Volbella is the New Lip Filler for Lines!!

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Looking to erase my vertical lip lines. I have an...

Looking to erase my vertical lip lines. I have an appointment with my lovely p/s on Dec 14th. I am confident that she will work her magic, and erase my lines!!! I have tried Botox, and it was not the solution. Dr. Sweis highly recommends this NEW product. I will post pictures after my visit showing the before and after!

Before Volbella

My Before Pictures without Volbella

My Volbella Experience

I had my Volbella treatment today with Dr. Sweis. She applied numbing cream to the lip area, which helped greatly to alleviate some of the pain. It took approximately 10 minutes, and she then applied pressure and massaged the area. It was immediate results. Thank you Dr. Sweis

It Was Definitely Worth It !

Three Months Since My Volbella Treatment

This product is "the bomb" !! It has erased all of my vertical lip lines. It's 3 months later and it still looks as good as day 1!!

Volbella ???? Lips!

Six Weeks After My Surgery, Using Scar Treatment.

It is a TREMENDOUS difference with me now using BioCorneum scar ointment. The incision is barely noticeable. Best of all.,,,my bumps and itchiness is improving!!! I'm ecstatic!

I made my appointment for Volbella for my lips for Dec14th with Dr, Iliana Sweis. She highly recommends this product for the vertical, smoker lines on your lips. I have tried Botox, to no avail, so I am looking forward to seeing results with this new product. I know Dr. Sweis is highly skilled at injecting fillers, and I am always happy when I leave her office!!!!

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