Panniculectomy with Liposuction of Anterior Abdomen, Back & Bra Line and Auxillary Breast Tails - North Charleston, SC

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Ok so March of 2012, I had circumferential...

Ok so March of 2012, I had circumferential tumescent lipo done to my full abdominal trunk. Because of the stretch marks below my navel from my pregnancy six years ago, my doctor told me that I would have loose skin in that area after the fat was removed. Don't get me wrong, I love, love, love the results of my lipo and I went on to get breast augmentation in June of 2012 (you can check for both reviews underneath my profile) but this loose skin has to go. Everyone says that it is not a big deal and it's all in my head but it matters to me and now is the time to do something about it. Initially I wanted a tummy tuck but my doctor advised against it since I do want more children in the far future. He said the panniculectomy would be the better choice as it would excise my loose skin that I am worried about.

Since my initial lipo, I have been going to the gym faithfully and I have managed to lose about 20 pounds more. This along with my new boobs have really motivated me to have the best body yet. I go out of the country to Jamaica a lot so it feels really good to be able to wear my sexy clothes and finally not feel self-conscious. My doctor said that he would further smooth out the top of my abdomen as well. Lastly, I have 2nd boobs as I like to call them, that stored fat between your underarms and those have got to go too! My PS says that it is actually breast tissue so it will have to be lipo'd out as well. Surgery is in exactly two days and I can't wait to smell the welcoming frangrance of black permanent marker. I trust Dr. Terranova with everything as he is very honest and knowledgeable about his work. I will add a picture in a few. Wish me luck!

Today is day 2 post op and I am feeling very good....

Today is day 2 post op and I am feeling very good. I have even weaned myself off of my narcotics. Two days ago.....ehhh was very painful. The day before my surgery, I received a call to say that my doctor was going to throw in doing my back and bra line on the house! I broke into tears because this was an area I had been going back and forth on and had decided not to. I was very grateful that Dr. Terranova thought that much of me to do it for me. Thinking of it now is still bringing tears to my eyes...
Back to the story: I arrived at about 8am where I was given my pre-surgery meds. Dr. Terranova then came in with those magic markers I have come to love so much. After I was drawn on, I was led to the surgical room where I got my happy juice and was out like a light.
I woke up in substantial pain, but since I am a vet at this, I had packed 2 percocets and a fruit cup in my purse which I wolfed down. All I remember is getting home and passing out in my bed. When I awoke again, the pain was still there but I just stayed on my pain medicine and took it easy. I did get up and walk around every hour to reduce blood clots. I was bummed that I couldn't see anything due to my being bandaged well but I didn't mind waiting. Dr. Terranova called me and said that I could take my bandages off or wait til the next day (today) to remove my bandages and shower. I chose to do the latter especially when I thought about how it hurts to peel all of that surgical tape off.

Day 2 Post Op:Took my bandages off and finally got...

Day 2 Post Op:Took my bandages off and finally got a shower. Yayyyyy! My PS did a damn good job if I must say so. My panniculectomy stitches are to the very bottom of my stomach and I can only visibly see them on the side of my hips. I am feeling great today. No more narcotics for me, just Aleve during the day and Excedrin PM at night. My stomach looks as though I am six months pregnant :( but I know that is temporary. I hope it goes down fast as summer is fastly approaching. My back looks great! No more bra fat!! Can't wait to wear backless shirts and fitted tops now. My thighs even look tightened and lifted a bit but that could be all in my head. Ive posted pics. Tuesday is my post op apt so i'll be back to update then :)

I also forgot to say that I put on my compression...

I also forgot to say that I put on my compression garment from my previous surgery and this has been a huge help. I can get up and move around without pain now. I will be getting fit for my new compression garment at my appointment on Tuesday

So I am 1 week post op and I am so swollen! I am a...

So I am 1 week post op and I am so swollen! I am a bit down in the dumps and nervous. I am going out of town in two weeks and while I know I'm not going to be 100%, I wasn't expecting to have a muffin top. I know I still have 2 weeks and a lot can happen until then so I'm really hoping that my swelling subsides by then. Anyhoo, enough of the bitch fit, I have got back in the gym. I'm taking it easy and using pain as my guide. I cut my cardio from 1 hour to 30 minutes and my weight lifting is the same but I use weights under 10 lbs for my upper body. Gradually I will build myself up to where I was. My diet is low sodium and I am drinking a lot of water and green tea. Today I got fitted for my new compression garment and I was reassured that swelling peaks at about a week then goes down so I will start seeing results next week. I am really surprised with how easy I am snapping back and getting back into the groove. I am now 100% pills free. I take absolutely nothing, not even my Aleve. Welp! I'll be back in a week. Enjoy the pics :(
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