36 Years Old 4 Kids Need Extra Large Butt and Thighs Gone - Norcross, GA

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I am tired of the constant stare of strangers and...

I am tired of the constant stare of strangers and my friends always making comments about my butt. This has been very depressing for me and I've been wanting to get rid of it for as long as I can remember. Also the fact that I'm a size 6/8 at the top and 14 at the bottom. And I want to find more fitting clothes. I've not come across anyone trying to get a smaller butt. Everyone is trying to get bbl but not me. I just want everything gone but curvy. I hope I can get what I'm looking for

more before pics; front view

These are some front view before pics. One more week to go

Tomorrow is the difference day

Tomorrow is my surgery day. Prayers up, blessings down. I pray I get want I have wanted for a long long time. When you read all these stories everybody is looking for bbl or to make their butts bigger. I can't tell you the misery mine has caused me mainly from people I know. So I'm hoping that in the upcoming months I'll finally get what I've dreamed of . I'm 5'2. My previous measurements are love handles 38
High butt 43
Butt 45
Thigh 46.5
Left thigh 28
Right thigh 28.5
So my prayer is I don't come out with the same mass, I don't get a deflated or shapeless butt, and I don't get a saggy butt. It's been a long and painful process so wish me luck.

SX day

Finally had my surgery. It was really smooth. I arrived by uber at about 6.30am and had to wait for the office to open. I was scheduled for 7.15am. The nurse finally arrived and opened the door. She prepped me and gave me some medicine. Dr Cole finally came in, took some pictures and made some markings on my butt and thighs. A few minutes later I was taken into the procedure room and I climbed on the bed. I was really comfortable. Apart from a little pinch here and there, I was very comfortable. Almost zero pain. We talked as he worked,although I can't really remember a lot. It took over 2 hours; I was padded well and sent home. My postop is in 2 weeks. Dr Cole assured me his ultimate goal was for me to achieve what I wanted and he will make sure of that. I believe if my result is not good, he will do a revision. It's too early to say. I'm now 3 days postop. You be the judge

13 days po

It's been 13 days since I had my procedure. I've had mixed feelings. Seen some changes but not as much as I wanted. I'm almost pain-free. I think the most painful part of smartlipo is having to wait so long for results. From the 3rd day po I had this deliberating pain in my lower back that I could not sleep. Called the doctor and was told to come in the following Tuesday. Was told I had a lot of fibrous tissue and that's why I had so much pain. Was given a script for pain. Took just one. Has been feeling great. Minimal pain. I'm comforted because my doctor promised to do a revision if I'm not satisfied but we have to go through the healing process to see the final results first.

Will give detail review after my sx. The Dr and staffs seemed very confident. We will see that after. Wish me luck

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