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I am 37 years old 5'8 and weigh 145 pounds. I...

I am 37 years old 5'8 and weigh 145 pounds. I have 3 beautiful children ages 7, 5, and 3. My last pregnancy took a toll on my body. I developed a hernia and after I gave birth my muscles were extremely weakened. A couple of years ago I went to see a doctor about smart lipo. He broke the bad news and told me I wasn't a candidate for small lipo due to a condition called diastasis recti (when the muscle down the center of the stomach does not knit back together after pregnancy). He told me my only option was a tummy tuck. He aslo said that if I didn't do anything about it, I was going to look 5 months pregnant by the time I reached the age of 50. This scared me to death so here I am. I often refer to my bulging belly the "Blubber Baby." I cannot wait to get rid of this unnecesarry bulge!

Today is post op day 1. Considering the trauma my...

Today is post op day 1. Considering the trauma my body has just been through, I am feeling pretty good. Vicadin has been keeping the pain at ease. My lower back hurts some when I walk. I hope it feels better tomorrow. I cried 3 times today.... all because my husband made me laugh and it hurt so bad that I just started balling. He can’t help himself…. If he makes me laugh 1 more time I am going to knock him out :-)

Today I went to see my doctor. Everything seems to be ok. Only thing is I have this huge bruise on my right side. The doctor suggested I continue with the Bromelain and Arnica Montana to help me heal faster. During the visit they tightened my compression garment, I mean really tight. They told me I could shower today. I am a little nervous about that so am going to wait until tomorrow. Plus we need to figure out who is going to help my husband put my compression garment back on after the shower. Let's hope I get a good night sleep tonight. I am thinking of reclining the chair a bit more. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Today is post op day 2. I slept so much better...

Today is post op day 2. I slept so much better last night. I was able to recline the chair a bit more so as not to put a lot of pressure on my bottom. I had to get up at 4am to use the bathroom. Getting up was rough since the pain meds had worn off some. But I was able to go back to sleep. I had my first bowel movement this morning. Overall it was a pretty good day. I just sat around watched TV and uploaded some pictures. I did walk around from time to time and it is definitely getting easier. Today was my first shower and it was tough since I still have the drains. I am a little confused about this because I have heard that a lot of women wait until their drains are out before they shower. I was told to shower yesterday, but I waited until today. I think I am going to wait another few days before I take the next shower. The one thing that is concerning me is the big bruise on my right side. Today, when I took off my compression garment I noticed more bruising on my back. I am going to call my PS tomorrow and let him know about this.

Today is post op day 3. I am feeling better every...

Today is post op day 3. I am feeling better every day. I slept great last night (from 10:30pm to 6:30am). When I woke up my right leg hurt a little, it took a while to get the circulation moving in that leg. I am still in the recliner with pillows under my knees. Not sure if this had something to do with it. Getting up after a long rest like that takes time. I am learning to take it easy and listen to my body. Once I was up, moving around felt really good. I even went up and down the stairs today, unassisted. The last time I took a pain pill was at 10am yesterday. I decided to stop the pain pills today and start taking Tylenol. It's been working well so far.

Since I felt good today I decided to venture to the first floor and help the kids with homework. What a mistake! The kids were acting up. During dinner my 5 and 3 year old started fighting over a toy and ended up spilling water all over my lap. So frustrating. Today I had my first cry. I want to help out but am unable to do so. It is very frustrating because I have always been very independent and on the go. I can’t stand not being able to do things on my own. I can’t wait for this phase to pass. Thank goodness for my mother in law. She has been staying with us to help out.
My poor husband is now sick with strep throat… he’s been helping me but it is hard. He is stressed over work, politics, the kids and me. I feel so helpless. This has not been easy…especially having to take care of 3 small kids.

Today is post op day 5. I have been having a...

Today is post op day 5. I have been having a little trouble sleeping these past 2 nights. Initially, the drains didn't bother me at all, but now they are so annoying. I can't wait to get these things off. And the binder feels so tight. I just want to rip it off. I woke up in such a bad mood this morning. Questioning if I did the right thing. From reading other posts, this seems to be normal. I just thought it wouldn't happen to me since things have been going pretty well. I haven't seen my scar yet, only the tape that covers it. I am little upset because I think my scar may be too high. I wish the surgeon would have gone lower.

Yesteday I was up and about around the house. I spent almost the entire day in our home office paying and organizing bills. I haven't been in much pain, just discomfort. The tylenol seems to be working well. Let's hope it's a good day today, I need to get out of this funk :-(

Today is post op day 6. It was a pretty...

Today is post op day 6. It was a pretty uneventful day. Last night I took a tylenol pm and slept all night long. It was great. Getting out of bed was still tough but once I was walking around I felt good. I am still walking a little hunched over. The drains didn't bother me as much today. The one thing that was annoying was my compression garment. It just keeps rising up. I tried to pull it down, but it kept going up. I really feel like taking it off. It's been on me since I got the procedure done. I haven't taken any pain medication today (not even tylenol)! Tomorrow I have an appointment with my PS. I am hoping these drains come out once and for alI. Based on what I am draining (15cc on left, 38cc on right), I am thinking they may only be able to remove one drain. We'll see.

Today I wrote down a list of things I would like to accomplish during these few weeks off. You know, the things we wish we could do but never have time for :-) I want to make sure that I am doing something productive while I am resting and this should keep me pretty occupied. So my list includes 4 things to organize:
(1) personal finances in Quicken
(2) home filing cabinet
(3) family fotos
(4) ipod music

I spent some quality time with each of my kids today, I did homework with my pre-schooler, read 3 books to my Kindergardener and sat with my 7 year old while she practiced her piano. It was nice. However, when it came close to bed time they started acting up. My 5 year old was bouncing off the walls. Why do they get so hyper before bedtime?? I was a little frustrated near the end of the night. However, it all got better once they were in bed......ahhhhhh.... peace and quite.... finally.

Today is post op day 7. The morning started off...

Today is post op day 7. The morning started off pretty interesting. When I woke up I was home alone. My husband went to work and was planning on coming back at 10am to take me to the doctor. I was lying in bed wondering how in wolrd I was going to get up without hurting myself. It took me an entire 30 minutes to get out of bed. I was trying to be super careful. I somehow inched my way, slowly, to a sitting position and was eventually able to get out. I wish I was being recorded because it was hysterical. I tried all kinds of positions before deciding that putting myself in a sitting position would be best.

I went excitedly to my appointment hoping that today would be the day the drains come out. Unfortunately, the nurse said I had to keep them on for a few days longer (booo!!) She said the fluid was too red. Geez! Instead she removed the permanent sutures... OUCH! And I even took a pain pill one hour before..... but it still hurt.

I saw my scar for the 1st time today and it looked awful. I was hoping to see a neater and thinner scar. When I got home I immediately started googling information about scars and looking at a bunch of pictures. The thing this does to your mind is crazy. I got some great feedback from some of you guys and that calmed me a bit. I am just going to wait it out a bit before judging the scar. It's definitely too early.

In terms of meds, I am still on the antibiotic, probiotic (to prevent yeast infection), bromelain and arnica montana. I am also taking lots of vitamins (vitamin C, zinc, iron, multivatim, fish oil). Today is 2 days without the tylenol. In terms of my diet, I am eating normal stuff. Today I had chinese food for lunch (yesterday I had pizza). I have never been good about dieting, but I do eat in moderation. I admire all you girls who are eating fruits and veggies. God bless you. :-)

Today is post op day 9. Yesterday, I got to take...

Today is post op day 9. Yesterday, I got to take a full head to toe shower. It felt soooo good. I even got to wash my hair (with the help of my hubby of course). He has been really great througout this ordeal. When we pulled off my binder, I noticed my stomach was red and irritated. I am thinking it is because of the surgical binder. Has anyone experienced this? I ended up putting extra protection on my skin. Today it didn't burn as much.

Today was a warm and sunny day in New Jersey. I went out to lunch with my hubby for the first time post op. It was nice to get out of the house and feel the warm sun on my face. I felt pretty uncomfortable throughout the day. The surgical binder and drains are killing me. Someone please put me out of my misery! I am not in any pain. I am just feeling extremely uncomfortable and itchy. The surgical binder keeps rising up and the drains are stinging. It really stinks! Looking forward to a better day tomorrow.

Today is Post Op Day 10. I am sad to report the...

Today is Post Op Day 10. I am sad to report the drains did not come out today. :-( I have to wait 3 more days. Hopefully Monday will be the day. This is pure torture though. I am not going to be myself until these suckers come out. I can't wait. I have been feeling pretty good. Laughing is getting easier. I am walking up straight, going up and down the stairs ok, and sleeping pretty well (still face up). The only thing that is bothering me are the drains. I just need to be patient.

I took some pictures today and noticed some swelling. I also noticed that my right side is a bit lumpy looking. I am wondering what caused this lumpiness. When I look at my Post Op Day 4 pictures it looks normal (no lumps). However, today the lumpiness is more obvious than ever. Have any of you experienced this? I will ask my PS during the Monday appointment. I am hoping it goes away.

Today is Post Op Day 12. Still dealing with the...

Today is Post Op Day 12. Still dealing with the annoying drains. Monday can't get here fast enough. Today I drained 7.5cc from my left and 19cc from my right. The only issue I have is the color of the fluid on the right side is too red. They may only remove 1 drain on Monday. We will see.

I found out what was causing the lumpiness on my sides. Apparently, when the surgical binder is not tight enough, or when it compresses unevenly, you develop these lumps. They are not hard it is just a part of the swelling. If you look at my Post Op Day 12 photos you can see that some of the lumpiness has gone away. Thank goodness this is not something to be concerned about. Ther surgical binder is still bothering me. I am hoping the compression garment is more comfortable.

I have been having a pretty good day today. I woke up this morning and took a shower. I washed my hair and shaved. It felt so good. I can't wait until I am able to do it alone. My hubby is loving it because he gets to jump in with me. Today he asked the big question on when we could have sex again. Oh dear! So when did you ladies start having sex again? I can't imagine doing anything until these drains come out and even then I am not sure how I am going to feel.

Today is Post Op Day 14. I woke up this morning...

Today is Post Op Day 14. I woke up this morning hoping 2 drains would be removed today. Unfortunately, they were only able to remove my left drain. I guess one is better than none. The good thing is the left drain was the one that was irritating me the most. The reason my other drain was not removed is because the color was still too red. Apparently, I developed hematoma due to the lipo. I will definitely have the other drain out by Friday. I can't wait because I will be celebrating my bday on Saturday and would love to do it drain free!

Today I got to wear a compression garment for the first time and it feels much more comfortable than the surgical binder. Thank goodness. As soon as I put the CG on I was walking a lot straighter. All in all I am feeling better today than I did yesterday.

Attached is a picture of my scar at 14 days. It's looking ok. I still have some stitches in my BB due to the hernia. As for scar therapy, I was told I could start applying ointment sometime next week. I am looking forward to seeing this scar fade away. I know I must be patient. It's soooo hard though :-)

Post Op Day 16. Recovery has been kicking my ass. ...

Post Op Day 16. Recovery has been kicking my ass. I thought by 2 weeks I would have been able to resume to somewhat normal activities but that is not the case. This recovery is taking a lot longer than I expected. I am trying to do my best to take it easy but it is hard. My mother in law has been of great help. I feel so bad because she is doing so much. I hate this helpless feeling. I can't wait to be normal again. I go back to work in 1 1/2 weeks. I wonder how I am going to feel then?

I have been wearing a CG for 2 days now. Definitely a lot better than the surgical binder. Still a little uncomfortable but I prefer it 100 times more than the binder. The only thing I can't stand is that everytime I use the bathroom I have to unattach then attach again near the crotch area. It's really annoying. I have a Columbian CG that was recommended by the PS. The PS says it is better than Spanx because it is a lot tighter. Not exactly sure if this is true because I have never used Spanx. I am actually considering purchasing Spanx just to give it a try.

I am still walking a little hunched over, not sure if it is out of habit. I have to make a conscious effort to walk straight. I posted some pics of Day 15 PO. The bruising is looking a lot better. My right hip seems to be swelling more than the left. That is where I have 1 drain. Oh well. Just have to give it time. By the way, the drain removal process wasn't as bad as I thought. I have read mix feelings on this. Some women say it was really painful while others didn't experience pain at all. Luckily for me, it wasn't painful. Just a weird feeling in my tummy as they were pulling the drain out. I actually took a pain pill 1 hour before my appointment. This may have helped. Since I have 1 drain left, the PS suggested I get back on the antibiotics.

I am sleeping pretty good. Still have lots of pillows under my back and knees. I tried sleeping with just one normal pillow 2 nights ago and woke up with a really bad lower back pain. So I have gone back to all my pillows.

In terms of the scar, the nurse suggested I keep the tape on another few days. The tape is probably going to come off, and stay off, starting on Friday. Looking forward to starting with the scar treatment products. I ordered the Scar Away Silicone sheeting yesterday. I have to go with hubby to Target to buy Mederma. Let's get this yucky scar to disappear.... wishful thinking ;-)

Post Op Day 20. I got my last drain removed 2...

Post Op Day 20. I got my last drain removed 2 days ago. Yipee! It feels great to be drain free (18 days later). This time I didn't take a pain pill and the verdict didn't hurt at all! It felt a little funny but it didn't hurt. My PS told me that drain removal pain has a lot to do with the method the surgeon uses to do the muscle repair. Apparently there is some kind of method.

The drain removal was my good news. The bad news is my PS said I was looking pretty swollen in my lower ab section. He told me it looks like I am retaining some fluid. He prescribed Lasix, which is medication to help release some of the fluid. I am hoping this will help with the swelling. One other thing he noticed was a dent in my abs as a result of the compression garment. Since it is so tight, it was starting to dig into my skin. He provided a special foam and told me I needed to lay in bed for the next 72 hours. So I don't feel totally free yet. :-(

My abs are feeling a little funny. Certain parts of it are hard to the touch. My PS thought it was either the drain or some fat. The drain is out and I still feel it. Could it be fat? Has anyone experienced this. I feel it most when I laugh. It's weird.

This whole process has been somewhat annoying. I am sure a lot of you can relate. I haven't experienced much pain. I have just been very uncomfortable. Some days are better than others. Lately, I have been waking up with a lower back pain. Still sleeping on my back with lots of pillows. My skin is feeling so sensitive too. The surgical binder burned some of my skin... so that is still healing. Like many of you, I can't wait to get through this already. I want to fast forward a few months so I can be myself again.

Post Op 3 weeks. After 72 hours of bed rest, I...

Post Op 3 weeks. After 72 hours of bed rest, I finally took off my CG and it felt really good touching my skin again. I spent a few minutes massaging it. My poor tummy, I feel like it is being deprived of touch. I can't wait to start getting the lymphatic massages. Hopefully it will help with the lumps and hard spots. This Friday, my PS will let me know when I can start getting the massages.

For the first time since this procedure, I took a shower all by myself. It feel really good being somewhat independent. It was a long hot shower and it felt A-MAZING! It's the little things in life that make all the difference. After the shower I took some pictures to see my progress. I am pretty pleased with what I see. The scars seem to be healing pretty nicely (well as nicely as it is going to get ;-) I still have some concerns about some hard spots that I will talk to my PS about on Friday.

Overall it was a pretty good day. I drove my car for the first time. My husband got it detailed for me. When I got in, it felt like a brand new car. The only thing is he forgot to put gas so it was on empty (typical! LOL). I drove my kids to their activities and felt pretty good. Right now I am just laying back in my recliner trying to take it easy. I was going to vacuum but decided I should chillax and not over do it. I am actually somewhat of a neat freak but have learned to let go. It doesn't feel so bad... I think I can get used to this. Well, maybe not. But for now it is ok.

Thanks for all of your words of support and encouragement. They really do help me get through the bad days. Happy Healing everyone!

Post of 4 weeks (tomorrow). So far so good. I...

Post of 4 weeks (tomorrow). So far so good. I went to the doctor 2 days ago and everything seems to be looking good. The hard spot I felt on my tummy is not seroma. He says it is my muscle. He suggested I get 3 tummy massages so the hard spots can be softened. In terms of the compression garment, I only need to wear it for 2 more weeks. He suggested I wear it around the clock for 1 week and during the second week I can take it off at night. That was good news for me.

I am slowly starting to resume my normal activities. It is going well so far. I do notice I get tired a lot quicker. Hopefully this will change in time. I go back to work this coming week. I am dreading it. I wish I had another week off (not because I am in pain, just because I would love the time off to do whatever). I went to the mall the other day and saw tons of beautiful clothing. In the past, I would hesitate to buy or try on certain clothes because my stomach would pop up and I would look pregnant. It felt so good knowing that I could wear whatever I want. This is what makes the procedure totally worth it!

I started my scar treatment on Friday (2 days ago). I am using the silicone sheets. So far, I like the sheets. They feel good on my scar and are easy to put on. No mess, no fuss. My PS had suggested I use olive oil for scar treatment, but this is too messy for me. Plus, I read tons of info on the silicone sheets and they seem to be the best as far as scar treatment. So I started experimenting, I applied a silicone sheet to one drain hole (the hole that was in worse shape - accompanied by blisters) and used mederma for the other drain hole (the hole in better shape). After 2 days of scar treatment, the hole that was in worst shape is looking a lot better than the other hole. This proves to me that the silicone sheets are superior to mederma. See pictures and you be the judge.

Post Op 4 weeks 1 Day. I had my 1st lymphatic...

Post Op 4 weeks 1 Day. I had my 1st lymphatic massage today and it felt so good. I did notice the difference after it was done. I had some hard spots in my tummy and the masseuse said it was due to scar tissue. By the time she was done the abs felt a lot smoother. I am going to get 2 more massages (which is what was recommended by my PS).

I go back to work tomorrow and am dreading it. I was supposed to go today but my PS never submitted the paperwork. As a result, I got an extra day off. Yipee! I was able to run a ton of errands and do some cleaning + laundry. As I was cleaning today I was thinking about a lot of you who are probably doing the same thing (cleaning and multi-tasking). It is amazing how strong women are!! Without us the hubbies would not survive. Big hugs to all my strong hard working women!

Post Op 5 weeks. Nothing much has changed other...

Post Op 5 weeks. Nothing much has changed other than my obsession over the location of my scar. The other day I tried on some old bathing suits and was a little sad to see that my scar was popping right out. Oh well, I guess I'll have to buy new bathing suits. I did try one on again today and the scar seemed to be a bit lower. So who knows, maybe the scar will drop and I will be able to get back into those bathing suits again. Patience. I have to have a lot of patience. But it's hard.

In terms of stamina, I am feeling great. I am back to my normal activities and feel pretty strong. I haven't started exercising yet and am getting a little worried because lately I have been eating a lot. I can't stop eating. I am hoping once I am back to work I will get back into my normal routine. Speaking of work... I start tomorrow! I was able to get an extra week of disability because my PS messed up my paperwork. It worked out to my advantage... but the party is now over. I was out for a total of 5 weeks. Reality will hit me hard tomorrow. Why can't I be a stay at home mom? :-(

I am loving the lymphatic massages. I went for my 2nd massage today. It was great! Now I am focusing on scar treatment and diligently applying the silicone sheets. Today I posted some pics of my scar. I do see a small difference from last week. The scar color is less red. There is some really light stuff above my scar (I am not sure what this is and if it will go away). I am going ask my PS during my next visit in 2 weeks. I have only been doing the scar treatment for 1 week. I am hoping to see a big improvement a couple of weeks out. We shall see.

Post Op 6 weeks. I can't believe it has already...

Post Op 6 weeks. I can't believe it has already been 6 weeks. The cause for celebration this week is I get to stop wearing my CG!! I was out and about today without it the hole day. It felt good, but weird. Towards the end of the day my tummy felt a little weird. Not sure if any of you have experienced this. It felt really hot to the touch and very tender. I have been sitting in the office for an hour now... and now it doesn't feel as weird. Perhaps I just needed to take it easy.

I went for my last lymphatic massage today, as always it was great. One thing that surprises me is that my upper and lower flanks still feel a little sore from the lypo. I can't believe how long the soreness has lasted. It appears I still have some bruising. I was told to buy the Arnica topical cream and apply it to the bruised areas. I'll see if I can get my hands on that cream tomorrow.

Post Op 6 weeks (continued). As far as sleeping,...

Post Op 6 weeks (continued). As far as sleeping, I have been sleeping without the CG for almost 2 weeks now. I have been mostly sleeping on my stomach and back. I have tried sleeping on my side but the scar still bothers me. So I end up changing sleeping positions.

I haven’t started exercising yet. I wanted to start today, but the day has been so busy and now I am so tired. I need to figure out how to get the exercising thing back into my routine. I want to at least start doing some easy routines initially. It’s just so hard being a working mom and trying to do everything. It is really hard to find the time. So frustrating.

I posted a pic of my scar at 6 weeks . Quite frankly, I don’t see much of a difference between week 5 and week 6. That’s too bad :-( I must be patient and continue on with the treatment.

Happy Healing everyone!

Post Op 7 weeks. Here is a pic of my scar at 7...

Post Op 7 weeks. Here is a pic of my scar at 7 weeks. I have been using the silicone sheets for about 3 1/2 weeks now. So far I am pleased with the results. Typically, I wear the silicone sheets from 6am - 11pm. I take it off at night to wash and let it air dry. Then put on again in the morning. Some days I take it off at about 6pm then put it back on around 11pm. I do have to figure out this routine because I want to start working out again. The only time I can work out would be around 8pm. Unfortunately, you can't wear the silicone sheets when working out because the sweat will cause the sheets to loosen. Just yesterday, I started applying bio oil after I taking off the silicone sheets for the night. I have some unven skin tone and some burn marks from the binder. I am hoping the bio oil will help.

Last week I worked out one day :-( So hard to find the time and get motivated. I did lunges and weights. I felt pretty good. When I tried to do ab work it felt really uncomfortable. And forget about doing push ups. Just not ready yet. I am going to give it another try this week and see how it goes. Wish me luck.

Post Op 8 weeks. Things are going well. This...

Post Op 8 weeks. Things are going well. This past week I started my full work-out regimen. I did abs, push ups, etc. It felt really good. Believe it or not the person that helped me get over my fear of doing abs and push ups was my masseuse. Go figure. By the way, it was the first time I ever got massaged by a man (other than my husband). I thought it was going to be weird but it totally wasn’t. I felt pretty comfortable with him. He was reaIly good too. I thought the lymphatic massages were great but this medical massage was even better. It totally softened the hard spots. The next day I was so sore. I need to go back for one last massage. They are getting expensive though at $100 a massage. Ok so back to the workout, the abs felt a little weird at first but after a couple of sits ups they were good. I am so glad to be exercising again. Now I need to stick with the routine.

Here is a pic of my scar at 8 weeks. Some days the scar is really light and other days it’s red. I can’t wait for it to be consistent. I do have hope that it is going to fade significantly. For the time being I am going to continue with the scar treatment. My masseuse told me to buy this thing called Topricin. It is a healing cream that speeds up the process. I have been putting it on right before going to bed for the past couple of days. Let’s see how it works.

Post Op 9 weeks. I can't believe it's been 9...

Post Op 9 weeks. I can't believe it's been 9 weeks already. I mean that's just crazy. Time flies. Overall, I am happy with my results. I am so glad I went ahead and had this procedure. I feel so much more happier when I am out shopping. Everything looks great on. So glad I no longer have to tuck in the tummy.

My scar is doing ok. Some days it looks awesome and other days I am like what the heck! So I guess I need to continue to be patient. I must admit, I am starting to get tired of the scar treatment. The silicone sheets are not bad, but you have to clean them every night and you can't work out with them on. So I find myself trying to figure out when I can take them off to give them enough time to dry. My husband is starting to get annoyed with me an my obsession overy my scar. I can't blame him. I just want to be disciplined about the treatment and be over and done with it once and for all. I just got another pack of the Scaraway sheets. That means another 5 weeks to go. Arrg! This is my 2nd pack and probably my last.

This week I wasn't able to get my tummy massage and I totally feel the difference. It feels really tight. I still have some hard spots on my tummy (scar tissue) and the massage really helps. I have to find some time to schedule an appointment and get the massage. I am still applying the topricin. Not sure how much this is doing for me, but it feels good to rub it on my tummy. I give myself a massage every night. I am trying to get hubby to help me out. He starts off good, then 3 min later he falls asleep. :-(

As far as exercising, I wish I had more time for it. Unfortunately, life happens. I have only been able to work out 3x a week. I wish I could do more but for the time being this will have to do. I think something that helped me tremendously, and has now given me the definition I have in my abs, is the working out I did before the procedure. I worked out like crazy. So for those of you with upcoming procedures, make sure you are in shape. It will help later.

Post Op 10 weeks. Nothing much to report this...

Post Op 10 weeks. Nothing much to report this week. Same 'ol same 'ol stuff. Exercising 3x a week and using the Scaraway Silicone sheets. I am on my second and last pack. I have about 6 more weeks to go with the sheets. At night, I am using Topricin and massaging my scar and tummy area. Every now and again I use the Bio Oil. I still feel the need to get professional tummy massages due to scar tissue. I will be seeing my PS after the summer.

Hope everyone had a great mother's day!

Post Op 13 weeks. It has been a few weeks since I...

Post Op 13 weeks. It has been a few weeks since I posted. Nothing new to report. I have 2 weeks left on the scar treatment then I am done for good. I can't wait. I uploaded new pictures. I miss my tummy massages. I haven't been able to get one in a while.
I am maintaining my 3 day a week workout routine. It's not a lot of working out but something is better than nothing. I do work really hard during the 1 hour each of those 3 days. After working out, when I stretch my sides I feel a burning sensation in my muscles. I am thinking it may have something to do with the lipo. Any of you experience this?

Have a great summer!

I am currently 10 months post op. I can’t...

I am currently 10 months post op. I can’t believe that I will soon be reaching my 1 year anniversary. It’s crazy how time flies. All in all things are going well. I am exercising on and off (trying to stay consistent but it is not easy…. I am sure you know what I mean). I am happy with my results. My only regret is not talking to the doctor about the placement of my scar before the surgery. I wish the scar was lower. Oh well. To all of the ladies considering a TT, be sure to ask all of your questions BEFORE the procedure. I can’t stress enough how important this is.

I recently had a dog ear fixed. It did not hurt much. The doc numbs the area before fixing. Now it is red, let’s see how it heals.
To all my realself buddies… be sure to continue to post your updates. Bejewel, I miss hearing from you. Hope things are going
well. Happy healing everyone! Until next time.
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Dr. Rosenberg has been really great answering my questions. He makes you feel like you are his only patient. I am very happy with my results so far.

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