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Let myself go, then got engaged SO I needed some...

Let myself go, then got engaged SO I needed some motivation to help get started on the pre-wedding bod! ;)

I'm results-oriented so seeing changes immediately helps me stay on track and visualize my goals long term.

Was awake during procedure even though it was a twilight sedation. I just can't sleep through something like that...too much adrenaline and nervousness. Afterwards though I was out! They did put me in a Marena compression garment and a binder. I was told that an an board or foam underneath could cause necrosis of the skin due to lack of oxygen. They provided me pads, antibacterial soap, and liners for my bed.

Overall I was really sore and in pain for about 3-4 days straight. During that time I was mad at myself for deciding to do it. I was scared to look at myself without my garment on because my skin felt SO alien. I took Hydrocodone with Acetaminophen AND Tramadol in order to sleep at night. Sleeping is still kinda rough because I am not a back sleeper and my lower back kills me. After that though, I was getting out of bed on my own, walking slightly hunched over, and more or less showering. At almost a week I was off the narcotics.

At a week I was wearing my jeggings and was tolerating sitting up in a car / driving quite well. I have very little soreness and more or less move around like normal. Some activities are still hard to do -- bending over, reaching behind yourself to wipe your a$$... LOL. Ugh.

I had very little bruising because I took Arnica 30X 5 days before and 5 days post procedure. I also cut out caffeine and drank a lot of water. Immediately post procedure all I ate for two days was pineapple lol.

I'm scheduled for a post-op massage and velashape and should be given a new smaller garment!

Results 2 Days Post Surgery

Results 48 hours after I got to take off my garment and shower!

I had to have my husband help me get my garment off and remove all the pads that had been taped to my skin (the tape removal hurt). He also got in the shower with me to help me wash and make sure I wouldn't pass out (I got soooo dizzy after taking off the binder and compression garment).

2 Weeks Post-Op

So it's been 2 weeks since my surgery.

During that time, I have experienced / dealt with:
- Soreness
- Itching
- Discoloration
- DRY SKIN omg the worst
- Swelling / Puffiness / Bloating
- Hard lumps/bumps under the skin
- Burning / Tingling
- Incision sites completely closed up and scans falling away
- Being less and less sore each day thanks to Arnica Gel
- Keeping swelling down by taking Bromelien (sp?)
- Every day I gain more mobility and ease of movement and feel more like my normal self
- I still don't feel comfortable bending completely over so my legs resemble Chewbacca's from Star Wars lol :'(
- Starting to see areas of hardness and lumps and bumps that need manual massaging (kinda painful)

I will say Im pretty happy with my results still. I'm slightly concerned the upper abs still stick out over my belly button but it's mostly swelling -- and honestly, it could still be fat but I look way better than I did before so I'm happy. If I suck in my stomach everything is super flat and even concave... I couldn't have done that before with that big 'ole gut! (Yuck!)

My lower abs / fat pouch is basically gone and it's so smooth and flat it's crazy. I almost can't believe it. That's been the biggest confidence boost!!! Also having a waist again and it dipping in is amazing since my fiancé/soon-to-be-hubby always loved that area on me. ;)

3 Weeks Post Op

Feeing great! Basically back to normal.

Still wearing compression garment. Still use Arnica gel on the stomach to manage any swelling.

Swelling is still touch and go. It's More apparent in the evenings. Started to lightly massage areas with a hand held massager so that creates swelling and tenderness.

First professional massage is tomorrow!

Note: kinda wish I'd added on bra-rolls and small back but I'm just gonna have to do it the old fashioned way -- diet!!!

Form-fitting Holiday Dresses

Purchased some dresses for Christmas parties I will be attending and never in my life would I have picked these skin tight dresses!!!

I love how they show off my new curves and stomach!! It's the first time I actually like my pear-shape!

4 weeks Post-Op

So it's been 4 weeks since my procedure on 11/16. For the most part, I feel great! Im wearing tight jeans again without worrying they'll cut into my stomach and "ruin" my results! Ha Let's just say beforehand I was pushing size 16 jeans and now I'm fitting back into my size 14 jeans comfortably and they're loose.

I am still dealing with a lot of swelling (haven't been watching my diet too closely yet and I still eat high-salt foods) but I've noticed it's mainly in my upper abs right above my belly button. That area will swell right up and look like I had no work done and will kind of look like an "over hang" over my belly button. It's more noticeable I guess since my lower abs are pretty much flat!

It's possible less fat was taken out in the upper abs than the lower abs.

I am dealing with hard areas that I'm having to massage and worrying they'll be permanent but at this stage it's expected. I just don't want it to turn into permanent scar tissue. When I sit my stomach still creases in the middle so I worry about that leaving a permanent "line".

I do have some random moments of pain in the treated areas but nothing overly painful.

I also have two indents in my skin in my lower abs where they made incisions... not super happy about those but they can be covered.

All other things considered, in still pretty happy with my results. I had a lot of stomach fat before and my lower abs were the bane of my existence and now it's basically flat and I can button my jeans and they stay straight!!! Lol. It can only get better once I get on my low carb diet come Jan!

He's amazing. Great attention to what you want. He knows how to shape the female body! He's had a ton of high-profile clients as well and he treats everyone the same. They're also really big on cleanliness and sanitation. Their infection rate over the last 10 years is less than 1%.

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