29yo. Mom of 2. 5'4" 145lbs. 32AA. Starting the BA Process - North Carolina, NC

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I have always been small chested and it has always...

I have always been small chested and it has always bothered me. In high school I at least had a nice full A cup. But after breastfeeding two kids, my A went to a barely there AA, slightly deflated looking, and there's no shape to them. I've never felt very womanly in that aspect and it's always bothered me. I always said I wanted to wait until after kids and breastfeeding. My youngest is 3.5 now and my husband finally said enough waiting, you've been wanting them for years, go schedule a consultation. Just do it, don't procrastinate anymore. So here I am! I'm excited and of course a bit nervous, who wouldn't be right? But I'm looking forward to the end game and being able to feel comfortable in my own skin, feel confident, feel sexy, feel like a woman. Let's do this!!

Bathing suit pics

Just a few pics in one of my previous years' VS bathing suits. I don't wear this out in public anymore, only in the backyard with my kids. I used to at least fill the top up a little bit back in 2008. Now any suit I wear has to have padding.

Hoping to schedule a consultation soon!

We just finished refinancing our home so now that that is completed, we'll know soon if we're getting any $$ back from the payoff and what's leftover that we need to finance. Hoping we can schedule a consultation here in the next couple weeks. I found a great doctor a couple hrs away, which location wise isn't the greatest but they are running a special (which is roughly $1200-$2000 less than closer locations) so financially it's the best option. I made sure to completely look up their practice, check their credentials, and read all the reviews I could find and feel comfortable that I'm not going to a 'discount' center.
I've been researching BAs for so long that I'm fairly certain I know what I want in the most basic sense. The inframammary incision, silicone 'gummy' implant, but in the teardrop shape if possible for a more natural look and feel. (If that's even possible?). I'm not a super fan of the completely round look. I'm leaning more towards a dual-plane sub-muscular position but want to discuss it further with the surgeon regarding healing time since I'll have my 6yo and 3.5yo to look after and am worried about the lifting restrictions. I am worried about my breasts afterwards having a large gap between them since I don't have a lot of tissue midline to work with in the first place. Which is another reason I can't wait to book and get to the consultation! I'd love to be a small D cup so will be interesting to see approx how many cc's that will be for me.

Wish Boobs and Inspiration

Just some 'wish' and inspiration pics I've saved over the last few months. I don't want them too round and I don't want really large. And I know I won't ever get amazing cleavage but I don't want them far apart or a huge gap between them. A nice compromise between a big gap and boob sweat would be nice ????


This has been a rocky, emotional, and mentally exhausting ride so far. I was all prepared to book the consultation, schedule surgery, etc. Even sent in a virtual consult with the PS I had decided on. But then we found out we weren’t getting back quite what we though we would for our home refinance, and between my husband and I we have decided to postpone surgery until later this year =/ We would need to finance the remaining $2K we’d need and being there is no guarantee we will even get approved, we decided to wait, much to my dismay. We will use the money we currently have saved up to pay off excess card debt instead and then reevaluate at that point. I hate adulting. I know deep down it’s the right thing to do and my husband has said we will do it by next year, but postponing a SECOND time is hard to stomach. I was SO close, yet again. Being able to have the surgery and get to a point where I am happy with myself again and not be self-concious & miserable was an exciting thing to look forward to. That in a month I could have something that I have been dreaming and wishing for for YEARS. To decide to wait for the second time around is extremely hard and devastating. I feel like it’s never going to happen at this point.
Right now I’m just going to put the money in a separate account until everything comes in from our refinance before making the payments to the credit cards and hope we get a chance to talk a bit more (hubby is currently out of state) once we know exactly to the penny how much we need. Maybe we will get lucky and we’ll get more than we thought. And I can convince him we might as well do this now. If we use what we have saved up now against credit debt, I’m not sure where he thinks we’ll have the money in 6mos if we are trying to pay the rest off lol. We’d have to apply for a loan for the full amount at that point vs a much smaller amount. *BIG sigh*
Sorry Dr. Zannis if you are reading this! I know the decision was made/changed the day after I sent in for the virtual consultation. I may still book the in-person consultation, but need to determine if we will actually be able to reschedule within 6mos before doing so. I feel that if I do the consult, it will get me one step further, instead of waiting another 6mos. Maybe it will give hubby a push too to change his mind. I’m not upset with him, he’s the one who pushed me to start this process finally in the first place. We just need to get our finances in order and on the same page as what is best for us as a whole.
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Currently looking at a couple different locations around my area. Waiting on the rest of my financing before I officially pick one.

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