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I haven't gone in for the surgery, yet! I got a...

I haven't gone in for the surgery, yet! I got a quote done months ago for abdominal lipo and lipo to the love handles,back and butt implants. My hopes are to go in the next few month for my surgery! I have read amazing things about Dr.Wiener, not one bad review! I've done tons of research & can't wait!

hopefully next month is the month

Ive been working on my credit and saving up im super excited hopefully I can kick off my new year w/ a new bootayy!!! And body, lol ill make sure to share day by day updates post-op

getting requoted for surgery

Okay, since last year march to be exact I got a quote for 11,000 for lipo and butt implants, im waiting on the office to call me back so I can get requoted so I can set up my surgery date!!!! Im so excited, I applied for for care credit! And was approved for 11, 000 but I was a little bummed because the price of implants went up so hopefully my new quote isn't too crazy! I'll be posting pre-op pics!

April 30th

Butt implants and lipo of abdomen (upper & lower) , love handles and mid back.
March 12th is when my in office visitation/ consultation is! Omg, this feels unreal!

my quote


pre surgery supplies

Okay, so im getting butt implants and lipo, i've heard of these vitamins you can take to help you heal faster.. the only other thing I can think of is hand sanitizer? Any advice?

implant size!

Met w/ my doc yesterday, the staff is amazing, so caring and sweet! My doc is knowledgeable, im super excited! Im going with 458cc he said I could do 550? But at that point I would atart to lose my natural "jiggle" because of the stretching of the skin...
Im going shopping for my surgery supplies in april and need
*a funnel (to use the bathroom)
*stool softener
*gauze/ neosporin
*baggy sweat pants and top
*hand sanitizer/ anibacterial soap

Im going to pack food so I dont have to order ..

stomach goala

pre op pics!


Okay so my date is rapidly approaching and I decided to go bigger, 458cc seems big but after talking to the patient care coordinator she advised me that once the implants are placed they won't look as big, so I might go to the 500 cc range! Im excited, I emailed over some more wish pics and that was the edvice I got..

what im hoping four and what i dont want to happen!

exactly 5 days until my surgery date!

Im nervous.. Im already home sick and I haven't left yet, hopefully the two weeks in the hotel fly by!
I'll keep yall updated!

EVERYTHING you need to know about butt implants

You have received a YouTube video!

Click link to watch procedure.
Cant believe this is me in a few days.

surgery tomorrow

Surgery is tomorrow, and im soo.. nervous. Any suggestion on a way i can calm my nerves? ? Deciding of my size tomorrow at the office!

9:00am surgery !

Nervous, I prayed and I know I have others praying for me as well, so I'll be okay!

3 days post op

Really annoyed I iust wrote this long post and it didn't save, okay so here goes. I know i said i was going to update daily but that was darn near impossible, I was in a lot of pain and focusing on getting my pain medicine, and I was getting the hang of everything. The drainage from my lipo literally looked like a leter of fluid and blood for the first two days, and the drainage was constant until a majority of the fluid was out. Im 3days post op and feel alot better I can change my gauze by myself im in less pain, and can get up by myself. I totally underestimated the seriousness of this procedure, YOU WILL NEED SOMEONE WITH FOR AT LEAST FOR THE FIRST FEW DAYS, I was like "yass getting lipo, and my butt done" because these procedures are so common I thought it was going to be a walk in the park, after i woke up i was like wow, i just got put under anesthesia, when I woke up I was literally shaking. I already knew but realized Cosmetic procedure or not its still surgery and its serious. I have 550 round cc's, placed inside the muscle, my doc has been great, he was, honest, helpful and easy to get a hold of and professional. He said the implants will drop which is good because I dont want my butt to be flat at the bottom. . I can't really tell what they're going to look like right now but i pray&hope i will have great results.I would post pics of my post- op but im so so swollen and not in the mood lol, by butt isn't as hard as I imagined. It feels like a muscle your flexing, and something foreign is in there thats the best way I can describe the sensation.

more pics

implant sample

The blue implants are 458ccs, they didn't have the 550 sample available

please read if ypur considering butt implants

I'm happy with the appearance of my after surgery look but I miss and I value my butt before and this made me realize how important my body is and I should just work out if I have to go through this amount of pain to "be pretty" it's not worth it, I'm happy with the lipo but I want to be natural, I don't want to worry about any complications nine to thirteen years down the road like I hear I just want to work out be fit and look good and healthy honestly I believe I got the implants for the wrong reason and that's why I want to take them out I didn't do it for myself I did it for business and other people. my results do look good but I want to talk to my doctor about taking them out and see if you offer me a discount because its so early ladies if you thinking about getting this done and this goes to the men too get it for yourself and not for other people. I have a small frame and that's fine I wasn't built to be super thick I was built to be petite with big boobs and abut that matched and I appreciate that now

please listen: butt implant removal

I've been extremely depressed so excuse my absence please the surgery went well but parts of me are still numb from the incision made for buttock implants, if you haven't read my "please read if your considering butt implants". Since ive got them in I regretted the decision I made, after paying 11000 to have my surgery I have to come up with another 5000 to get the implant taken out I asked could my surgeon at least discount me from me wanting to take them out so soon and I guess that's as best as he could do. Yes my doctor was kind but I understand now that to doctors that money is more important. I could understand charging me the anesthesia fee but he's also charging me is surgeon fee when he has the capability to take them out without charging me the surgeon fee. He makes more than enough and is more than capable of doing so but I guess greed is more important these implants are occasionally PAINFUL and uncomfortable this is the worst decision I've ever made in my entire life. I just paid 8,000 to get them put in (plus 3,000 for lipo =11, 000) I would just like to undo the mistake I made I will never go back to the plastic surgeon's office or another plastic surgeons office after this problem is fixed. I made a Kickstarter to help me but I'm not done setting it up. woman you are beautiful And men beauty starts from the inside and exudes out!

This industry is disgusting, they prey upon people with a distorted self image, simply because they know those people will continue to pay even if they can't afford it to fix a problem that's not really there anyway.
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Wiener is amazing, hes informative, caring and a great listener.. very helpful and honest !

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