31 Y/o Round 2 with One of the Best Around - North Charleston, SC

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I originally had a breast reduction on June 8,...

I originally had a breast reduction on June 8, 2015. I will currently be having a scar revision surgery of the area on June 6. I am sure that I will be happy with the results as I was very pleased with the original surgery, I just developed some nasty scars. This usually happens with me anyway.
On June 16 I will be undergoing Tumescent Liposuction of the abdomen and flanks. I have worked very hard and due to some medical issues have had a hard time loosing weight. I have however, managed to loose 30+ pounds since the end of January and Dr. Widenhouse has said he believe he can help me with the rest of the inches. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I will keep you all posted as to see how things turn out. Wonderful, I know!

Before pics plus hypertrophic scars on breast

Sorry they aren't straight. I tried but I was posting from my phone so...there's that. On my breast you can see the hypertrophic scaring from my reduction last year. On June 6 I'm going for a revision and radiation. Fingers crossed that all goes well!!

Scar Revision PO day 1

So I will post pictures later, but I must say this is more painful than expected. I've not had to take anymore pain meds than yesterday (I'm pretty pain tolerant) but I definitely feel it. The original reduction was no pain at all.
I had my first radiation treatment RIGHT after surgery and that was quite interesting, but everyone; I mean nurses and the Dr were very impressed with how the revision looked. My mom was also super impressed. What can I say I truly love my PS and I honestly think he is a miracle worker. I can't wait for my lipo session next Thursday!


So I am now 8 days out from my scar revision and I am so pleased with my results. Dr. Widenhouse even took a little extra fat from under my arms while he was in there! That's a great doc. Healing has been going well, and I had my po yesterday; the doctor was very pleased with the progress.
The "healing itch" has definitely started to raise its evil little head.
Now is wish I could just go to sleep now and wake up in time for lipo on Thursday!!!


So my procedure was today. First let me say that it was a wonderful experience. Everyone was kind and informative, they were very sure of the procedure and Dr. Widenhouse made sure to come in and speak to me to ensure we were both on the same page as to what was going to be done in the operating room
One thing I can say, when they say there will be drainage....it means there will be a murder scene and you will have all the evidence on your person lil. I got up after a couple hours and went to the bathroom and blood-tinged fluid was all over the floor. Other than that this has been a piece of cake. Pain is VERY tolerable l, feels like a hard workout; maybe it's not to bad to me because I already wok out. Haven't needed any pain meds yet! Let the healing begin.

P.S. if this is what I look like with swelling, bring on the end results. I am already excited and very pleased!


You'll hurt like you exercised alot they said....how about when everything wears off you'll feel like you were run over by a mack truck and then it reversed and hit you again, then came back and sat on top of you for a few minutes....
That was the day of and the day after..NOW I feel as if I have exercised to much. I haven't taken any pain pills since yesterday morning and am sore but it's bareable. One thing is when I was draining (it stopped day 2) but when I was twice out of no place I got super light headed. Mind you I am a nurse and see blood and stuff all the time, but I guess it's different seeing it pour out of your own body!!!!
I am more than excited with my results so far. If this is what I look like now and in still really swollen then I can only imagine what I will look like in the months to come. I may be pretty biased but I'm still pretty sure I have the best PS in Charleston area. Not much to report other than I am going walking today....we will see how that goes!

8 days PO

Let me just start with the pain was HORRIBLE!!!! It's just now starting to subside...by small amounts. Still wearing my garment and I absolutely hate it, but it is a necessary evil. Pretty happy with my results so far and with that said I can't wait for a few months down the road. Goodness I want to snap my fingers and be healed.

Almost 3 weeks

Doing great. Pain has subsided ALOT but still a little sore. I am so freaking excited about my results!!!


So it's been a little bit of time, however alot has been going on. I am experiencing crazing swelling and my body looks amazing one day and like a blowfish the next. It may be due to the fact that for 2.5 weeks I was back and forth to the hospital visiting a family member who just passed away and the stress from that and eating on the go didn't help. But I am trying to get back into the swing of things and have started back my walking regimen. I have noticed that the lower part of my belly and love handles are every hard and plump, hoping that changes. It actually is starting to worry me some. I hope im not iver thinkibg the situation. As far as weight, I've lost 0 but that was to be expected with the given situation.
I am still very happy with my results, I didn't go into this wanting to look different, I went into it wanting to look like me and I can slowly see me coming back. Now the only thing to do is get back on my good eating and work out the rest.
Charleston Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr. Widenhouse. From the first moment I met him a year ago I was pleased with his demeanor and his confidence. Another thing that I am pleased with is that he has no problem being honest and will tell you what will work best for you as an individual, not just a number. He's amazing!!!

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