Mommy Makeover Complete! Left Breast ENTIRELY numb, but still happy! 600cc Silicone Unders. 5'6" 145lbs. NC

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My husband and I just had our first consultation...

My husband and I just had our first consultation with my PS last week. He came very highly recommended. I have been wanting to have a BA done for over 10 years. After breastfeeding 3 children they are not as perky and pretty as they once were. I am also wanting a larger, fuller breast. Basically, I want big, bouncy boobs. Ha! Currently, I am a 34 B/C depending on the bra. When I was breastfeeding they got up to a D, which I looooved! Anyways, the consultation went great. I loved his staff and even more importantly I really liked him. After showing him pictures of what I liked, they gave me two different implants to try on. I ended up liking a 550cc size the best. I had no idea what size it was before deciding. He said that size would look great on me. Evidently I have the prefect ribcage, breastbone, etc for the look I wanted. They should look natural on me according to him. However, at my 2 week pre-op I have the chance to try on the implants again and make a final decision.

I have not told anyone but my mother, my boss and 2 friends. I come from a super conservative, religious...YADA, YADA, YADA family that would freak out the moment they knew. I'm thinking they won't even notice, but my super sweet husband says they will. I bet him $100 they wouldn't. Hopefully I am right since I don't even see them very much. I'm not sure what to tell the older kids, I probably won't for the time being.

My pre-op appointment is on May 21 and surgery is scheduled for June 1. I am so excited that I can't hardly stand it! I had originally scheduled for November, but decided I couldn't wait that long. I've already waited long enough!

So glad to be on this journey with you! If you have any advice on how to handle uptight friends and family, please share!

BTW, the breasts that I liked all came from the same woman. She's got the best tits!

The big day is Monday, June 1st and I am feeling very nervous! Weird Prescriptions and Boobie-Nesting. Oh, and no help!

I had my pre-op appointment last week. After the interview with the RN I tried on implants again. I had decided to go with 550cc's at my consultation, but after my pre-op visit I went with 600cc's. They will be Sientra, HP, Unders. I have very broad shoulders and a large rib circumference. I paid, received my prescriptions and spoke with my PS again. I am just feeling so nervous today. I have everything ready. I have been "boobie-nesting" for the last two weeks getting our house in tip-top shape because I know I won't be cleaning much afterwards.

When I looked at my prescriptions I was floored to see that he prescribed Dilaudid. I wasn't expecting to be in so much pain, but if he's prescribing Dilaudid then it must really freaking hurt. I also had Zofran for nausea and Keflex as an antibiotic. I've read that most get Valium for muscle spasms as well. Should I request this?

Also, my mother just called. She was coming to help me for several days afterwards. I have a 15 month old. She isn't able to come. Wow. I'm hoping my husband can work from home for a few days. Ladies with small much help did you need and for how long?


145 lbs.
Starting cup size: Between a 34-36 and B/C...depending on what brand.
Nursed 3 children.

Surgery day, IV Sedation, Dilaudid, and back pain! ????

So today was the day. PS was running just a tad behind. I didn't mind though. However, due to my excitement we did how up 45 minutes early which made the wait even longer. My PS uses IV sedation, not GA which was so nice! I didn't feel and thing and don't remember anything except feeling very happy when the CRNA pushed the Versed. I walked out of the OR and left 20 minutes later. It was awesome! No grogginess at all! But...I was in some pain and the CRNA pushed Fentanly shortly after surgery and gave me 2- 2mg Dilaudid pills. I was very it of it on the way home and felt like her gave me too much. It's now 6 hours later and I haven't taken anything. Back pain has gotten much better since I moved from being propped up in bed to the recliner, sitting more upright. Overall, it's been a great day and I love my new gals! My husband does as well which is good! ????

First full day with the new girls!

So... I am totally convinced my CRNA gave me way to many pain meds yesterday after my procedure and now I am terrified to take my pain meds. Thankfully, I am not in any pain. Last night before bed I took 2 500mg Tylenol and 1- 1mg Klonopin. I slept all night and felt rested, but groggy this morning. I slept in my husband's recliner. I am really surprised that I'm not having much pain. It's a welcomed surprise that I'm very thankful for.

For those of you with children, did you tell them? Ours are 10,9 and 1. We decided not to tell them. Of course the older two are asking a lot of questions as to why I'm feeling so terrible, why daddy's home this week dro work, why I can't pick up the baby, etc. I've just told them I got a lot of shots at the doctor's office that makes you feel bad for a week or two. They were satisfied with that. Most of our family does not know either. I told my mom, a few close friends and my boss. That's is it. I really didn't feel like anyone else really needed to know. Anyone else not tell anyone but a few people?

I go back to Dr.Klein on Friday to see how things are going and check my incisions. I'm really loving them already! By the way, the scar on my left breast if from a mole removal a few years ago and the small one on my right breast is from a Lumpectomy several years ago to remove a Lypoma.

Husband is going back to work tomorrow...

My husband is going back to work tomorrow and I'm really nervous to be here with our 15 month old! He's a chunky little guy at 30.5 lbs. I'm going to have to get creative. I've thought about calling for home health to come out, but I think I'll be okay. I'm sure having a nurse isn't cheap.

I'm still not in much pain, only if I have to cough. Ouch! I slept great last night as well. I did have a terrible migraine yesterday afternoon through the evening and took my pain meds to try and get rid of that. Ugh, that was terrible.

I am trying to have a "normal" day around the house today, but it's so nice having my husband here helping. I just want to savor each second of it.

Also, I took the tape off the top of my breasts this morning. It was irritating my skin. Still loving them!

2 days post pic

Pics from this morning.

What's all the fuss about?

So day 2 is coming to a close soon and I am still pain free. The only negative is my antibiotic, Keflex. After each dose I noticed I would get a nasty headache. After looking up side effects for Kelfex, sure enough headache is one of them. I have only taken my pain meds for my headache due to the Keflex! If I wasn't experiencing headaches Tylenol would be enough for the boobie "pain". It fees very similar to when your milk comes in after giving birth. Expect there is no release by pumping or a hungry newborn. The pressure and fullness is very similar.

Overall today has been great. I took a bath, cleaned up a bit and relaxed. I have full use of my arms, but it does feel odd at times because my implants are still close to my armpits at this pint so I feel them when moving my arms up and down. Also, when moving my arms my armpits make a lovely farting noise. Ha!

I think I'll take more stool softener because I still haven't pooped since Sunday and I'm feeling pretty bloated. Not a good feeling.

Tomorrow is my first day home with our 15 month old. I do have a friend coming over in the morning to help thankfully. If our little guy wasn't so chunky I don't think it would be an issue to lift him. But hey, my "before boobs" fed him very well for over a year as well as our other two children. ????

Already dropping?

After a lovely bath this evening I took a few more pics because I have big, new boobies! And noticed that the right may already be dropping a tad bit faster than the left. The left still seems high. Also, the left is starting to hurt just a bit more than the right. Actually this is the first real pain I've had.

I did Anna1989's massage and it already feels better. I thought about calling my PS, but I see him Friday so I'll ask about his preferred massages then.

Of course I had to try on a couple bikini tops I already had as well.

Do you think the left is still pretty high? I tend to tense up more on that side, do you think that could be why?

Post-Op Appt. 4 days in and very happy.

Today is 4 days post-op for me. Still very minimal to no pain. I had my first post-op appointment this morning and everything looks great! I go back in 3 weeks for my 1 month check. I am doing massages several times a day. They are already softening up, but instill have quite a bit of swelling and of course they are still riding high. I'm already happy, but I'm sure I'll be thrilled when they drop and fluff!

IbWeek Boobiversary! Numbness and Poop.

Happy 1 week Boobiversary to me! It's been 1 week today and I feel great! I'm still very happy I decided to do this!

With that being said, the feeling just came back in my right breast. It came back Saturday evening after one of the RN's at the PS office told me on Friday that if I didn't have any feeling by now then I probably wouldn't get much back at this point. Love her, but I'm glad she was wrong! It's a very weird feeling, one breast still pretty numb and full feeling in the other. I'm not mad really, if my results weren't already so wonderful then I might be! Ha! ????

I also still have not pooped in 8 days! I've taken so many stool softeners it's ridiculous. I just started full on laxatives Saturday, so I'm hoping that will help soon. I'm so bloated it's disgusting! I think I'll call my PS, the first time I've had to call, and ask about prescription strength laxatives and the numbness.

I'm back in our bed now to sleep as of Friday night. I sleep propped up with about 5 pillows. I sleep great, but I'm experiencing "morning boob" which isn't too bad. It's goes away in about 10 minutes.

I've been massaging several times a day and can tell it really makes a difference.

I also saw family who doesn't know I've had the surgery on Saturday and went to church yesterday and nobody looked twice, but I've worn push-up bras for years. I doubt anyone would notice unless they saw me in a bikini because I don't wear realing, low cut tops.

My husband is also upset I've been posting pictures on here, so this one might be my last for a while. I told him its for medical research...which it kind of is. I just want to help other women who want to have a BA. This site has helped me so much.

1 Week Post-Op

Picture from 1 week post-op.

8 Day Post and ENTIRE left breast is numb...

So my left breast is completely numb. Yep! Shoot me, punch me, stab me. I'm not going to feel it! Going to see my PS bright and early tomorrow morning.

Very odd feeling, when my husband touches it I feel NOTHING. If I'm watching him touch it I "feel" it because I know he's touching it, but if I don't see him then I have no clue that he's doing anything. It's the ENTIRE nipple as well as the entire left breast. From my sternum to about 2 inches into the breast I have some feeling. Past that, nothing.

The feeling in my left arm also comes and goes. Kinda crazy.

Anyone else experiencing this? Did it come back? If so, when?

Quick Update- Numbess is gone!

Thankfully my all of the numbness I was feeling has went away. I have full feeling back. It took about 15 days or so to fully return.

I'm still very, very happy with the results and have already referred several friends to my PS.

More Dropping and happy!

So, the whole "dropping and fluffing" concept continues to amaze me. I feel like my breasts have continued to fill out so nicely these last few weeks. I'm so happy I did this. My husband loves them and even though I went 'pretty big' with 600cc's NOBODY has looked twice! That's probably because of my frequent use of very padded push up bras.

Not much discomfort in the mornings now. I also do my massages about 5-7 times a day.
David Klein, M.D.

Dr. Klein is very nice gentleman as well as a very talented surgeon. His entire staff is friendly and helpful. He's board certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery as well as the American Board of Surgery. He is also a member of the ASPS and the ASAPS. He is an Ohio State alum as well. This was very important to me when choosing a PS, not the OSU part but being board certified! Ha! He has a great personality and he's not bad to look at either.- His prices are very good and have been worth every penny so far. I showed him pictures of what I wanted and he told me what would get me my desired results, so that's exactly what I went with. He really is talented and knows his stuff. His staff has been with him for many, many years and that alone says a lot about him! Everything from the consultation to the day of surgery has went fabulously. I would highly recommend him. Plus, my pre-op and post-op RN was super cute and had a great personality. Loved her too!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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