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I am one of those really cautious people......

I am one of those really cautious people... worried about every little thing. I almost cancelled my appointment today, but went through with it after being reassured. My DR (DERM) pointed out that she'd never had a disappointed customer - and also agreed to use ice rather than the anesthetic cream because I was worried about allergy. So after doing a patch test for the anesthetic for next visit, she set me up with ice, and very gently injected one vial of Juvederm in my NL folds and corners of my mouth. With one last drop of Juvederm she filled a scar. I am happy with the outcome (it's only been 3 hours), but I have no bruising, redness or real pain. Just a little headache and achiness (which is not unusual for me). There is one little lump in the corner of my mouth which is not noticeable to anyone but me, and is still an improvement. The only reason I did not give a 5 star is that one side looks great and the other prob could use a tiny bit more fill, but it is still looks more than good.

I had an improvement of nasolabial folds after...

I had an improvement of nasolabial folds after using 1 syringe of juvederm at my dermatologist (she's a great derma). The results were a little unbalanced (I think my left side is deeper because I sleep on it), but I was unwilling to spend another 500 dollars for an iffy result. I think she did a good job, but there should have been a "touch up" consultation and discussion beforehand. Wanting to get a more pronounced improvement, I visited a plastic surgeon in New Haven 15 months later.

They had an offer for buy 1/get 1 free for restylane, so I jumped on it. First off, I did not use any local ... and surprisingly I had less pain than I do at my teeth cleaning! So obviously, this doctor had the "touch." I wasn't sure how the 2 syringes would be used as I only used one last time (juvederm is still hylauronic acid). It looked much better! Having more injected increased the residual soreness, but I had no bruising or any telltale marks of getting anything done. I'm happy I did it, though I may ask about a touch up on my left side to plump it up a bit more. I am also considering doing it under my eyes, though she told me the results are varied, I see no harm in taking a "cautious" approach and using just a little.


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