I trust my surgeon 110%. I think I'm more scared about having boobs than I am the surgery? Lol!


This is me. 34 B.

Two weeks out!

Two weeks to go!
Started my supplements for my surgery. So excited!


Tried on sizers. Decided on 650!! Surgery is next Tuesday.


they are in! I took a nap when I got home and this is where they're at!! Very happy already.

I always forget that with surgery,

Comes bruises. Bad ones. But totally worth it. I'm so excited :)


I'm in some pain today from the bruises. Seems the pain killers aren't helping the Bruises. No pain in my boobs. Just the bruises. Weird!

Ice packs

Currently I've got two ice packs going on the bruises. If I didn't have that pain id feel no pain at all. Really enjoying the results so far!:)

Considerably less bruising!

I iced the bruises for about an hour last night. Cleared a lot of it up.
My bra seemed really tight so I took it off for a bit of comfort. I'll probably put it back on later. So far so good! I was so nervous about 650 and it really isn't that big! Very happy so far.

Three week update

Three weeks post! Everything is going great. No pain, full appetite. Everything is back to normal! (Aside from healing inside still!) even my scars are looking pretty good. so far I'm very happy and think I chose the perfect size!

Couldn't be happier

Sometimes they get in the way because I'm not used to the size but I'm really happy with the did I chose. I'm over two months out from my surgery now. :)
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