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After an excision, I was going to have a large...

After an excision, I was going to have a large scar on my penis - which naturally wasn't going to make me feel very comfortable in sexual situations. I went to Dr. Jacob Bloom to treat the healing area so that it would not leave a big scar, and he created an enormous disaster. He burned all of the healthy tissue in my wound with silver nitrate so it became necrotic (in some uneducated effort to help). He allowed the chemical to drip onto my scrotum and burn that. He refused to communicate with me two weeks after the procedure when my wound looked worse. He made bizarre personal comments about me in his notes. It was the worst thing I ever could have done. There's a small possibility I will have to get a skin graft on my penis, now... I was 4-6 weeks away from healing when I saw him - and now I am 6-8 months away...if at all.
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This is one of the worst medical experiences of my life, and it is also why people should not deal with doctors who have limited experience, regardless of how small the issue seems. I went to Dr. Bloom to help prevent a large scar from forming on my penis due to a wound that was not healing quickly, after I had an excision (not an STD - it is explained below). Despite the fact he calls himself a "wound care specialist," he turned out to be the exact opposite. Not only did he make the wound worse (which was healing and weeks away from closing) - he managed to burn the skin off my scrotum which put me in the worst agony I've ever experienced. He decided to use silver nitrate on my wound, which is only appropriate for hypergranulation. I have shown pictures of my wound vs. hypergranulation so you can see if you think I had hypergranulation. Silver nitrate destroys tissue. In fact, he he was so careless that he did not put gauze to block the silver nitrate from dripping onto my scrotum and burning the skin off. Naturally, the wound never closed. In fact, all the healthy tissue (that took 2 months to finally emerge after my excision) was killed instantly. It never returned, as the pictures show. It is all yellow and necrotic now. I don't know how much silver nitrate he used because it magically does not appear in my medical record at all...but obnoxious comments about me being "obsessed" with my penis size do appear there. Since he made so many comments about my personality in his notes, let me respond: He's has an arrogant fratboy personality and was total disrespectful of my knowledge of this matter unlike any other plastic surgeon that I've met (who have been in their fields for 20+ years). I have a PhD from a prestigious university (which he knew because my father referred me to him personally) and I have read a great deal of empirical research on wound healing in the last 2 months. Also, my doctor in Germany asked me to go in there and have a biofilm culture (you can see the communication I posted). So, Bloom then wrote that I was "obsessed with biofilms" in my chart. Why? Because I knew more about them than he did? Who knows. Also, when I got my medical record from his office, I noticed that he wrote that I was obsessed with the size of my penis. I never mentioned that once (or you'd think he'd at least have noted the size since I'm "obsessed" - but I never said the size). Regardless, it wasn't the purpose of the visit at all. Do you think he says that about women who want breast augmentation? I did have a penis reconstruction procedure in the past after I had a severe penile deformity that reduced the size (which is what led to this wound later on). This is no different than women with mastectomies getting breast implants. Then, he said that my penile wound / scar was "quite unnoticeable." Well, you can take a look and see if you'd want a plastic surgeon who thinks that is "quite unnoticeable" on a body part you have operated on.

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