Upper Blepharoplasty - Northampton, GB

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My eyelids have started to get really baggy over...

My eyelids have started to get really baggy over the years and I'd become aware how tired I feel all the time. My right eye especially was really bad, and the skin was sagging over the lid. I had a photo taken during a party about a year ago, and my eye was drooping so much, it looked like I had palsy. That's when I decided to see the same surgeon who removed my breast implants a few years ago. He said an upper blepharoplasty shouldn't be a problem.

I was taken into theatre very early, the first one in, and I remember asking what the time was when I woke up, and they said 10am, so it was all very quick. I was warm and fuzzy from the general anaesthesia (no way was I staying awake for that surgery!) so I was comfortable with no pain at all. They said I'd have compresses on my eyes and to not panic when I woke up.

I was taken back to my room to sleep.a little more, and early afternoon, I was ready to try food. I sat up a bit too fast and felt dizzy, hot and very nauseous. I lay back down until it passed then managed a cup of tea and some biscuits. The surgeon stopped by around 3pm and I mentioned that the right eye didn't look right to me, it looked baggy and very uneven. He asked me to look up down and close my eye, and said as there was more skin that side, it'd look a bit asymmetrical at first but should settle just fine. I was discharged about 3 hours later and felt a bit tired, but glad to be home. I took some paracetamol before I went to sleep in case I woke up with pain, but didn't really need it. My eyes felt tight and a bit itchy with the tape holding stitches out of the way, but it was fine. I put some antibacterial ointment on the incisions as instructed, and it was a relief as it soothed them a bit.

The next day, the swelling had come up quite a bit but still no pain or bruising. More ointment followed, and I started putting cold compresses on them. They gave me some gauze squares and said to dip them in cold water with ice cubes, and to keep the jug in the fridge when I wasnt using it. I squeezed out the excess water and gently put them on my eyes. It feels like heaven and really helps cool the skin down. They said I could use round cotton make up pads if I ran out of gauze, but to make sure they didn't dry out and get fibres stuck to the incisions. I dipped them in the water every ten minutes for an hour or so, then put the water back in the fridge for half an hour. I spent all day doing this.

Day 3 has been better. I did my ointment again, then went for a short walk round the block wearing a baseball cap and wraparound sunglasses to make sure no dirt or wind got to my eyes. It was nice having a bit of a breeze around them though. The swelling has noticeably gone down on the left side but the right is still swollen. It does look a little better though so I have faith in what the surgeon said. Still no pain at all but the dryness is kicking in now, and the corners are very itchy. It's driving me up the wall a bit but I know it's normal for the healing process. I'm still doing the cold pads for an hour at a time, with a few breaks in between. When my eyeballs start feeling a bit sore and scratchy, I do it then. I'm not even bothering to try and clean the the lids, the stitches are so fine, I can't see where they are so I don't want to pull at them. Some of the dried blood comes off when I compress them so I'll leave it to them to take off what wants to come off. I'm going in for suture removal on Wednesday 11th so I'll update again then.

Dissolvable stitches hate me

It's day 7 post op, and the left eye has healed like a dream, the swelling went down very quickly, no pain or irritation at all, and I was very happy. The right eye has been giving me such grief. It'd been feeling tight, irritated and the swelling wasn't going down at all. I went to get the stitches out, and there was a combination of a pull through, and dissolvable stitches, which were so fine, the nurse missed one so I had to go back. She left some of the scabbing on the lid because she didn't want to force it off and make me bleed.

I'd hoped this would solve the problem, but the swelling got worse and I developed a lump in the corner, it even made the side of my nose swell a bit. It was quite dramatic by the time I went to bed. I called the surgery this morning and they said he could see me this afternoon. His assistant got rid of the scabbing left over and spotted one more stitch, close to the corner where the swelling was at its worst. By the time I got home and out of the shower, the eyelid has gone down a huge amount, and it now feels like the other one. It also looks so much better, and I won't be self conscious going out and about now.

The assistant recommended continuing the cold compresses until I go back to work on 23rd, and I can start using vitamin E cream from next Thursday. I've noticed that the incision on the left eye is quite a bit higher than the right, but the surgeon said to allow for the swelling to go down completely before paying too much attention to this. I do notice that they're symmetrical when my eyes are open, and the incisions are so thin, I'm sure I'll be happy with the end result. He's flicked the ends into my laughter lines, so they won't be noticed eventually.

Two weeks tomorrow

I'll be two weeks post op tomorrow and everything is going well. Since I've had my eyes cleaned up properly, the swelling has stayed away, with only a little in my right eye if I don't sleep well. The surgeon's assistant advised that I continue to ice them and sleep elevated for a while, so I've been using a cold compress twice a day and sleeping propped up. I did slide down a bit in my sleep last night, and didn't have any swelling on the left side, but the right did come up a tiny bit. She has also said I can start massaging the scars with a mild moisturiser or Vitamin A cream, and to use small light circular motions. I've started this, and it makes the skin feel less tight, so it's nice. The scar has been disappearing nicely on the inner left eye. I have a way to go for the right but that one has been giving me the most problems so I'm not surprised by that.

I had noticed a bit of a whitish spot on the inner right corner, which I suspect may be milia, but I don't want to touch it so I'll show the surgeon at my 4 week check up, if it's still there.

Day 18, make up and computers

It's day 18 and I'm back at work. Boooooo. I use a computer all day so I was concerned that my eyes would start hurting very quickly. They started stinging a bit around 11am but I tried not to stare too much at the screen and it was better. Very tired by the end of the day, but I think that was more to do with the 8 hour shift after doing almost nothing for two weeks.

I also put some make up on for the first time with a dab of foundation on the scars. I shouldn't have put that on really, as it started to get cakey around midday and just looked horrible. I was careful to take off my mascara and used Lancome oil based remover, since this stuff is great for breaking down the make up without having to rub your eyes. All was well, but I couldn't wait to get some Vaseline on the scars after my shower. I'm finding this better than the Vitamin E cream since its longer lasting and really seems to help make the scarring look less visible.

I've had no more swelling, am now sleeping on my regular pillow and I'm very happy with the progress. A couple of colleagues who knew what I was doing said they're very impressed with how my eyes look, so it was nice to get the compliments. :0)

5 weeks post op

Had my 5 week check up today, Mr. Richards is very pleased with my progress. I haven't had any issues since my last update, apart from a few white bumps along the scars, which have disappeared on their own, with the exception of a couple of faint ones. I do have a bump on the outer left eye, it looks like it's where the pull-through stitch was. He said to keep an eye on it (no pun intended!) and if it doesn't go down in a few weeks, I should go back and he'll check it again. It doesn't hurt, but it's quite tender when I massage that side.

I'm using Boots Vitamin E cream morning and night (smells device!), not even really putting pressure on the scars, just moisturising. It's helping a lot, the scarring on my right eye outer corner was rock hard but it's a lot softer already now.

My vision is still fine, just a bit watery when I'm very tired, especially after working on a computer all day. I did note that sometimes it looks like the skin has already started to sag again, but he said the swelling can last for months. It does get worse when I'm tired, so what he said makes sense. I have to remember that I'm only 5 weeks in and I'm not the most patient person.

The scars have faded enough to where I don't really notice them now, and although I do put a bit of foundation on them for work, I'm much less self conscious and I don't even bother with make up if I'm not working. All in all, still very happy. My eyelashes even look longer, and it's because I can actually see them properly!

Two months

I'm two months post op and everything is going really well. The scars are disappearing nicely and the small bump I had on the outer left side is going down as well, just as the surgeon said it would. The other small white lumps I had are also going away, so I'm very happy. The scarring on the outer right side felt rock hard early on but I've been putting quite a lot of pressure on these areas when massaging with vitamin A cream. Not dragging the skin, but more just pushing down on the bony bit and making the tiniest circles with a big blob of cream so it's not dry. This has helped immensely and the skin there is now much softer. I use hardly any pressure on the rest of the scar though. Don't want to undo all that work and have saggy lids again! Not really much else to report apart from this. :0)

3 months post op

Not much more to report, except the bump on my outer left eye has gone down and is no longer visible. I occasionally get little bumps here and there but they go down quickly. The scars are barely visible now, the outer bit is still a bit pink when I've just woken up and there's a bit of silvery white scar on the inner corners but can only be seen in a certain light. So happy. I've recently had some photos taken on a night out and I look so much more refreshed. My eyes used to look squinty in natural photos but they look so different now.

One year later

The time has flown and it's already been one year since my upper blepharoplasty. I'm happy to report that things are looking very good, and the sagging I was worried about has pretty much gone. It's a bit noticeable when I've just woken up but soon settles. It looks so natural, I couldn't have asked for a better result.

The scarring isn't visible at all on the outer edges of both eyes, but towards the centre, they're very white and obvious to me. They're flat, so I'm not worried that they'll end up keloid, but I do put a tiny bit of foundation on them for work. I'd been using bio oil to flatten the scars but I don't know anything that will diminish the visibility of these so I might have a quick chat with my surgeon. Even if this is as good as it gets, I'm still happy. The hardness on the outer edges has also gone away and there are no bumps.

Think that's about all!

Same surgeon who removed my breast implants a few years ago. Still caring and friendly, with excellent staff assisting him. Would recommend to anyone.

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