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Hi there :) I'm 23 and live in the uk, I have...

Hi there :)
I'm 23 and live in the uk, I have been desperate for a tummy tuck and breast aug and uplift since I lost 5 stone 3 years ago! I excercise for an hour a day and have an extremely healthy diet, the loose skin and flab on my stomach just won't go away :( I am now booked for the 11th of Nov!! Xxx

Preparing for surgery!

Well it's getting closer and I am certainly getting more nervous not sleeping very well already! I fall to sleep looking at this site and wake up and look at it!! But at looking at my stomach this morning and feeling physically sick i feel a sense of relief that this self hatred and horrible stomach will soon be gone forever! :D I have started protein shakes and having lots of fish n chicken and low carbs, hospital bra and girdle has arrived! All getting very real! xxx

Urhhh side view :'(

3 days!! Ahhhh!

Well 3 sleeps till Tummy tuck and breast aug! A lot of silly thoughts starting to go through my mind....
1) could I have done it my self! Would the skin ever tone through excessive exercise!
2) should I be putting my family through this?
3) what if I don't heal properly and don't like results!

These are all very normal thoughts I know! And I am quite good at reassuring myself but the doubt is creeping in!! Id just hate to be one of people that don't like there results!


Day 3!

Hi all, I'm on day 3!! Feeling ok! Sleep wasn't great last night but I got took off my morphine pump yesterday morning, and have just been on Paracetemol and codeine since and it's bearable!! Getting my drains out this morning and going home at 3pm!! Looking forward to getting home! Hard to really say what I look like at moment all hunched over but to anybody who is considering it or is about to get it done don't be!! It is more than bearable! I've been up and about since the second day, I even put makeup on when I came round from surgery!! I must say coughing is not nice but you'll survive !! Happy to answer and questions xxx

One week post!

Today I am 1 week post op! Still bit sore but nothing to write home about! Yesterday I went out with friends for lunch and by tea time I was very hunched over! I get strange twinges in breasts every so often, and start to get very itchy but definetly no real pain! I haven't put any photos on because I am completely bandaged but thought I may aswell upload them to show difference in siluette! Anyway dressing changed Tomoz and I can't wait to see what's underneath and little scared incase scar to high or belly buttons horrible or nipples are mess! But I guess all will be revealed 2moz! Wish me luck!!!

Side view!

1st preview!! Over the moon!!

Hi all!! Been to hosipital had 1st dressing change! I am so pleased with results! Nurse even thinks I have slight abs showing!! My BA looks amazing i had the benelli and the scars are already virtually unseeable!! So pleased with results my TT scar is so neat and low! Will be amazing when it's healed!

Update in couple days :) xxxx

Side view

Newcastle Upon Tyne Plastic Surgeon

Amazing so far!

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