34 year old dealing with Acne looking like rash

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Ok so after trying the all natural home remedy...

Ok so after trying the all natural home remedy crap like apple cider vinegar, coconut oil with TTO, egg whites facemask, vitamins like magnesium, iron, vitamin A for 6 months ago except the vitamin A and iron that I started 2 months ago my acne looks the same some weeks seem to be slightly improving and the next gets worse or goes back to the same those ugly pimples that look like rash! it first started just at the corners of my chin a year ago then miraculously went away after I cut the fake sweeteners like truvia and started taking the vitamin A plus using home remedies like apple cider vinegar and just plain white egg mask, it went away for around 4-5 months only to come back with a vengeance!
I eat healthy I go to the gym idk what is going on with my skin I did suffered from practically the same acne i guess back then it was worse years and years ago when i was a teenager I went to a recommended dermatologist that my mother found out and he put at end to my misery although it took months but he healed my problem I loved the way how he treated me he treated me with an antibiotic but also he changed my diet gave me a list of what to eat and not to eat and prescribed me vitamins, plus the awesome lotions from his own lab spa, then i got it back in my middle 20's I went back again to see him and same pills, same vitamins, same treatment the acne went away, now after almost 10 years is back! If I would be still living in Lima-Peru I would go back to see my doctor but I moved to Ga 6 years ago I've been trying to find and ask reference to my friends for a dermatologist who treats acne with an antibiotic but also goes further than just prescribe and antibiotic and thanks go home I mean i've been looking for the dermatologist who wants to treat your acne from the root not just prescribing an antibiotic but also with changing your diet, prescribing vitamins and lotions maybe I just liked the way how my dermatologist from Peru treated my problem because it did worked.

Well I did not find online and none of my friends knows of a dermatologist who mix the antibiotic drugs with alternative medicine or holistic but I made an appointment with Dr. Matthew J Reschly on Nov the 22nd based on reviews I always check for reviews before making an appoint with any Dr. Well Dr. Matthew had some good reviews and can't wait for Nov the 22nd to start my treatment Idk if he would be half holistic but anyway the reviews I read weren't bad.

There am uploading some pictures of how my face used to look 8 months ago vs the NOWADAYS ugh (both with no make up)

34 y.o. acne looking for treatment

couple of pictures of left cheek (the most affected) in daylight

Rosacea plus acne ugh

I went to my appointment with Dr. Matthew last 22nd Nov and he said that my case seems to be a combination of rosacea plus acne, while I though that rosacea mainly affect caucatians I guess affects tan skin latinos too, lucky me :(
At his office after hearing the word rosacea at first I was in a kind of denial because I am 34 and I did not have that before only acne in my teens and middle 20's then it went away after treatment.
When I arrived home inspected my acne face through the mirrow and I did notice some spots with no pimple or bumb that is just kind red or pink like small stains of dark pink that just been there for months and has not been going away at all ,just getting worse.
Well Dr. Have prescribed me Solodyn (Minocycline HCI, USP) 80MG and since I asked if a topical cream may help too he prescribed Clindamycin phosphate topical solution USP, 1% pledgets. He told me that im couple weeks i would start to see some improvement, well it hasn't be a week yet since i started taken the antibiotic, and the topical haven't used it yet but tonight i will if i don't forget, so just waiting for that Solodyn to start making effect.
I'll be posting pics in a month or couple weeks if am lucky to see improvement that early.
Duluth Dermatologic Surgeon

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