28yrs Old-tummy Tuck Breast Lift with Implants - North Charleston, SC

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My doctor is Dr. Widenhouse in charleston sc. I...

My doctor is Dr. Widenhouse in charleston sc. I am 28 yrs old soon to be 29. I have always been big breasted since I was 13. I am 5'8 165lbs right now. Never been huge when it comes to weight I defiantly fluctuated all my life. Right before I got pregnant I started to put on weight (195). 2008 I gave birth to my daughter who was 9lbs 11 oz!!!! (Cesarian) finally weight after baby 240lbs. Never ever been past 190 lbs in my life.I breast feed for a whole year afterwards. Once I was able to be free of breast feeding( since I wasn't able to pump). I started working out again and started dropping the weight! Now I feel awesome and sometimes look awesome in certain clothes that fit my body type. I have to wear a bra all the time cause my boobs aren't what they use to be! All the doctors say I don't have fat on my stomach I just have a lot of extra skin. But when I'm in workout clothes I look like I'm possibly pregnant! I hate it :(
My doctor has decided that since I'm use to my large breast and want to keep them. We will lift by simply putting a small implant on the top of my muscle;filling the "deflated" part. :)
Finally, same day full tummy tuck.
Looking at 4-5hours in surgery from all the reviews I see.
But will keep you posted once I have my review appointment may28th

Getting closer !!!!!

2more months I'm sooo excited all I can do is talk and think about the surgery!!! In pretty sure I'm annoying everyone :)
Now that I know how to post pictures. I will work on some good/terrible BEFORE pictures.

Before may 11 2014

And here we go


The count down begins. I'm nervous I'm excited I'm happy I'm sad! The time goes by so quickly. Went to my PreOp appointment talked to the nurse. She was awesome and nice willing to talk about everything! Some were wondering where the incision would be for the implant.
and that will be....duh duh duh... Under my breast. Two small lines. She made me feels less nervous and more excited . Really comforted me and made me feel at ease. I'm ready !!!!


Thank god
It is so early in the morning! I barely have time to think about it!!

I'm a little freaking out ,excited ,nervous ,scared
Wish me luck and here I go. As soon as I can I will send pictures of everything!!!!

I lived!!!!

Overall good experience! All Dr.'s had great bed side manners the nurse was a sweetie pie. Would do it all over again!!
I am in pain but not as much as I thought I'd be. We'll see if it high pain tolerance or if it's the docs meds still working!
I will keep everyone posted

Day 1 post

I mean I feel like I defy all odds

So far so good! Still not really in pain. I am keeping up on my pain meds so I'm sure that's helping.
My biggest trouble right now is either gas or bowel movement cause I haven't had either and I think that's why stomach is starting to hurt!!
But I am standing up straight walking around
Life is good!
I will probably be going to my girlfriends baby shower on Saturday and to work on Monday!

I did it

Today was the first day I changed my bandages all on my own!
My BF has been helping and doing it for me because I get nauseous.

The pics show my scaring and also a small possible seperation in the scar probably from to much activities. So I have slowed down and taking it easy
That scared me!


I'm swollen and aggitated
My belly button looks growse and Pusey I'm starting to get worried that my belly button won't heal right!
My drain tube is no where near where it needs to be and I'm totally sick of not taking a full shower!!!
And when can I start working on my scars and what do I use

Going back soon for lipo

Ended up with dog ears
I'm happy but would be happier if I didn't have this little extra fat on my hips!
I think it's cause I didn't take it easy and my drain tubes stayed in for a long time!
not sure cause it's on both sides so maybe I was just unfortunate! Everyone says I look great but I'm so unhappy with bathing suit bottoms!
I will be going back to dr. Weidenhouse in charleston to have lipo on my hips .
Cost 2,200.00
Will keep posted
Charleston Plastic Surgeon

So far so good! Everyone super sweet really nice and willing to work with you. Keeps in touch gets back to you quickly.

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