I Need Boobies! Allergan Natrelle Inspira 485cc SRM (Smooth Responsive Moderate Silicone), submuscular, transaxillary incision

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My stats: Age: 47 Height: 5’6” Weight:...

My stats: Age: 47
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 123 to 126 pounds
Measurements: 33 - 26 ½ - 37 (Yes, I am shaped like a pear ?)
Chest width: 33”
BWD: 12.5 centimeters
Bra size currently: 34b with a little space left

Oh, my goodness, am I really going to do it this time? I have wanted and needed (in my mind) to have a ba for many years. I birthed and nursed two children who are now teenagers and boy oh boy, am I deflated. Before children I was a small 32b cup. The time has never been right, and money is always an issue. I am hopeful that I will really follow through with it this time. I am thinking high profile silicone submuscular as well. I am in the process of choosing a plastic surgeon. I’ve been researching on RS for several weeks now, which has been very helpful. I am currently planning on four consults and have scheduled two. This is the farthest I’ve ever gotten besides talking about it, lol. After reading lots of reviews, I have a consultation scheduled in Destin, Florida. And thanks to the very complimentary reviews by Scaredy Cat and fea002, my second consult is scheduled with Dr. Csikai on the East Coast a couple days later. I have not scheduled the other two consults yet. They are a lot closer to where I live and will be easier to schedule and attend. I am both nervous and excited.

I am blessed with an amazing and talented husband who has helped me make rice sizers (two different times!) as well as made me a set of liquid starch and Elmer’s glue sizers in 450 and 425ccs (asymmetry compensation). I love squeezing them, so very squishy. My dh (dear husband) is also my photographer. I will try to post some pictures that we have taken so you can get an idea of my size pre and with homemade sizers.

I would like to avoid a lift if possible. I am trying to figure out what size works best for me. I like the look of the 450cc rice sizers. At first my sweet dh worried about me going too big. I do work out and a concern is that they may get in my way and hurt if I go too large. My workouts consist of fairly intense hiit, some strength training, and a little pilates/yoga for flexibility. I realize “big,” is subjective. Those of you with over 400ccs, do you find it uncomfortable or painful to workout now? It is very common for ladies in my area to go with 325cc’s so that their augmentation is more discreet. I am getting to the age where I don’t worry about that as much (finally). I haven’t noticed my boobs for years, and I really want to notice them, lol. My ultimate goal would be to be able to dress them down a little in clothes, but be “BAM!” when I bring them out for show and play with my husband.

I'll be sure to post again after my consults.

Forgot to post sizer pics

I’m posting some of the sizer pics we took at home and a couple of pics when I was at my largest, 36 C. My husband loved these boobs!!! When my husband made the rice sizers he found there was some difference when measuring rice on a scale versus in a measuring cup. If you measure the rice on a scale using ml your sizer will actually be roughly 75 to 100 cc’s larger. Because measuring rice weight is different than measuring rice volume in a measuring cup. It’s difficult to measure rice accurately in a measuring cup. He found it best to measure the rice in a measuring cup or on a scale to roughly the desired milliliter (ex. 350ml) first, then place rice in a Ziplock bag removing as much trapped air as possible. Then completely submerge bag in a 1 liter measuring cup filled to about half (500ml) with water and then subtract the starting measure from the ending measure and that is the size in cc’s of the rice. Ex. 850ml - 500ml = 350ml. You can adjust the size of the rice by adding or removing before you transfer the rice to a stocking. Hope this helps.

Three Consults, Three Different Opinions

It’s been a wild ride so far. I have now been to three consults. All are board certified, talented, recommended, and experienced plastic surgeons. They have all given me different recommendations, which has been very confusing! I will repost my stats (with a correction) and then give a rundown of the consults.

My stats: Age: 47
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 123 to 126 pounds
Measurements: 30 - 26 ½ - 37
Chest width: 28”
BWD: 12.5 centimeters
Bra size currently: 34b with a little space left

Panhandle Doctor: My husband and I both liked him a lot. He is a southern gentleman who was kind, personable, and very informative. He spent a lot of time with us. He also had Vectra 3d scanning capability, which indicated my BWD was 12.5 cm. He recommended Sientra Moderate Plus in 457cc. He indicated that it would give me a little cleavage, a little side boob, and some projection -- of which I currently have almost none. He also said when he examined me that moderate plus would really help fill out the width of my chest as I am very narrow and my current breasts take up very little of my chest. I have a tendency to like HP usually, while my husband likes moderate plus, but he loves all boobies so whatever makes me happy, makes him happy (he’s so awesome!). I did ask the doctor about using an HP implant and he did not seem to like the idea of using that on me. Because of Vectra scanning, no sizers were tried on. I was a bit surprised by that, but have since gleaned from RS that sizers are more commonly used at pre-op appointments. He uses a Transaxillary approach with a camera endoscope and Keller funnel (no fingers). BA cost: $5,600.

East Coast Doctor: We liked him, too. He spent a good amount of time with us. He examined me but did not take any measurements. He recommended Mentor High Profiles and advised that I go to at least 450ccs and really liked the idea of 500cc’s on me. I asked him what he thought about Moderate Plus, and he said it would not give me enough projection. I then asked if 500cc’s would fit me (knowing my bwd and Mentor’s sizing), and he indicated it wouldn’t be a problem at all. This surgeon does get very good results, but we felt like that he sort of shoots from the hip, so to speak. We did get the opportunity to try on sizers, which was really nice. He would use an inframammary incision, no camera endoscope. I will say I think I caught a little boob greed here, because I thought the sound of 500ccs sounded quite titillating. BA Cost: $5,000.

Local Doctor: We really, really liked him, which for some reason was an unexpected, pleasant surprise to us. He spent a lot of time with us. He took detailed measurements with a tape measurer and then indicated my BWD was only 11cm on one side and 11.2cm on the other! I did indicate that we had measured them to be at least 12 cm and he indicated that he measures and then deducts the amount of breast tissue I have, which gave him the dimension of 11 cm. He is the only doctor that pulled out the Mentor Product Chart and said that I had options. I could go with Mod Plus up to 250 cc (he knew I didn’t like that), he said in HP I could go up to 350cc, and in UHP I could go up to 430cc. He likes to write down what your goal is and then the next size lower if your goal is at the max. He does like and continues to sit the patients up with implants in and make sure the implants are placed well and suits the patient’s frame. If he can close the incision opening easily, then you can have the highest implant in your range, but if not, he will take them out and go just one size smaller. He uses the Inframammary approach, too. Best price for BA of only $4,400!

Each of the doctors spent a good amount of time with us. We liked all three doctors. All three doctors indicated that my asymmetry was not enough to try to correct with different sized implants. Well, that’s something in common at least, lol.

I think we were hoping that if two had roughly the same opinion, we would pick whom we felt most comfortable with of the two. No luck there, lol.

What to do? What to do?

I’m surprised and a little disappointed by Panhandle doc to only want to use Moderate plus. I understand I am supposed to trust my PS and his skill and experience as he would like for me to have the best outcome for my frame. He has people all over the world come see him for cosmetic surgery.

The East Coast PS is actually the farthest from us, a little over 3 hours. I’m somewhat drawn to the idea of 500cc but also afraid of it, too. I think 450cc to 475cc would be good though. We did try sizers on here, and the 500’s didn’t look bad to me either. I think I would be more confident if measurements were taken to be more accurate in what sizes would work on me. Maybe that’s a bit of my need to know all the details. I love the results from a couple of the RS users that have used him though.

I am disappointed in the conservativeness of the BWD given by our local PS because I do not think 350cc is going to do very much for me. I’ve been thinking all along that some where between 425 and 500 would be what it would take to fill me out. I am pear shaped and was hoping to give me more of an hourglass shape, evening out my bust to hip ratio. It will be noticeable naked and in a bathing suit, but not much different in most clothes. This PS is perfectly fine with using UHP. He does have some patients use it, but by far, most are currently picking HP silicone, especially in my age bracket. We tried on sizers at this office as well and compared with 350cc HP to 400cc UHP and then 400cc UHP to 430cc UHP. I liked the look of the 400 UHP sizers and felt that 430cc UHP would be what I needed. I’m not sure I want UHP though. I’m worried I will have a greater chance of rippling, bottoming out, and of my breasts sagging at a quicker rate because of my age and of the extent of the projection.

I feel like my brain is going to bust, lol. I'll try to add some pictures of the sizers I tried on later.

A few wish pictures...

that I have saved. It is hard finding examples of women who are exact in size and shape as me. I tried to pick people who were somewhat near my stats. The pics I've chosen are all beautiful women with great BA outcomes and a part of the RS Community. Thank you each and every one for sharing your BA journey on RS. I have learned a whole lot from them as well as so many others sharing their BA journey on RS.

My Stats: Age: 47
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 123 to 126 pounds
Measurements: 30 - 26 ½ - 37
Chest width: 28”
BWD: 12.5 centimeters
Bra size currently: 34b with a little space left

Deposit made and surgery date set!

We decided to go with the PS from my first consult and more than likely follow his recommendation of Sientra 457cc moderate plus silicone under the muscle via transaxillary incision. My pre-op appointment is set for November 30 with a BA surgery date of December 21. I'm getting boobies for Christmas!

I'm comfortable with the idea of 457cc implants; however, my sweet husband is a little worried about me going too big. I think it is what I need to fill my empty, deflated breasts and narrow chest out to help make me look more proportionate to my height, broad shoulders, and large hips. Am I being greedy? Should I be happy with a discreet 300 or 350ccs? I’ve always been on the small side even pre babies and breastfeeding, but I have always wanted bigger boobies! This is a big investment just to boost my self-confidence, lol. Hopefully, my vanity doesn’t drive me to insanity. I’m sure this is what husbands and boyfriends worry about, too. I think the 457's will make me look a lot like the pictures of me in the 400cc rice sizers. Any thoughts?

My stats: Age: 47
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 123 to 126 pounds
Measurements: 33 - 26 ½ - 37 (Yes, I am shaped like a pear ?)
Chest width: 33”
BWD: 12.5 centimeters
Bra size currently: 34b with a little space left
Thinking about: Sientra 457cc Moderate Plus silicone, under the muscle

Some Pics of BA's by my PS

Just thought I would post some pictures of BA results from the plastic surgeon I am using. Seeing their results make my future BA seem more exciting and promising. I never thought I would want 650ccs, but, WOWZA, do they look great on her! It makes me almost wish I had a bigger BWD, lol.

Natrelle/Allergan Inspira

With Sientra voluntarily taking their implants off the market while they investigate the Brazilian Regulatory's inspection results at their Silimed plant, my ps is going to use an Allergan implant. I do not know if it will be the Classic or the new Inspira line. I thought I would post a pic of the implant sizes of the Inspira line as it was really hard to find any information. Inspira was recently FDA approved here in the USA this summer, but have been utilized in Europe and Canada for several years now. I took a picture of the PDF on my phone, imported it onto my computer and tried to edit it so it was legible. I hope it is, lol.

Take 2: Inspira Sizing Chart

I tried again and think I got a better result.

Inspira Sizing Link

I finally found it! Here is a link to the PDF for Inspira's sizing chart. Sorry it took me so long to locate where I found it. http://www.sarasota-med.com/files/2015/07/151436-Natrelle-INSPIRA-Sales-Tool_ST_Sprds.pdf

It should go directly to the PDF and when you scroll down you will see the sizing chart. It is for the "True Form 1, Responsive," but my understanding is the sizing is the same for "True Form , Soft."

Personal Natrelle Comparison Chart

My husband is so sweet and is always looking out for me. He drew a chart of what we thought were potential Natrelle implants I might be interested in so that I could compare them more easily. He did a comparison to each style's maximum cc's. No, I am not going that big, lol. He did it for those of you who want to go that big could use this chart also. He then drew a picture of my top contenders to scale so I could see the differences. I won't know until my pre-op what we are going with for sure. We both are curious and enjoy researching.

Has anybody had this experience? I just discovered that...

...my PS does not have patients try on sizers at any time, consult or pre-op. Has anybody experienced this with their plastic surgeon? He does use Vectra 3D Imaging and that may be why? This may be totally normal, just curious what others have experienced at their PS' office.

Pre-op Yesterday, 11/30/15

Well, my husband and I drove three hours yesterday to get to our pre-op appointment that lasted all of about 20 to 30 minutes. I forgot it was that long of a drive. His nurse handles the pre-op appointments and she was surprised I wanted to use Inspira and tried to talk me out of it. My PS usually uses Natrelle's Classic line and some Mentors. He had just come out of surgery, so she grabbed him and asked him to come talk with me and then advise her what to have on hand on surgery day. We discussed the pros and cons of the Inspiras vs. Classic. He has used them a few times, but a combination of them being hard to get and a couple of patients not happy with how they felt, he doesn't usually stock them. I think that is surprising. I think it is a positive that Inspiras are fuller and firmer, because the point is that they will ripple less and have a little more volume. I think that will be better for my thinning skin, aging body in the long run. What threw me, however, is that he is wanting to use 485cc's. I was thinking 445cc's. He thinks that 485 is a better match to his initial consultation recommendation of Style 15 (mod plus), 457's. A little bit of panic set in for me and even more so for my sweet husband. In reality, it is only 28cc's more, lol. I did ask if he thought that would work with my BWD and he felt positive that they will and is needed to give me the best outcome of cleavage and a little side boob. He is ordering 445s and 485s to bring in the surgery room. Once he sees how much room there is in my pockets and what they look like in me, he will determine which one will be best for my frame. As a reminder he will be using the transaxillary placement. He will put a waterproof bandage over the entry so I will be able to shower the next day if I feel up to it. No arm pit shaving for a week though. Yuck! That's a daily occurrence for me. The bandage can be removed after 3 days. I will be sent home wearing a band over my breasts and have been instructed to wear it 24 hours a day for seven days, except for showering. No bras at all. I can wear a soft cotton t shirt/tank top underneath the band if it is too itchy. After the first week post op; I may be instructed to wear a wireless, non padded, soft cup bra. I will be able to see what I look like from the very first day. I imagine they might be frankenboobs. Well, I have tissue to fill, so they might not be too frankenboobish -- I can dream; right?

On another note, my blood pressure was super high, like 150/89. Yikes! I have never had high blood pressure. Normally, it's really low. It really freaked out his nurse and she told me they would not do surgery if was that high. It freaked me and my husband out, too. Thinking of what might have caused it: I only got 3 hours of sleep the night before and was terrified I would oversleep my alarm so it wasn't the most restful sleep. Actually, I didn't get a whole lot of sleep Thanksgiving week at all. I drank quite a bit of coffee on the way to the appointment, too. So maybe that in combination of "white coat syndrome" made it rise? I do tend to get a little nervous/anxious when I go to the doctor's office. My husband made me laugh unintentionally when it was being taken as well. I will definitely be monitoring my blood pressure and glad I have three weeks until surgery in that aspect. So I will be trying to get more rest, drink less coffee/caffeine. I eat healthy and exercise an average of 5 days a week already. More yoga, deep breathing? I don't know what else. Any advice?

B(.)(.)Bs Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is B(.)(.)B day. I cannot believe the day is finally here. It seems so surreal. My hubby and I drove over late this afternoon and checked into a hotel not far from the surgery center in my PS's building. I checked my blood pressure and it was 121/76! Whew! It turns out that my migraine medication can cause high blood pressure as a side effect. I packed ginger ale, saltines, vomit bags and a container, should it become necessary on the ride back home. I've never undergone surgery before, so I am not sure how my body is going to react to the anesthesia. The surgery center nurse assured me it would all go well, though. She was really sweet. Things I'm worried about, saying something totally out of character as I go under anesthesia or coming out of it. I'm a really easy going, friendly person. What if I'm not when I wake up and say something truly off colored or am angry, mean, and/or combative. Egads. That would be so embarrassing, lol.

I thought I'd post a few before pictures to give a better idea of my size and shape. Oh, I also included an illustration of transaxillary placement with an endoscope (camera) that my PS helped pioneer for the no scar placement. Oh, and as a reminder I am 47 years old. 5'6", about 120 lbs and have a BWD of 12.5cm. I am a Mom of two children that I breast fed for a total of about 4 years. If all goes according to plan I will be getting Inspira round smooth silicone moderate(+), SRM in 445cc or 485cc. My PS will decide what will best fit my pocket and my body during surgery.

Day of Surgery, the ride home and Post Op day 1

Well, I survived and am now in Boobie Land, lol. I arrived at the surgery center at 10:30 am Monday and talked with the receptionist for a little while. She was funny and sweet and helped keep my nerves down. Then a very sweet, tiny nurse called me back and had me take a pregnancy test then gave me a gown, stockings, and no slip socks. We chatted while she put an IV in my hand and started a round of antibiotics. She did a really good job because I didn't cry or squirm, lol. I do not like needles in my hand at all, and getting IV needles put in them does not usually go well. I had to wait quite a while before the doc came in to check on me. No drawings on my body. Then the anesthesiologist came. He was very nice and funny. I told him I was worried about vomiting after as my sister has a history of doing that following surgery. He took me seriously and said he would give me something to lower the risk of that. Some people just vomit after no matter what they are given, but it did work for me. yay! I didn't need to use any of the vomit bags we brought. Not long after that, they gave me some Vercet in my IV and started rolling me to the surgery room -- I fell asleep before I even got to the surgery room! I do not remember a thing, lol. That makes me kind of sad, really. When I came out of being under the anesthesia, the nurse had already got me dressed. That is crazy. I must have had a big pocket, because my PS ended up using SRM 485 (Allergan Natrelle Inspira Smooth Responsive Gel, Moderate Profile. My sweet hubby was there and helped me to the truck. Getting in it without using my arms was a bit tricky. We stopped driving every hour or so, so I could walk around a little bit. We made it home and he helped me change into my very soft, open front pajamas that we got from Belks. It has a swing top that covers nicely without buttons. He helped me into his early Christmas present, a new rocker recliner where I promptly fell asleep. My hubby was great and woke me up through the night to give me my medications on time. He also took a video of me snoring that I will not be sharing! I don't usually snore.

Post op day one has gone by fairly quickly. I have serious square, snoopy boobs! I have a lot of pressure on my chest, and my armpits are sore. The Percocets help take the edge off, but I can still feel the pressure and pain. I would say I am about a 5/6 on a scale of 1 to 10. My hubby has been awesome taking care of me, making sure I have plenty of water, food, and taking my medication on time. It is so good to have an awesome supportive person by your side. Thank you to everyone on RealSelf, too. It really has been wonderful sharing, reading, and supporting one another. It really gave me the confidence and encouragement I needed. I'll try to post some pictures of yesterday and today.

Post op day 1 more Pics

Well, post op day 1, was not too bad pain-wise, at least the morning part of the day. As the day wore on, I started to feel more and more uncomfortable. My hubby has been great at keeping me on top of my medicine. I have been taking Percocets, one every four to six hours. It curbs/dulls the pain, but not completely. I slept quite a bit the first day. I don't have much of an appetite, but I suppose that's normal. The bloating... ugh! I hate it. I've been drinking tons of water to try and flush the anesthesia out. I have a serious case of Droopy Franken-Snoopy Boobs, lol. Who knew you could have square and snoopy boobs at the same time? I'm not worried about it. I've learned so much reading everybody's journal on Real Self that it helps me keep things in perspective. I think because of the Inspira's fullness, it may take even longer to drop, so I'm really going to have to remind myself to be patient. The cool thing about my PS is that his method of recovery means no bra for at least the first week, just a strap. This lets me get to see the changes easier without having to cheat and peak, lol.

Well, it's two days before Christmas, and I don't think I'm ready yet? I love Christmas. I sure hope I don't disappoint my kids this year. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the Holidays. xoxo

Post Op Day 2 aka Showering Day!

December 23, 2015: Ouch! The pain finally started to hit today. My hubby is excellent about helping me stay on top of meds. Is anybody else using VitaMedica’s Bromelain with Quercetin and Arnica Montana? I am not a great pill taker and usually don’t take a lot of anything. I feel like I’m swallowing a pill or placing Arnica Montana under my tongue every time I turn around, lol. My husband showed me one of my before pictures and pointed out how thick my upper chest muscles are and how pronounced my upper rib cage sticks out further than my lower rib cage before surgery and that it only stood to reason that my implants would look so pronounced under the muscle in the beginning. I am already experiencing zingers, more so on my right side and they wrap all the way around my ribs to the back. They take my breath away and can bring tears to my eyes. For some reason, I didn’t think I would experience this so soon. I got to take a shower today. Yay! My husband put a chair in the shower for me and washed and conditioned my hair. Oh, it was very nice. It really felt good to take a warm shower.

P.S. Natrelle Allergan Inspiras 485cc Smooth Round Gel silicone implants placed under the muscle through an armpit incision.

Post Op Day 3: Christmas Eve

December 24, 2015: Well, I am feeling pretty good today. Such a nice surprise! Hubby and I did quite a bit of last minute shopping today and stayed out much longer than either of us anticipated. I was very tired by the end of the night. Believe it or not, my PS recommends starting massage 3 to 5 days after surgery, ten times a day, applying firm pressure from the top of the breast downward to the count of 30. We did not do it ten times today, but did do it several times. It was very uncomfortable. Immediately after I had a very painful series of zingers. Man, did they hurt. My abdomen is still bloated and, of course, I am constipated. I’ve been taking stool softeners every day. If nothing happens tomorrow, I think I’ll make a cup of Smooth Move tea tomorrow night.

P.S. Natrelle Allergan Inspiras 485cc Smooth Round Gel silicone implants placed under the muscle through an armpit incision.

Post Op Day 4 - Christmas Day!

December 25, 2015: Merry Christmas, Everybody! Well, I definitely overdid it yesterday and have taken a step backwards I fear. On top of being uncomfortable, I am coming down with a cold and have a really bad sore throat. Despite being sore and uncomfortable, we had a wonderful Christmas celebration and lots of good food. I hope everyone else had a beautiful day as well. We stepped up on the massages, and I think we hit ten times today. I again experienced some pretty rough zingers on my right side. It’s amazing to me that I feel them all the way to my back around my ribs. It really hurts to lean back against the pillows after zingers, too. Exciting news today! I got to take off my bandages and see my scars under my arms for the first time. Merry Christmas to me, lol. Wow. I am impressed! They look fantastic! I still can’t shave, so please excuse the underarm hair. Yuck, it grosses me out.
P.S. Natrelle Allergan Inspiras 485cc Smooth Round Gel silicone implants placed under the muscle through an armpit incision.

Post Op Day 5

Post Op Day 5:
December 26, 2015: We finally got to sleep in, and that was wonderful. It was kind of a lazy day, which I felt like I needed. I’m still very sore. I am still taking Percocet, although intermittently. I take extra strength Tylenol if I’m not taking my Percocet. My cold is a bad chest cold and my sore throat is absolutely awful. Coughing is very difficult. The combination of feeling sick from a chest cold and sore and uncomfortable, is playing with my emotions, and I am battling feeling a little down. My husband is awesome at taking care of me. He is very doting and has given me massages daily. He woke me up this morning by massaging my feet, lol. He’s been such a blessing, and I love having him home on vacation. I don’t know if you can see it in the pics, but I see a lot of yellowing in between my breasts and under them as well as wrapping around to my back. I do think the Bromelain and Arnica have really helped, because I tend to bruise easily and very badly with little trauma. And joy of joys, I finally had a successful BM!
P.S Allergan Natrelle Inspira 485cc SRM (Smooth Responsive Moderate Silicone), submuscular placement through transaxillary (armpit) incision.

Post Op Day 6

December 27, 2015: Well, I woke up this morning with a terrible migraine. I took some migraine medicine and tried to go back to sleep. I woke up an hour later still with a migraine and took a second pill, and went back to sleep. My hubby kept checking on me. It was so hard. I normally sleep curled up on my side with a migraine and it was absolutely miserable trying to sleep on my back and not roll over on my side. I slept for a couple of hours and just laid in bed for a little while. My husband came to check on me and brought me a cup of coffee and then helped me get set up to take a shower independently for the first time. The steam helped what was left of my headache. I am so thankful for that. I also got to shave my legs and that was heaven. I took the time to get a little dolled up and we all went to an early dinner and to the movies to see Star Wars, which we all really enjoyed. Tomorrow we make the long drive for my first post op visit!

I’ve also attached a picture of a body casting project my hubby completed the day before my surgery -- nothing like last minute things to do, lol. My hubby made a mold of my pre BA chest and boobies and then made a faux bronze casting made of polyurethane. It is so detailed! Hubby says this will help to remind me of how my breasts were before my BA if boob greed sets in or if I become overcritical of every detail of my new boobs. Sometimes pictures just don’t do enough. This casting is 3 dimensional, and I will be able to touch and feel them. We are going to do another casting of my current look and then one more after D&F. Maybe a little weird, but totally a lot of fun, too!
P.S My implants are Allergan Natrelle Inspira 485cc SRM (Smooth Responsive Moderate Silicone), submuscular placement through transaxillary (armpit) incision.

One Week Post Op Visit

Well, we made the trip to my first post op visit. My PS was on vacation so we met with his nurse. It was a good visit. She said I was healing well and looked good. She made a point of stating that I had some significant sagging prior to my BA and that is why I had drooping now (snoopy boob). However, she then proceeded to push up on the top of my breast and tell me that after dropping from their high placement, the appearance would change and the end of my breasts should fill in nicely. I asked her how tight was tight enough for my chest strap as it was becoming more uncomfortable and making it hard to breath and Hallelujah! She told me I could burn it! LOL. Right after my husband made me a fleece sleeve for it to make it more comfortable. We (hubby and I) were both surprised because I am still so high and tight. She said that the chest strap had done all it was going to do, and she was going to give me some more exercises to do to help them drop the rest of the way.

She gave me two additional exercises and gave a better explanation on how we should be doing the compression exercise we started doing on Post Op Day 3. That was really helpful and to be honest, the compression exercise did not hurt nearly as much as the way we were doing it prior to this visit. The nurse explained that there is a tendon/ligament that runs from your armpit all the way down your arm to your hand and it becomes really tight following the trauma of surgery. So the next two exercises she gave me had to do with stretching that ligament and chest wall, which will provide space and allow the implant to drop into the pocket. She predicted that my boobs would drop in the pocket between six and eight weeks if I was dedicated to doing my exercises 20 minutes a day. Well, I better get busy, lol. Oh, and I can do the minimum 20 minutes a day of exercise all at once or break it up over the course of the day. It was also super great to hear that I could start shaving my armpits, being careful near the incisions. Possibly even better is that I can now starting speed walking and using an elliptical (no arms, yet though). I am really happy about that. Between the holidays and surgery, I can see weight piling on. It doesn’t take long for that to happen. The curse of a slow and aging metabolism, lol.

Overall, I am feeling pretty good. The zingers and nerve regeneration attacks do not seem to be happening anymore, for now at least. My breasts get sore, tight, and tired. I am only taking Percocet at night to help me sleep and have switched to Motrin during the day if needed. I am really looking forward to feeling more comfortable with my implants. I am really happy that I finally got new boobies. I know it is a huge improvement from my before. At the same time, sometimes I feel a little weirded out about them. It may have more to do with thinking about undergoing surgery. I can kind of gross myself out if I think about it too much. Does anybody else feel that way? What can I say other than I’m a little weird, lol.

Two Week Post Op, Bras, and tendon/ligament pain

It’s already been two weeks since surgery, although I am a little late in posting. I’m still pretty high and tight, but the square shape has softened a little bit. I am no longer taking any Percocet, and I’m taking Motrin sporadically, if at all. I’ve been performing the stretching and compression exercises I was given at my one-week post op visit. I started noticing significantly more pain in the tendon/ligament of my right arm. Has that happened to anyone else? I’m pretty sure it is something that is more common among transaxillary patients. I'm just surprised at the level of pain I am experiencing in my right arm. The tendon feels very tight and quite a bit painful. This is my smaller breast and my dominant side, so it has to do a little more stretching than my left side. I work through the stretches at full extension, and I thought it would help in lengthening the ligament back out, but the pain was not alleviated. I emailed my PS office and was told to continue stretching and add in vigorous massage. I could email pictures or come in for a visit if I felt it was necessary or severe. I’m scheduled for a post op visit through pictures on my third week, which is fast approaching so I think I’ll wait. My husband has been more than happy to help with the massaging part, lol.

On to the fun part ?: So while my husband has been on vacation, we’ve gone bra shopping quite a few times. We know changes are in store, but I needed a couple of wireless bras and wireless sports bras to hold me over to D&F. It is really hard to find something without looking ridiculous while my boobs are so high. We found a couple of Bali’s Revolution bras on sale. One of them is an older style by Bali, I think, but I really like it because the cups are not molded at all. It is very comfortable to sleep in. The Revolutions are fairly comfortable, too, just not a traditional bra, per se, more like a fitted ultra light sports bra. They will have to do for now. We had purchased an Under Armour sports bra in size 32DD at a Surplus Under Armour store a couple of weeks before my BA, and thankfully, it fits well and feels really good. We went to Victoria’s Semi-annual sale and found two VSX sports bra in 34D and one black Body by Victoria wireless bra in 34D. The sports bras are pretty comfortable. They are not necessarily heavy duty, but I am not doing much more than walking at this point anyway. The Body by Victoria wireless bra is pretty. I think it looks a little funny because I’m still so high and the bottom needs to fill in a bit more, but I wanted at least one traditional looking bra, lol. I think that’s going to have to tide me over until there is more significant changing. It has been fun trying them all on. My husband has been awesome at hunting down bras for me to try on while I am in the fitting room. He is so much fun to go shopping with. We are speculating on whether I will maintain a 32DD/34D size or if I will end up growing to 32DDD/34DD (Egads!?!). There is also the possibility of ending up smaller once all the swelling is gone. I am definitely happy that I went through with the augmentation. Although, it’s going slow, it will be fun documenting the many changes my previous little breasts are undergoing. To all who are contemplating or recovering from a BA, I wish you well and happy healing. It is definitely quite a wild adventure. xoxo

4 Weeks Post Op. Cleavage, Scars, and Comparisons, oh my.

Hello, lovely Ladies. Sorry, I haven’t posted in a while. It’s great to report that I was cleared to and have started lower body workouts. Yeah! I work out at home and usually do high intensity interval fitness training and resistance training. I like to use Fitness Blender and BodyRock TV; they are both free workouts online. Fitness Blender is a lot easier to use right now though for sure as you can select type of workout, level, time, and equipment you would like to use or not use. Anytime, they incorporate burpees, planks, push ups, plyometrics, etc., I either squat, lunge, or do high step ups, etc. Bodyrock, also known as The Daily Hiit, has changed a lot over the years and is not as easy to navigate as it once was. Their Hiit is usually pretty intense, though they do offer some beginning and intermediate challenges. Overall, though they are not as easy to modify to be low enough in impact for me right now. It may be a good six months post op before I feel comfortable to incorporate them again.

Has anybody experienced Boob-mares following their BA surgery? I have had a couple now with the same recurring theme where I have had surgery but by the time I drop and fluff, my breasts are malformed and hideous, and I become incredibly distraught. I suppose it is anxiety about wanting pretty boobs, not just bigger boobs. Maybe that’s a form of boob greed, lol.

There seems to be some positive changes, and my hubby created a collage so it is easy to compare and see them. God bless him because it easy for me to forget. They are definitely more round and fuller in general. The bulge on the inside of my left breast is almost completely gone. There is a little more fullness on the bottom. I am still a good bit high and have a lot of dropping and fluffing to do, but then again I am only four weeks post op. I have definitely gained cleavage! The gap in between my breasts is significantly smaller than what I started with. The coolest thing to me is that they are a lot bigger than my hands, lol. All in all, I am very happy with my BA and excited to see the changes to come.

Happy healing to everybody post BA and enjoy the ride to all those still in planning. xoxo

Week 8

Hello, Lovely Ladies! I cannot believe how long it’s been since I’ve made a post. So sorry. Life in a crazy household sometimes gets in the way. I hope everyone is doing well no matter where they are in their BA journey. I am feeling really good. Boobies are doing well and any discomfort is sporadic if at all for the most part, definitely nothing worth taking any medication for. I called my PS at the six-week mark, because I thought we were supposed to come in for a visit and was told I didn’t need to come in until I came for pictures at the three-month mark. Wow! The Nurse said if I wanted to come in, I could make an appointment and she would be happy to see me. Hmm, I suppose it’s not necessary, but I did ask a couple of questions.

NewDrVathFan had asked me about how hard I was working out and mentioned that her PS recommended not raising your heart rate up for at least eight weeks, and I greatly appreciated her concern. I deliberately was only walking and performing low impact Hiit and purposefully maintaining a low aerobic/heart rate level; although I am itching to work a bit harder. So I asked the nurse about heart rate level, and she indicated that at six weeks it was okay to have an elevated heart rate as tolerated, to let my comfort level be my guide. She said I could start doing upper body work, but to keep the weight low, as tolerated. I am not doing any chest work or exercises that involve my chest like chest presses or push ups at this point. I’m not sure if I ever will. I do love push ups though. I also told her I was still sleeping on a wedge and she told me that wasn’t necessary and I could sleep anyway I want. I’m still sleeping on my wedge, lol. I think I want to purchase the TAB bra or the Nightlift bra to sleep in. I’m mostly a side sleeper and a little bit of a back sleeper. I really don’t want my implants to slide off my chest into my armpits or my sternum. Rational fear or not, lol.

I tried on a couple of old bathing suits and have purchased a couple new ones to accommodate my new assets. That was fun and funny with a little bit of WOWZA to see the differences. I recently bought a few 32DDD bras at VS when I saw they were still on sale for $14.99. They are wired so I am holding on to them for now and will return them if they don’t fit after D&F. DR35 asked me if I had been sized yet and really, I have just been trying things on. Per her suggestion and reminder, I told her I would try out Herroom.com’s and Victoria’s Secrets’ online calculators. Bwahaha. I punched in my measurements at VS and the calculator told me I was a 34A! Uhh, what? I don’t think so! Hahaha. VS measures a bit strangely and maybe because my implants are still a little high, there was not much difference between measuring underneath my arm pit and cup size. My ribcage is still 28” and my cup size is measuring now measuring at 34.7” at this point. The calculator at Herroom.com put me in a 30DD or a universal cup size (UCS) of 30D2. When I used the Herroom calculator that converts your favorite fitting bra size to their UCS bra size, it indicated my VS 32DDD bra converts to a UCS 32D3. So there is some variation in size there, but Herroom did indicate that cup sizes D and up may require some trial and error. It becomes difficult to maintain accuracy with the calculator at that size. I may buy one 30” band bra to try it, but I have a hard time believing it would be comfortable to me. Even though it is an old tradition from the 60’s bra manufacturers, I’m too used to adding 4 - 5” to my band measurement to get my bra band size. Before my BA I usually bought a 34” band, but now feel like the 32” band cups fit me better. I have read that different styles of bras will fit differently, too. So I’m pretty sure I will try on every bra first, much like you do shoes and jeans. Different manufacturers and/or styles may require purchasing different sizes in bras.

I’ve posted a few recent pics and a couple of comparisons. I am definitely rounding out in the bottom and my nipples have raised fairly significantly. Sometimes my boobs feel a little squishy and sometimes they feel a little hard. I think part of that is due to how warm or cold my body is. Sometimes my nipples are hyper-sensitive and sometimes they are not. I’m still very in love with my new boobies. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. My wish is that everyone would/could feel or will feel that way about their implants, too. Xoxo

Pictures that failed to upload!

10 Weeks Post Op and Fun with Bras!

Hello, Lovely Ladies! I hope all is well. No issues to declare. I’m healing great. I feel good. My implants still let me know they are there but in small ways and not too bothersome. They are continuing to look better and better. They have softened some especially when I am warm. I noticed that one of my boobs falls more laterally when I’m on my back than the other one, but I’m pretty sure that is normal and nothing to worry about. One side of my rib cage is more prominent than the other, too. I am working out without issues. I’m still not lifting heavy nor am I doing any chest exercises. I cannot wait to start using heavier weights in my upper body workouts. I see my PS around my 12 week/three month mark and am thinking I will be released to start increasing weight then. I’m posting pics from 10 weeks post op as well as a comparison collage my hubby created for me. My husband has always loved my playfulness and teasing, but he absolutely loves, loves my confidence and showiness since my BA. He believes that I am even more so. We’ve been blessed with a great marriage. However, I can attest to the fact that, a BA definitely gives a shot of oomph to married life, lol. After all, we’ve been married for 24 wonderful years. We are totally having a lot of fun with lingerie, lol.

I have had a lot of fun bra shopping. I have tried not to go too crazy, but bought four bras from VS when they were having their semi-annual sale, all in 32DDD. I recently bought an additional new bra in 32DDD with matching panties because of a gift certificate and coupons I had that I was just itching to spend. I think I did really well. I’ve included some pics. The bras are all lined and have underwires, but no push up pads. I’ve only tried them on for modeling purposes and am not wearing until I am released to do so from my PS, hopefully this month. I’m really hoping they will still fit after D&F in three to twelve months? What do you think? I want to be able to wear them for at least a little while, lol. I still have tags and receipts, but it’s taking so long for D&F, I may not be able to exchange some of them. Luckily, I did not invest too heavily getting them for $14.99 each. I have never bought so many different colored bras! My collection of bras for the last several years have included the colors nude, black and maybe one white one, lol. Kinda sad, isn’t it? That’s another benefit of a BA. I think I’m going to have quite a variety of bras in my collection to choose from. I want my girls to be supported and look pretty, too. Next week maybe I’ll post about swimsuits!

Happy healing and dropping and fluffing to all you BA recipients! xoxo

12 Weeks Post Op and a Couple of Recent Swimsuit Purchases

Hello to all you beautiful RealSelf Ladies! I can’t believe I have hit three months post op. All is going really well. My tatas still have some dropping and fluffing to do. I believe my dominant right side and smaller breast is still a little higher than my left. I am aggressively massaging and pressing it downward several times a day. Sometimes my nipples are a little sensitive, but for the most part are completely normal and respond to touch and temperature appropriately. They are becoming a bit squishy. Since they are Inspiras and a bit more full, I am not sure how squishy they will become. I can feel a little rippling and the edge of the implant on the inside and bottom of my breasts sometimes, but though visible to me occasionally, it is very minor and I don’t think it is visible to others. I am not disappointed by any means. I am aging and have thin skin so totally acceptable in my mind and am still beyond thrilled to have boobs. I have a post op appointment with my PS next week. I haven't had an appointment since post op week 4 and that was through pictures and a phone call. I did call in at six weeks to verify I didn't need another appointment and asked a couple of questions at that point. I haven't had any problems or issues, thankfully, and if I had, they would have gladly made an appointment for me to come in. I am looking forward to the appointment next week, and believe that they will be taking the after ba post op pictures when I am there.

A funny incident. I have a teenage daughter, and I have been fairly discreet about my appearance around both of my children post ba. We were at Target trying on bathing suits with my husband, and I would text him a picture of the suit I was trying on. Well, apparently, I sent him one, where the top was a little small and pretty revealing with a caption, “I think I’m showing a bit too much,” and she happened to be nearby. He laughed. She asked to see it, and said, “Holy Cow. She is really big!” Lol. Since then, she asked me why I had to go so large and get a D/DD cup. I explained that I had a lot of skin to fill and was trying to avoid a lift. I think she is looking more forward to them dropping and fluffing than I am, lol. It’s spring break this week and she wanted to take a friend to the beach with us. It was high priority for her to have me find a more conservative bathing suit to hide them. I totally understand. She does not want to have to try to explain to her friends about her Mom’s obvious boob job. I am not wanting her to have to do that either. We did find more of a sports bra type of swimsuit that we compromised on. I'm pretty sure her friend was none the wiser. Whew!

I’ve attached some pictures from this week, another collage that my husband broke into two pics for easier viewing, and a couple of new swimsuit purchases. Happy healing, dropping, fluffing and showing them off! xoxo

Much needed update: day 236, week 32 or month 8

Egads… I can’t believe how long it’s been. Time has really flown by. Hello to all you lovely ladies of Real Self. Life has been very busy and having nice boobs is a lot of fun. I really wish I would have got my husband to save the money sooner for this boob job, LOL. Hubby has been great through my BA journey and he loves my upgrade.

I love how my boobs have dropped and fluffed. They are the Natrelle Inspira SRM 485cc moderate profile under the muscle through transaxillary (armpit) incision. I love the way they look and feel. The SRM are a little more full than the Mentor so they ripple and sag less for older women with thin skin. I do have some rippling when I flex my pectoral muscles but that would probably be worse with Mentors, and I’m OK with that. I understand that boobs are rarely perfect. Perfection is overrated. I try not to worry and obsess over small imperfections. I am realistic and remember what my breasts looked like before the BA. It’s a huge improvement and unless you go topless to the mall only your partner will see it. My husband loved my boobs before and loves them now, imperfections make up who you are and they give you character.

My doctor gave me the go ahead to return to my normal workouts after 6 months. My workouts consist of HIIT aerobics and weight training. Doing pushups was weird and took awhile to get used to, but feels normal now. They look huge in bathing suits and they tasteful in everyday clothes. I am very happy!!!

I attached updated photos of various angles and a photo collage of my boobs before and up to day 236. My husband and I will be doing an updated photo shoot with clothes soon to give a better perspective of before and after. Stay tuned.

Sorry about all the watermarks on the photos but it's for my protection. :-)
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