I'm Ready for Round 2 - Getting Thighs and Backside Done!!!! - Northbrook, IL

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I had Round 1 done back in April of 2014 after a...

I had Round 1 done back in April of 2014 after a 100 pound weight loss - TT/BL/BA and was very pleased with the results. (I did do a review here on RS for that surgery). Since then the surgeon I had relocated his office to Colorado. I like his work, but not enough to go to Colorado...lol. So I began my search for another surgeon who would help 'finish' me. I consulted with 3 surgeons. One was recommended by a friend, the second was recommended by my previous surgeon and the third I choose after doing my research. The first one I did not go to see as his office person stated he charges $255 for a consultation - for each procedure! AND it was only for 20-25 minutes. She said if there wasn't enough time to take pictures or measurements and needed to come back/or had more questions after that it would be ANOTHER $255 for the visit. Ummmm, I think i'll pass.

The other surgeons had either no fee/modest fee for their time. They both took their time to discuss their plan of action with me, the procedures, expected outcomes, recovery, etc. However, they both had very different plans, both with pros and cons. I do believe aside from the typical information we base our decisions on, gut instinct also plays a part. It was an easy decision for me. I chose the third surgeon, Dr. Daniel Krochmal and booked my surgery for April 13th. After speaking with Dr. Krochmal, I felt not only did I choose a surgeon who understands where I came from and what I am looking to achieve, but also one whose surgical results will exceed my expectations.

I am so excited about moving forward in this transformation journey of mine. I have a lot to prepare for. I will continue to update this review and post before/after pics.

Only 2 more days!!!

I can't believe it, my big day is this Wednesday. Only 48 more hours to wait! Here are the dreaded before pictures that were taken by my doctor. As embarrassing and horrible as they are, they are also a reminder of how far I have come in my weight loss journey. That I am still and always will be on this journey. I've been prepping everything that I can to get ready, but have certainly had some challenges on the way. My friend who was supposed to stay with me the first 3 days had to back out to care for a family member and my back up friend's husband went into the hospital last week for a heart attack. I've been scrambling and have managed to secure a ride there and a ride home from a couple other friends, but will not have anyone to stay the first night with me. I will have people to check in on me, but I am trying to think positive that I can handle it until my parents arrive. (My parents are driving 14 hours to come stay with me to help, but cannot make it until friday). I will update more information on my procedure and what I've done to prep for it to share with others who may be considering this surgery. This forum has provided me with much insight, information, and support. Only 47 and a half hours to go!!! :-)

Purse string Gluteoplasty and Thigh Lift - Pics 1 week post-op

Wanted to do an update sooner, but have been focused on recovering. On 4/13 my doctor performed what is called a Purse String Gluteoplasty surgery on my butt and a vertical thigh lift. The purse string procedure is a little different from having just a butt lift done. With the standard butt lift an incision is made from hip to hip, excess skin pulled up/removed and stitched back together. This commonly results in a flat butt afterwards (which may or may not need implants/fat transfer if patient desires a 'butt bump'. The procedure Dr. Krochmal performed is different in that he defines a circle around each butt muscle, stitches it and then tightens it (picture pull strings on a purse/tote bag) which results in that area being 'bumped' out - giving the butt a 'natural' implant and the final result having a natural 'butt bump'. In addition to this, he performed a vertical thigh lift, incision from inside groin down the center of the inside of each thigh to the knee.

Although the doctor has told me several times, due to swelling I cannot judge the results for at least 2-3 months, but as we all know when you finally choose to have this degree of surgery performed, we start judging it the moment we wake up...lol (sorry, but it's the truth!). I'm uploading pics that were taken 2 days after surgery. I can definitely tell a difference in my lower thighs, and as you can see in the pics, there is a big difference in the amount of excess skin that is no longer on the outside of the thighs. The butt however, I'm not so sure about, just yet. I can tell the folds of skin are gone, but the left butt cheek looks somewhat 'deformed' at this time and the left hip is protruding much further than it did before. I'm hoping and praying that this is going to change over the course of the next 2 months as the swelling subsides - which of course my doctor told me it would - and it's going to look like a normal smooth butt/hips. The thighs have been healing well, no infections or separations (knock on wood!). I'm not too worried about the 'rippling', my doctor told me that will smooth out over time as it heals. I've been following my Dr's orders to the "T", taking my medication (along with arnica montana and bromelein for bruising and swelling). He does not have me in a compression garmet, but I still wrap my thighs in ace bandages as it feels better to have the support. Using ice packs also helps with the inner thigh discomfort. I have another follow up appt with him this wednesday. I'll keep updating as my recovery moves along.

3 Months Post Op

Here are my 3 month post surgery pics. I had a few concerns to share with my doctor, all of which he was in agreement with. I could see that the skin around the outer thighs was starting to sag again, something which I understand my doctor can't predict due to the swelling going away and how things 'settle'. I had the same concern with the upper part of the inside of the thighs, and the inside of my left knee. Dr. Krochmal assured me that that all of these concerns could be handled with a short 'touch up' surgery to address each area. He acknowledged my concerns and told me he wasn't 100% happy until I am. Since I am still healing on the inside, his recommends waiting till at least 6 months post op to do the touch ups. So I am looking forward to this fall and getting the final nip n' tucks done to achieve that smooth, firm look I've been dreaming of having since losing 117 pounds :-)

Overall I am satisfied with the results thus far, I knew due to the extent of the surgery that there was always the chance of needing a few revisions done. I am very happy with the 'purse-string' procedure he did on my backside. I have a 'butt' that is not an exaggerated Kardashian booty, and it's all me, no implants or fat transferring needed. Oh and did I mention how firm it is :-) And how nice it is to see a smooth hour-glass shape, no more protruding hips. There is a huge difference in my thighs, and the way they feel, I think the only way I can describe it is it no longer feels as though I have 10 pounds of jello on each thigh wiggling and jiggling with each step I take. Oh what a feeling!!

So I am anxiously awaiting to have the touch ups done, (and am considering having my arms done at the same time!) I am so close to where I want to be, and I am so fortunate to have Dr. Krochmal as my surgeon. He is a skilled, highly trained surgeon in the field of body contouring who also has a caring and sensitive side to him which makes him a complete "Win-Win" when considering this type and extent of surgery. The office and medical staff at MAE Plastic Surgery are amazingly caring and attentive. If you are considering any type of body contouring procedure, I would recommend Dr. Krochmal and his staff in a heartbeat.

3 month post op pics

Sorry had trouble loading pics with my review - here they are!
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