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First I would like to say I am so loving this...

First I would like to say I am so loving this website. I found it while looking at someone's TT journey on YouTube. Hi I'm 50yrs young, married and have giving birth to two children. I didn't get my jelly belly from giving birth I believe it's hereditary, basically all the woman in my family have it.

I've dieted and exercise off and on for quite some time and can't get rid of this belly. I remember years ago me and my sister heard that if you sleep on your stomach on a hard back cover book that you can get a flat stomach. Like a nut we tried it, to no avail we still had the bellies. So now my TT is scheduled for April 11, 2011. I am soooo excited.

I'm on this site every day, and receiving so much information. I thank you all for sharing your journeys.

My pre-op is scheduled for April 7. I'm ready for this to happen but sometimes i ger nervous, I guess like everyone else. I'm just praying everything goes well, and for the first time ever that I have a flat stomach in the end. I hope that I can get these before pictures up(1st time ever loading pic to a site) wish me well and I'll talk to you later.

Hey everybody I have 11 more days until the big...

Hey everybody I have 11 more days until the
big day. I'm so excited and can't wait. I do
have a question if anyone can help with an
answer please do. I heard that colostrum was
good for healing after surgery. I've google it and read a lot of testimonies on it and it
sounds good. I bought some and stared using it
now before the pre-op but will ask my ps. But just wanted to known if anyone have heard or used colostrum?

Hey everybody 5 days and counting. Boy i'm I ready...

Hey everybody 5 days and counting. Boy i'm I ready for this. I'm so excited i'm about to burst. I have one concern and that is it's allergy season, i've never really had that much of a problem but lately i've been sneezing a lot and i'm thinking after the surgery if I sneeze like i've been sneezing i'm gonna be in a lot of pain.

Hey ladies if you haven't check in for April tt go...

Hey ladies if you haven't check in for April tt go to custom search put April tummy tuckers check-in to check in or read reviews from all the April tummy tuckers. I just came across it the other day, I've been on the site for about a month and came across this.

Hey everybody i'm back and I went for my pre-op...

Hey everybody i'm back and I went for my pre-op yesterday. They did all my blood work and ekg and said everything looks good that I was healthy. I told my PS that I wanted a flat stomach. He said I should do good because I wasn't over weight but to give it time to be completely flat. I have 2 more days and 3 nights and I will be on my way to that flat tummy. Anyway he gave me a prescription for injections of lovedox I believe it's to make sure of no blood clots but my husband will have to give them to me until maybe I can do it myself maybe not. Well I will probably update what's going on with my feeling the night before surgery talk to you later bye.

Hey everybody today is the Day I will be leaving...

Hey everybody today is the Day I will be leaving to go get that flat tummy in about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. I'm schedule for 12:30pm and I am ready to do this. Keep me in your prayers and thought. Will update later bye for now.

Today was the day of my surgery. Everything went...

Today was the day of my surgery. Everything went great the surgery on took anywhere between 1 to 2 hours. The surgery was schedule for 12:00 Iwason my way home by about 3:30. The only pain I had was burning sensation lower right area above my hip bone. I'm pretty straight motto much of a bend so I don't think I will have any back problems? My mouth is really dry. I was to eat some crackers but it made my mouth even dryer. The other thing is when I'm up and going to the bathroom I start to get dizzy and a little nausea. And while using the bathroom I know I have to urinate and when I sit it takes so long for me to pee. I've looked at my tummy with the binder on and it looks pretty small yahoo. Will take some pictures in a couple days and my PS said he would give me a copy of before and after they took. Will update later bye for now.

Hi All 4/12/11 Day 2 PO I took my...

Hi All 4/12/11

Day 2 PO I took my binder off for about 5 minutes (which that was all I could stand)so my hubby and I could see what I looked like, and took a couple pic. got dizzy so that was that but will post the pics, I got. I get up several times a day to use bathroom and walk a little bit. Doesn't last to long I get dizzy and some pain come in. Once I get back in the recliner i'm fine. Every morning I have to have lovedox shot suppose to go in the stomach but because of the TT my PS said to put in thigh that also burns, im sure it's the meds. Here are the pics, I took(hubby) lots of swelling will show more pics, later.

Hello All 4/14/11 Today is day 3...

Hello All 4/14/11

Today is day 3 po and I had my 1st bm this morning(hope for more later today). Our advice is not to get on the scale, but i've always got on the scale every day even before the TT. Couldn't resist got on and was up 6lbs the 1st day and up 4lbs the 2nd day i'm alright with that since I know must is from swelling and not having a bm. Just hope it comes off after it's all said and done. I felt my upper stomach where the stitches from the muscle were tighten, it' was bulky.

Hi again 4/15/11 It's...

Hi again 4/15/11

It's 4 PO it's just so funny my PS told my if I had to sneeze or cough to push a pillow into my stomach cough or sneeze to ease the disconfort. Does not work. and it's hard not to laugh with a 4yr old around you know their always doing or saying something funny and my husband doesn't help. My little girl said something funny i'm trying not to laugh than my hubby laugh and I can't help it.(boy does that hurt) But you know each day does get better I had no meds yesterday just took tylenol for headache. The drains aren't really that bad i'm just ready for them to come out. I do have some brusing where the was lipo and still very swollen. The lovedox hurts a little but only on my left side when given. Can't wait til those are over(10 days) I'm just really ready to lay down normally. My 1st PO isn't until 4/18/11 a week away. every bodyesle review iv'e read is either 2 to 3 days later what's up with that? Oh well I just hope when I do go in my PS take out my drains. will talk to you soon bye for now. Happy TT to all to come and Happy recovery to those who already had their tucks.

Hi all I just want to thank all for the support...

Hi all I just want to thank all for the support aqnd comments. I'm doing fine and off meds. Yesterday I did take a pain pill because tylenol really didn't anything for a headache so I thought the pain pill would help it. I'm pretty sure i'm getting the headaches because I can't lay down and relax as usaul. It's been time traveling in the with my husband I would get sleepy(even though I slept the night before and he worked the night before) I would try to stay awake to keep him company and make sure he doesn't fall asleep. I fine myself fighting the sleep and then I would get a headache so that's why I think it's from how i'm sleeping now. Ok tomorrow will be the 1st time seeing my PS since surgery. Right now I am so swellen and bruised(and I will be posting the pics. Tomorrow i'm hoping the drains come out. Last night after a 24hr period I only drained 2.5ml and 7.5ml the day before it was 10 and 15cc so i'm hoping they come out. I read where some people said once the drains came out they swelled more. I'm so hoping that dosen't happen to me i'm already to swollen I look like a fat pig. Help.

Hey TTers Went to see PS today the 1st time...

Hey TTers

Went to see PS today the 1st time since surgery. Thought appt. was yesterday but I was wrong. Today was the day. PS said I look good had bruising and swelling but that was to be expected. And guess what both my drains came out. Merry Christmas Thank You Jesus. I was kind of worried that it would hurt when the drains came out but it didn't, just a little discomfort. Looks like it hurt my husband more than me. I also got a new garment from the Dr.s office tried it on and left it on. It fits tight and was bearable until I went shopping and was on my feet for about 3 hours. Then it really started feeling tight that when I got home I took it off in a hurry and put the binder back on. Will put garment back on later. I have a little lump right smack in the middle of my upper stomach which I asked my PS about and he said it's where they tighten the muscles and that I should push it down and make sure garment covers it to make it go down.

I everyone today i'm 4 weeks po. I went back to...

I everyone today i'm 4 weeks po. I went back to work and didn't have any problems. Got a little tight once I ate lunch. Everything is going very well. I got my laptop back today so here are 4 week po pictures.

Hey everybody it's been 4 months. Here are some...

Hey everybody it's been 4 months. Here are some update pictures. I still swell some. Doing well gained a few pounds and will be going on a diet to lose it back. As you can
see at the end of my incisions a little puffy.
PS said he may have to do a little lipo. Will
know when I go back in Sept. Good luck to all
and hope you're all doing well.

This is 2 yrs later.

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