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Hi everyone!! I've been reading lots of reviews on...

Hi everyone!! I've been reading lots of reviews on real self so I decided to make mine. Im a mother of 2 gorgeous kids(boy 7 yrs and a girl 18 months). I'm 32 years old 5'3 and weight 155 pounds, still working on getting under the 150s before surgery date. Well just a brief, I have ALWAYS been on the heavy side, had my moments where I've been under 170 but for the most part heavier than that. With my 1st pregnancy went from 190 to 250, and with he second I went from 204 to 233 (I know, terrible) but here I'm, 18 months later and after a lot of healthy decision and exercise Im at 155. I decided not to have more babies and since I have so much extra skin on my tummy and my boobies can't sag no more(lol) I said enough is enough Im booking my surgery( such a big deal to me) never had any surgeries in my life, Im terrified of PAIN, but I do want to feel beautiful again, have an amazing husband of 9 years and he is so supportive of me, and I want to have that self esteem to look at myself in the mirror and actually like what I see. Yes I feel like a different person since I lost all that weight but when you see thing hanging you know something is not right. Well I booked my surgery for June 10th, and I'm so excited, been reading a lot of reviews and I did my online searches on my doctor and so far so good, the staff is great, no complain so far. Got my pre-op on May 25. I'll be posting the dreading before pics here later (when I get the courage) lol.

Nerves taking over...

Hi everyone, so Im here at work and all I can do is to be on this site, its very conforming to hear from all of the great stories in here... well I have my pre-op appt on Wednesday 25, So excited and nervous.. I started taking my multivitamins, and I'm hitting the gym and trying to eat heathier than ever to be under 150, Im at 154 right now.. Well I arranged with my mother in law to come and stay with me for 2 months and help with the kids, I'll be staying at my moms for the 1st week after the surgery,( this way Im not so stressed out hearing my little one cry for me ) and who better than my parents to be able to help me thru this, and also their house is 10 min away from the Doctor's office.
Well talk later!!

The ugly truth

So girls here are some before pics..Im currently at 154. After being 233 with my last pregnancy 18 months ago..I realllllyyyy hope Dr. H can do somethibg about my situation

Houston we have a COLD...!!!

...SO yesterday I started with this congestion and today I woke up totally congested, I just emailed my coordinator to see what I can take since my surgery is just 17 days away. Have this happened to any of you? now I'm all confused, do they post pone the surgery day? I don't want to be coughing and dealing with that on my recovery... I heard coughing is the worst.. well let's wait and see


Hi everyone, my doctor provides a pain pump which Im so happy with, but now I hear there is this medicine called Exparel that has the same effects without the tube itself. Any of you had this? Im going to ask my doctor tomorrow on my pre-op appt the difference between the 2. so many questions......


Im totally like questioning everything... Do I really want this enough to put my body thru this? I think this site has made me more confused... sometimes I read a great story and I'm like all up for it, but then I read others that go thru so much and I start questioning if this is something I really want. I picture myself on the surgical bed all opened up, its too much to handle. On the other hand I already gave the $$ for it, so Im not going to lose it either... OOMGGGGG Im going crazy. I know I want to look at the mirror and not see what I see, I want to see a flat stomach and some perky and nice looking breast. I know Im not happy with the way I look and that reflects on everything, my intimate relationship with my hubby, everything... soooo uffff, inhale, exhale, inhale...

Pre-op Appointment!!!

Hi everyone, So I went for my pre-appt yesterday, had to sign my life away practically lol... well I met with he doc, and he made me feel so much at ease. He has such a great tone, so calm. He asked me if I had any questions and a had a paper front and back and he was so looking forward to answer everything.

Well Im still undecided about the size, every pic I showed the Dr. he said it was a large implant(we are talking in the mid 500s almost 600. I was like WHATTTTTT???? no that # scares me... I was looking into the 400s... my husband went with me and he wants BIG boobs.... the Dr. said he would choose the shape that looked better, but most likely on the size Im looking for it would be a HP implant.
Got all my prescriptions, just need to fill them up, and I paid remaining balance... wow is surreal to think I only have 15 more days to go...
They took my before pics, and they advice me that the anesthesiologist will call me the day before to go over everything, and also the coordinator.
Well that' s all for now, bye bye

Soooo 8 more days

Can't believe how quick its come!!!, today Im going in to the office to try sizes I will take pics so you can give me some feedback. I wasn't able to try them on my pre-op appointment and I'm still undecided on my size, ufff... I bought Arnica Forte and BioCorneum for after surgery, my doctor sells them at the office but I got them a little shipper on amazon!!!, I still have not bought any garments on bras, any suggestions!!! don't know what size to pick for the undergarment =-(

New pics of sizer

So here 485 sizer and I Think these are The winner!! What do you think?


Well I'm freaking out, Tomorrow is the big day, I can't believe its already here!!! well today I'll be working only half day, since my wonderful boss gave me half day to get everything together for tomorrow. I'm getting a Mani and Pedi since I won't be able to get it for some time now, Doctor said it was ok to get manicure since they have other ways to monitor me. Im nerves, all I think about is how am I going to feel after the surgery, and how Im going to look, the actual surgery hasn't been a big deal for me (don't know why) but I trust everything will be great, is the AFTER what worries me, the PAIN, if I faint all of those thing... but also I feel excited. Yesterday I went to the gym with my hubby, washed all my cloths Im going to need for after surgery, have all my meds ready, I'm just waiting for the call from the doctors office to let me know the time of my surgery tomorrow. What should I eat today? ppl say not to go all crazy and eat light (due to the anesthesia)I don't want to get sick. Im going to post some pics I took yesterday in a bikini I had since I got married( 9 yrs ago) only bikini I have and I only wore it once because I got pregnant right away so I got big after that... (so no more bikini for me)

Bikini shots

Made it to the flat side

So first of all thank you for prayers and good thoughts, won't tell any details now because I'm not feeling well enough to go into details but everything is better than I was expecting. Good night

New picture

Day of Surgery

Sorry Ladies that I have taken so long to give an update, but trust me is so hard. so The day before I got called from the office saying that I had to be at the office at 12am. and later at night the anesthesiologist called me 2 to confirm if I wasn't allergic to anything and he confirmed that surgery was at 1:15pm. So the next day I head it to the office to be there at 12:00 i had my last thing to eat at 730 and my last zip of water at 1100. Got there and they called me within 5 min. I walked with a nurse that went over everything he was going to do, I changed into a robe and took a pregnancy test. the nurse was amazing, she had done also a lift and she could relate how I was feeling. told me everything that I couln't do like lifting and stuff, then I signed again the size I wanted but still showed Dr. H want I wanted. The nurse then took me into a room and Dr. H came in, asked me how was I feeling,I told him that I was really nervous, and he asked if I wanted to cancel the procedure? like joking and I said yessss lol..but he quickly calmed me down( he has like a gift, he is so calm himself that makes everyone around him feel calm too) so he started marking me for the operation, and to my surprise he also marked me to do some lips in places I didn't ask or paid for, I was so HHAAAPPPYYY, he would say: let do some lipo here because this fat will take away from the breast! the only thing I could compare this to, would be like an artist that was trying to make his masterpiece the best he could, without worrying about the money. So after he was done, I went with the nurse again and said bye to my hubby and got in with her in the operating room, Was soon Cold!!!, I took my robe out and laid down on the table, they had a blanket that you can put on so you don't feel all naked there!!!, at that time the anesthesiologist came in and the nurse told him I was really nerves and quickly said: OK let do something about that, then all of the sudden I started to feel my eyes get tired and heavy and then the next i see is another nurse waking me up saying that everything was over and that everything came out perfect!!!, She helped me get dressed, I was very nauseas, she insisted to get something to eat as fast as I got home,she gave some apple juice and a candy, that help me to feel better. My hubby was already outside and the ride home was quick and smooth, not in pain, eventhou she had giving me something for the pain, just a lot of discomfort and nausea, I can't stress this enough. Please eat before you take your pills is sssoooo important, I felt very nauses the first 2 days,. I feel so much better now, I'm eating better, trying to take my pain pills every 8 hrs instead of 6 because they are so strong, and makes me want to sleep. I haven't seen myself yet, Im all cover up, today I have my first post-op and I imagine they will take all my dressings out, and will be able to see how everything is. Im soon excited!!!! well girls hope to post more pics later on and will update about my post op. thank you for all of your support!!! any other questions let me know.

First Post Op Appointment

So I went to my postop appointment today I had to wait a little which was not fun I was supposed to take my pain pills at that exact moment and I was waiting trying to see the doctor first because the pain pill makes me drowsy.but had to wait a while then the nurse came in took me to a room and help me with all the dressings and tapes that I had,took my pain pump out which it was not fun my husband to watch, is a very thin but long tubes that goes inside your stomach and they have to pull it out of you. I didn't feel anything!!! after that she left me undressed and waited for the doctor to come in. The doctor came in took a look at my wounds said everything was fine it if I had any questions..and I asked what size of implants was I put in ? he looked and said that they have put in a 505 implant which is great. I wanted it for 485 but to get the projection they had to put like 50 cc more because that's what you lose when you go under the muscle , what I forgot to ask was what type of profile did the doctor gave me but I think is a high-profile but I'm not sure . Then the nurse came in help me put in a surgical bra which is really tight then helped me with the binder said that after that I could take a shower. Next time I go is when I'm going to take my drain out. Everything was brief and to the point which for me was great because I felt drained out and tired.

Pics of post op visit

4 day post op

Today the day has been wonderful. I was able to take two Tylenol's instead of my Percocet and I'm planning on goingon with that during the day and at night the Percocet ,just so I can sleep the whole night. I haven't experienced any pain whatsoever which is great, that was my main concern,the most Ive had is discomfort. I feel a little swollen and my tummy area which I guess it's OK been taking my Arnica pills and that seems to help with the overall swelling. My boobs are super high I mean it's only been four days when can I start expecting them to go down?

8 days post op

Hello beautiful lady, today has been a great day for me I can say that today has been like my turning point for my recovery. Today I'm walking much straighter now without the help of my walker and sitting in my recliner by myself. I am still very swollen even on my thighs my legs I even feel my arms and fingers swollen but I guess this will start getting better and better. I have been a little concerned with my tummy tuck incisions they look much better as days go by, i'm just waiting for my dream to come out even though he doesn't bother me I would just feel free without it I will post some pictures so you can see how everything is coming along.


Baby trouble...

Hello ladies just a quick update I came back home yesterday since the surgery I've been staying with my mom and my husband was commuting back-and-forth every day to go see me and to give me a shower but my baby which is only a year and a half started acting out, waking up in the middle the night and wouldn't go to sleep for like 2 to 3 hours then in the daytime she was very irritable, crying for everything, something out of her ordinary self so we decided that I would come back home to see if maybe that was the reason she was acting that way,and as soon as she saw me and we spend the day yesterday she was so happy she was more relaxed she slept the whole night apparently this whole thing affected her more than we imagined. It's harder to rest while you have a year and a half old and even though I have help is hard to just to lay down and have everybody around you help you, I always try not to bother anybody and try to do things on my own,so it's hard for me not to be able to do anything or as much as they would like. Well aside from that I still have my drain it's been almost 2 weeks is this normal? Can wait to get rid of it. I'm not longer walking with the help of a walker. My back doesn't hurt as much anymore since I am walking more street now. My belly still the same very swollen, I cut off my meds completely, only taking my vitamins. Do you guys know when Am I supposed to start lifting my arms after the lift with implants? Or to push or lift stuff?

Should I be concern?

So today my hubby was giving me a shower and while checking out the incision to make sure was continuing to heal, he found that on my drain it was red and what looks like puss, am sending this pic to my doctor tomorrow to make sure that is not infected but I don't like the look of it, everything else looks very healed and light pink!!

Everything seems to be fine

So the doctor saw the picture and said there was no infection, to keep monitoring and if I saw that it will get worse then to give them a call right away so that's what i will be doing just keep an eye on it. today you seem to be much better it looked like he was drying off. As far as my drain I'm still above 25 cc so no removal of the drain for me yet. Today it looks less liquid so hopefully I will be under by tomorrow. Thanks for all your concerns and advices.

2 weeks post op

Wow I can't believe it's been two weeks since my surgery, and finally today I woke up and I was under the 25 cc Mark on my drain, so I called my doctor right away and he told me to come in to remove my drain... It felt super weird to drive again( I hadn't since surgery) Yes I'm finally drain free and I don't have to wear my binder anymore I got myself a Faja now( do me ch comfortable), I can wait to take a shower and put it on I feel so out of shape so swollen in parts that make me look like I'm fat. When I arrived to the office The nurse came in to remove my drain, looked at my incision and said it was healing beautifully. I asked about what appears to be dog ears on the sides of the incision but she said that it will flat out with time and once my inflammation goes down. The drain removal didn't hurt, it just felt weird, uncomfortable, you def. feel they are pulling something thick from inside you(which is exactly the case) the tube wasn't long, and she did it really fast. I will try to post some pics of how Im coming along. Very swollen still specially in my flanks!!! Well talk later my beautiful ladys

17 days post op

Hi girls, hope you all are doing great, quick update, not much has change, been sleeping in my bed since friday but not flat, I put a bunch of pillows on my back but is def better than a recliner, my back doesn't hurt as much anymore. My belly and thight are still swollen, I feel much more free now that I dont have my drain. My breast are still super high and looking not so great yet, can't wait until they round up and get downa little (dont like how they look right now). Overall I still haven't gotten to the place where I feel super excited about my body, I def. see a diference but Im not there yet, has this happened to any of you? Its only been 2 weeks only so I hope time makes it job. Im posting a pic of my progress

The swelling is REAL!!!

Wow this eas me yesterday at the end of the day!! i was a little more active yesterday so I guess this is the price to pay. everything else is going great, I started doing my herbalife again since yesterday, but Ive been losing weight all this week long even thou I havent been eating my best ( not the worst either) but I usually dont eat carbs after lunch and I have been for the last 2 weeks, im scared Im loosing muscle weigh, since is been 3 wks since my last weight training exercise, Im at 153 today. My weight at my surgery was 154 and when I weighted myself the next day I was 162 But I know is all the sweeling and I know my implants are about 2.5 pounds ( well also they took some skin out so..) either way Im happy Im loosing weight and I know Im still swollen so more weight have to come out. Im posting some pics of mu sweeling yesterday!!! Hope all of you are doing wonderful

3 weeks post op photos

A quick update, is been 3 wks and 1 day post op, here are some pics of my progress. Today I went to get a mani pedi done since on Tuesday I go back to work.
I'm actually starting to see how my scar is getting better and all you can see is a very clean cut. Aside from the swelling Im pretty happy with how my tummy turned out I know I still have a long way to go so... My boobs are still looking pretty high and weird next Wednesday I have an appt with my doctor to see how everything is going. hope you all have a very Happy 4th of July.

3 wks and 5 days post op

Hi ladies, so I went to the doctors today and Dr H. Took a look at everything and its looking great, I'm actually falling in love with my body, it this weird to say?? Lol..
Well but i did had a some built up fluid in my lower stomach under then belly button and he withdrew it with a HUGE syringe But it didn't hurt since its so numb in that area and I need to come back next week in case some more fluid builds up. We also discussed some trouble areas as you see on the pics I feel that those areas are sticking out a little and he assured that if after the first 6 months it was not fixed we could do a touch up, that made me feel so good. Its just good to know that if something comes out there is a backup plan.
Also The doc said I can remove the tape from the breasts on Friday he says that he doesn't want them there for more than a month, so I will be seeing how my breasts look like pretty soon, yeyyy!!!

3 wks 5 days post op


1 month post op

Hello Beautiful ladies,so on the 10th was my month post op, and Im feeling better than ever, Im back to work, I have a desk job so Im pretty confortable there. My mother in law is still at home helping me with my little one and doing all the heavy chores of the house, she is leaving at the end of the month so I will def. be ready by then to take care fully of my house and baby. I have another doctors appointment this Wednesday to see if I'm still building up any more fluid in my tummy, but if I do I don't feel is much, lately I've seen than Im not getting as swollen as before, I think is slowly decreasing!!!,
Something new, I removed the sterile strip around my areolas and breast incisions, (i'm posting pics) the scar look amazing, I think that for a month they are pretty light and very thin, thank God. My areolas were reduced with the lift and I notice one is slightly smaller than the other one but it doesn't bother me I think they look great, small like I always wanted them, you may also notice on the pics that I have oil on them, I started using BioCorneum (im going to post a pic also) I hear is great and it has awesome reviews, my surgeon sells it at his office but I got it at amazon a little shipper!! This morning when I when to put it on I see my TT scar so smooth and flat, Im very pleased with how it came out (on the pics it looks darker) hopefully with this cream it help to fade the scars even more!!!
I will post something on Wednesday if there's something new!!

Pics 1 month post op

Scar treatment

This a the scar treatment that I started using!!

Follow up appt

So I went this morning to my follow up, not much have change, everything looked good and this time my Dr. only withdrew 10cc of fluid from my tummy(last week it was 45cc), which is not bad, now I go back in 2 weeks, because he wants to make sure I don't accumulate anymore. Will keep updating soon, Happy healing everyone!!!

6 weeks postop

How you guys so it's been six weeks post op and I feel wonderful.the swelling has come down, sometimes I feel more swollen than others but for the most part it's pretty good. Basically I can start exercising at this point but I don't know if I'm ready I think I'm going to wait until my appointment on Wednesday and I'll ask the doctor if I can start lifting and running. Question, when you go to the gym at this point do you wear your garment or just your regular gym clothes with nothing underneath I know it's a stupid question but it is just there my mind lol. Today I went close shopping just for a date that I have with my husband tonight and this is the first time I buy clothes since the surgery I felt amazing that girl that helped me was like oh my God you look so good and the clothes and for the first time I was able to wear a dress with my back open and with no support whatsoever, on my breast looked amazing,i felt so confident, sexy but at the same time I was very aware of my boobs it's strange I'm not used to wear something without a bra. Not much have to change I'm continuing to put the silicone strip cream twice a day, I'm currently weighting 151. 3 pounds less than on surgery day I can't wait to start the gym though so I can keep losing weight and look even better I'll post some pictures then you can tell me how the dress looked.

More pics

I meant to post these too

Let's try again

Follow up post op doctor visit!!!

Yesterday I went to see my Dr. again, (following up my fluid build up on tummy) well, he withdrew 10cc from my belly again, he says is nothing to worry and he wants me to come back again in 3 weeks to keep monitoring it, its a 40 min drive for me so he says that the amount of fluid in not so significant to go back every 2 weeks, so 3 weeks it is.. He gave me green light to start working out again, but have to avoid any chest exercises, he says its ok to do crunches but I think Im going to wait a little I still fell sore on my stomach, I can go into the beach and pool water, as long as I wear sunscreen!!!
Told about a little hard nut or ball I feel in a side my stomach, doesn't hurt, it doesn't stick out, its very little but I notice it when I slide my had thru my stomach ,he says is swelling still, but aside from that everything is great, Im staring the gym again on Monday yeyyy so happy!!!,
Happy healing everyone!!

Update 2 Months Post Op

Hello Ladies,

Its incredible to think its been 2 months already since my MMO.
Since my last update I've been doing good, I did have a little incident last week that prevent me from starting the gym again. I was at a birthday party with my little girl when all the sudden she starts running towards a pool m friend has in her house and my mother instinct was to sprint after her, well, when I stepped I guess I didn't realize the force which with I made that first step I felt how my whole left side of my body trembled and I felt my implant jump and I had such a big pain that lasted the entire week, I was about to call my doctor to ask but everything looked fine it was just when I did certain moves that I felt the pain. Little by little I started feeling better and now I don't have any pain. So I started the gym this past Monday, I only did a little of legs and cardio, man does my legs hurt today lol... its been a while since I've done weight, but it feels great to go back to my old routing. I tried doing tricepts yesterday and I couldn't, I felt it in my chest and I stopped I don't want to get injured again, I think of now Im sticking with cardio and legs at least for a few more weeks.
I will be updating Pics tonight, I think my scar is looking great and my Boobs oh man have I mentioned yet that Im in love with my boobs lol... I think they look great, they have been setting down and getting a little soft, still need to come down some more and get way softer but I LLLLOOOOVVVEEE them, and my hubby is super happy ( can't blame him lol) I feel great like a brand new person, I will do this again in a heartbeat!! not regrets I just need to keep working on my weight loss, need to lose at least another 10 pnds. will keep updating more next weeks!!!

Pictures 2 months

Pict 2 months post op

What a diference

More pics before and after

Follow up !!

Hi Ladies, so I went on a follow up appt today for my build up fluid, well it turned out Im all out of fluid..lol.. The doctor said everything looked great and now wants to see me in 3 months. I had such a funny and great situation at the lobby while waiting to see Dr. H, this lady came up to me talking and asking questions about the doctor and if he was any good. i told her my experience and how great I felt and after talking she asked me if I could show her my result if I didn't mind.. I showed her a pic and she started almost screaming that my boobs were perfect and that she needed to show my pic to the doctor so she can tell him how she wanted her boobs...lol it was so funny!!! She was like really into it.. And kept saying how good my boobs looked, I think this is the 1st time in my life someone has said how beautiful and hot my boobs were..Well ladies everything else keeps healing well, keep putting my BioCorneum cream twice daily.

3 Months Post Op

Hello Ladies, I totally forgot that on the 10th it had been my 3 month mark and I didn't update!! Well here it is.. My life is pretty back to normal now, been exercising at least 3-4 times a week, even thou I've been slacking a bit the last 2 weeks, I have gained a little of weight I'm up 3 pounds from surgery day, but is not very noticeable. Still not able to do much upper body weights and when I do biceps or triceps there are only a few exercise I can do that I don't feel they are working out my chest so I hardly do upper body, been doing a lot of legs!!! My scar is perfectly healing I can't now see some spots where you don't even see the scar, I love it I really hope the whole entire scar becomes like that. My boobs are more squeezable now and they don't hurt so much get I squeeze them. My stomach still feels tight but also tender when you press hard on it and when I first get up from bed I have to get up slowly and a little bend until the first min then I can stretch. My advice is to take it easy day by day!!! How I feel about my new body? Well I'm so happy, I'm over the moon with my result. I know there are still little things that need fix but so far over all, I couldn't be happier and my self esteem has gone up from 0 to 1000%. I love being naked it now, no shame,no hiding, it's the best feeling!! Here are some pics of my progress. Later I will do some before and after so you can see the difference!!! Talk guys soon!!


Previous pics didn't post

Pics again

More pics

6 months

Hello all,

Its been a while since Ive updated you guys. Well I been doing really good, everything back to normal. I did have an appointment last week with Dr. H (6 month appt) and I was a apprehensive about the things I need to get revised. I have read so many things about other doctors and there are some review even on my doctor where they says that he only care about the money and that he doesn't own up to things that come out after surgery, that he is too stuck up to admit mistakes but well I got there and I didn't even talked, he took a look at me and at the scars and he said that about the touch ups I needed to get done, and there is one side I need a little more than a touch up( I need a little more lipo) and that I could make the appointment with the nurse for any day to get this done, and it could be under local anesthesia. I felt super relief, so I will schedule this to be done on January after all the holidays are over, most likely on a friday so I take the weekend to rest and go back to work on Monday. I will post some pictures of the before and after. Have a great healing everyone!!!
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