Goodbye Old Nose!

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I've always had a big nose, but lately have been...

I've always had a big nose, but lately have been more and more unhappy with it. Every time I look in a mirror or see a photo of me I want to fix that ginormous beacon in the middle of my face. Growing up I thought plastic surgery was a waste, but my thinking surrounding the issue has changed a lot. If I really don't like my nose, why not change it? My boyfriend "loves my big nose" and didn't think I was serious about surgery at first, but now that we've talked about it a bunch, he's supportive. He just doesn't want me to become addicted to these types of changes. Well, I like everything else about my body, so I don't see that happening.

Anyways, now that I have a job and some savings (I just turned 27), I've been reading through reviews and thinking about which doctors I'd like to go on a consult with. I should be receiving a new designation in my job, something I've poured years into working for, so this more delicate nose will be a Reward to myself :)

I'm thinking about Dr Fechner and Dr Bentkover in Mass., and Dr Joseph in NJ. Comments/experiences with any of these Drs or recommendations/warnings against any others in the northeast also welcome.

I'm excited to begin this process!

Scheduled a consult!

I scheduled my first consult today - I'll be going a couple weeks from now. It's kind of a drive, but from the pictures online I REALLY like this doctor's aesthetic and all his patients seem VERY happy. I'll be printing and asking Angie's list of questions, and I've got a bunch of my own, too. It's weird that I felt nervous placing the call for the consult, somehow it all seems a little bit more real. What will my friends think? Will my family notice? Will anyone at work say anything? These questions were holding me back until I read something pretty empowering on a message board that helped me find the appropriate attitude: It's my body and I'll do whatever I want with it! Yes! Excited!

big noses/ big mouths

Hung out with a good friend this weekend. It feels like every time we get together he makes some off-handed comment about my big nose. I don't think he means it to be mean, or even on purpose, but I just want to tell him I'M GETTING IT FIXED SO SHUT UP OK?! But this is my secret for now.
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