Sliding Genioplasty and Rhinoplasty Combined - Adelaide, Australia

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HI, i thought i would sit down and write this...

i thought i would sit down and write this review for people who are getting 2 procedures done at the same time. Im a 28 year old married woman and ive always been considered pretty and been generally confident and happy with myself. Ive always had a mildly recessive chin (looks fine front on) but my side profile was not ideal. My chin was the main thing that i have wanted to improve for a very long time. My nose was ok but again not anything perfect but to be honest i never had a huge problem with it.

I went to see Prof David David in North Adelaide to enquire about my chin and he recommended a Sliding Genioplasty (where they move your own chin bone forward) to balance my profile. he also suggested a rhinoplasty at the same time because when you're chin comes into harmony with the rest of your face it can make your nose look out of balance. Anyways i booked the surgery in 6 months time (as i wanted plenty of time to research it, prepare for it and save for it!).
i didnt go to see any other doctors as i am currently working in the medical industry and Prof David David is highly regarded and considered to be one of the very best. he is a craniomaxillofacial surgeon who also does cosmetic procedures. so basically he's 'over' qualified for the job :) and i liked his no-nonsense and honest approach.

What i asked for:
- because i was generally happy with my appearance i really stressed that i only wanted a 'subtle' change. my chin to be shifted forward a small amount only. my nose to have the slight dorsal hump removed, slightly narrowed at the tip and to slightly raise the tip too.
I was really concerned about my chin being moved too far forward because i am only a petite person and i had read many unfavourable blogs about 'witch' chins etc.
i had 2 consults (prior to surgery) with Prof David David. i hadn't told anyone i was having the surgery because i figured it would be uneventful..the only people that knew were my husband, cousin and parents (who were overseas)

I was reasonably nervous on surgery day (Friday). surgery was performed at Memorial Hospital with an overnight stay. Prof David came to briefly see me in the waiting room and double check what we were doing and that was fine.

Recovery in hospital:
staff at Memorial hospital were excellent! very attentive and non-judgemental.
Prof David came to see me Sat morning to d/c me. i had a nasal cast on (with some serious taping to hold it in place) but no cast on my chin. i had intraoral stitches inside my mouth.
Pain: 3/10. i was very surprised that my nose did not hurt at all. im not exaggerating it - zero pain form my nose. my chin was causing me the 3/10 pain/ache and for that i was able to take panadol. I was numb in my chin and lower lip and bottom teeth. my bottom teeth also were 'sensitive' and i found it hard to sleep.

Recovery at home:
my husband took me home and i had taken just over 2 weeks of annual leave. the first week was difficult because you cannot eat solid food due to the genioplasty. my tongue and lips had very limited movement. this did not scare me because i expected this and knew it would improve with time. i took panadol 4 hourly and kept up good oral hygeine. sleep was still difficult.
The second day i was very nauseous and unfortunately threw up numerous times.
I lost a couple of kg because my appetite was poor and i couldn't chew anything.
I tried gently stretching my mouth/tongue muscles daily and i really feel that this helped.
By day 5 i was already eating very soft slow cooked meat. it was difficult but i was doing this slowly because i craved meat so bad!
My swelling on my chin was at its worse on day 2-3 (but it never got as bad as i had expected it to) and by a week it had gone down to a point that the average person would not even spot it.

Day 7: cast removal:
went to see Prof David and he removed my cast very swiftly which actually hurt! but it was like a waxing pain - fast! my nose was now tender when i touched it. when i saw my face for the first time in the mirror and i was able to see my nose and chin together.....i went into total shock.
It was the most awful experience and i was so unprepared for it :( i could not recognise myself in the mirror. i understand that i was still swollen and bruised but i just did not look like myself. Thankfully i had my cousin with me at the time (who has also had a rhinoplasty in the past) and she was very supportive.
That day i think i had my very first panic attack and i felt truly sick and upset. i tried to keep it together because this was my decision and my choice to do this to myself.

I was not concerned about the money or the pain associated with cosmetic surgery. For me, it was always about the aesthetic results. i kept thinking that i was pretty beforehand, why on earth did i do this to myself :( i found the 'emotional' journey very difficult and quite frankly i was disappointed in myself that i had not handled this better and was not prepared for it. i am generally a very tough and mentally strong individual and i was shocked that i was crumbling over this...

Day 8 & 9:
i covered my bruises with concealer as best i could and started going on daily walks. this helped significantly reduce the swelling and made me feel better. I loved my side profile- it was exactly what i wanted and asked for. i just couldn't get used to myself front-on. my lips had also changed a bit - my bottom lip was rolling inwards a bit which made my lower lip look thinner. ive always had nice full lips so i found this upsetting too because now i felt like 3 things had been changed rather than just 2.
i sent a video of my face to my parents and my mum reassured me that i actually look 'sweeter' now that my face is in proportion...yet when i saw myself at a certain angles in the mirror i still felt shocked and this stage i was considering taking another week off work so i could drown in my own misery. My husband was starting to get worried.

Day 10:
the swelling and bruising had significantly reduced! i was actually starting to look like me again! concealer also made me feel better and look more normal. i finally told my aunt who came and visited me today. When she saw me she actually said that she could barely tell the difference :) that was like music to my ears! she said my nose looked nicer now that it was so straight and tad narrower but couldn't really notice that my chin had changed. i only ever wanted a subtle change so those comments made me feel so much better. i was starting to feel more comfortable in the mirror too :)
That night a male friend of ours popped over out of the blue. and he said the same thing - that he could barely notice a change if i hadn't of said anything. i was really starting to feel better. my smile also came back today but im still numb in the front of my chin and lower teeth. my bottom lip is starting to look a tiny bit better but still rolls in a bit, however no one seems to notice this but me.
My worst fear was that i had drastically changed my appearance as i only ever wanted to enhance it slightly...

Day 11:
i am currently on day 11 and i can honestly say that i am really starting to like what i see in the mirror. i have gotten used to my new features and i despite still being a tad bruised and a little swollen on the bridge/tip of my nose i really feel that i look prettier and more like myself. i keep looking at my side profile and i really love it. its wonderful to think that i will have this lovely nose and chin, and perfect profil for the rest of my life!

I will update this as i continue to recover but my main reason for posting my experience is to put some minds at ease...when you consider having plastic surgery please make sure that you have the mental maturity to deal and cope with the 'change' in your self. i found the hardest part to me my emotional state and my lack of patience with the recovery. It would have also been better if i had told a few more people so i could have that support when i needed it. I may have struggled more because i had 2 procedures at the same time and that was a lot to cope with all at once. maybe one surgery at a time is better - i honestly don't know.
At this stage i am really much happier with my results and everyday im looking better and more like myself - just a bit improved :)
Patience is the hardest thing but so important because your face really does continue to change for a long time and if you are going into shock after cast removal (like i did) please, please hang in there because i promise it will get better. also the major changes that you see in your face are hardly recognised by others so take some reassurance in that too.
I'll update this in the very near future, thanks for reading x

Day 12: looking and feeling better everyday! My...

Day 12:
looking and feeling better everyday! My swelling seems to be asymmetrical today - more swelling on the left side of my nose and chin (i doubt anyone other than me can notice it) and a bit of bruising left. Chin and lower teeth are still numb. Been out to the shops and i LOVE wearing my hair up, feel so pretty with my balanced profile now :)

1 month: Im loving my result now. I feel so much...

1 month:
Im loving my result now. I feel so much more like myself (just improved!) and im much more used to my new features now when i look at myself in the mirror. I love my profile and my face front-on feels so balanced - i am really happy with the results. My face does look longer and thinner but again, i do like the results now that i have had some time to get used to it. Time does wonders!
my chin seems to have completely healed but my nose changes a tiny bit every day with the swelling.
Ive found that so many hair styles that never suited me before, suit me now! its ironic, i'm doing all these new up-styles and because i have a perfectly balanced face now it seems like everything suits me :)

Recovery: my lower lip is still smaller and not as full as it previously was (im not sure if this will resolve but im happy to live with it because the rest of my result is so worth it). My lower teeth and chin are still numb but slowly getting better. The tightness in my chin is slowly recovering too and feels better. My smile is a tad crooked but no one seems to notice this but me!
so far so good!

4+ Months post Op. I'm completely comfortable...

4+ Months post Op.
I'm completely comfortable with my face now. I feel so much prettier and I'm so happy to know that I will have these lovely features for the rest of my life. My nose feels completely normal now. The right side is a tiny bit more defined than the left, but this may continue to change.
My chin: I am still numb in my lower incisor teeth but I have gotten used to this and accept this as the only draw back. It may resolve in time but It doesn't affect my eating.
I am also used to my lower lip looking a tad smaller and funny enough- I now prefer it this way! In summary- I have accepted that my nose or chin may not be 100% exactly how I want but its 95% there and that's good enough because as Prof David says, 'the face is not a piece of wood that you can just chisel to your desired shape. It will move and change accordingly due to the complexities of muscles, nerves etc'. So you have to give allowances for that and try not to be so pedantic. Plus he can only work with what you got!
So thank goodness for Drs like Prof David!
Im Very happy!

Almost 18 months later...

Its been 1year and 5 months post op. Here's a quick update. I am now 30 years old and completely comfortable with my face, i hardly spend any time analysing my features in the mirror and i just get on with life. Life is good and i am so pleased with my results.
Nose: I'm still very happy with it but you need to be mindful that the face continues to slightly change and things will never be 100% perfect. Here are the flaws: my nostrils are still not completely symmetrical but no one would notice this but me. I still have difficulty breathing clearly from my nose (its often feels constricted) and this can be irritating. I have developed a slight bump (only on the right hand side profile) on the bridge of my nose and i it feels like some tiny bones have shifted a bit (it probably didn't help that i was wearing glasses during the recovery period) and although i don't like this, i'm certainly not going to be pedantic enough to go for a revision! My nose is still a huge improvement and i'm happy with it.
Chin: my chin has not changed at all. My lower incisor teeth are still slightly numb but i am used to this now. My 'double chin' is still completely gone and i have a lovely jawline which i appreciate.
SO overall, i am very happy with my outcome :)

Facial cosmetic surgery is a huge decision and one not to be taken lightly. I hope this post helps you make a decision for yourself, understanding (and accepting) that things will never stay static, your face is unique and will respond to surgery in its own unique way, but trust in your surgeon is the key.
Good luck!

4 years later..

4 years later. I'm still very happy. My chin has remained unchanged during this whole time. My nose does tend to continue to change. The tip now sags a little when I smile but this may be due to the act that I'm getting older!
But otherwise it's been pretty stable.
I never added photos but here they are. Demonstrating a subtle change (which is what I wanted) that is very natural and improved my look a million times over. I'm a better version of myself :)
Hope this has helped people in their own research.

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