Brazilian Butt Lift the best sculpture !!!!!! Love this surgeon !!!

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Hey so like most people on here I have been...

Hey so like most people on here I have been Wanting to get this done for a very long time... So I finally decided to just do it as Nike says! My date is set for April 22 with Dr. Bond. I will be doing the Brazilian butt lift And removing fat from my flank area abdomen, both lower and upper and lower back region And transferring that fat to my buttock area. I had a consultation with Dr. Bond and Dr Alkon. I decided to go with Dr. Bond because she made me feel more comfortable. Due to my occupation I worked in hospitals and surgery centers and I know how important it is in finding the right doctor/surgeon. I was looking for someone with measurable experience and expertise as well as very good bedside manner. Dr. Bond was patient enough and took the time to explain the whole procedure to me she wanted to see my wish pictures she wanted me to tell her how exactly I wanted my body to be, Instead of telling me how my body would come out. That is what I liked about her however she was also very honest on the results I should expect with my body type. I'm not looking for a big old ghetto booty however I am looking for more projection a nice shelf as well as a full set of hips and an hourglass shape. So I took to an app on my phone and decided to take my preop pictures taken at Dr. Bond's office and compare it to what I would like to look at after the surgery. Will keep you posted on what I will look at look like after the surgery and try to update post op pictures as well. Wish me luck everyone!!!!!

My regiment: in preparation for my surgery. Please...

My regiment: in preparation for my surgery. Please note that this is my routine and I am not recommending anyone to follow my routine. We are all individuals with different needs and different bodies. So you should always consult with your surgeon/physician before following someone else's routine. With that being said, to prepare for my surgery I got the following items so that I can take very good care of my body after this surgery. I am somewhat of a health nut and know my body very well so the following recommendations I made for myself which is included here: compression stockings to prevent thromboembolism in the lower extremities after surgery. Dehydration is another key risk factor for that, so I brought a dizen large bottles of filtered-alkaline water to keep myself hydrated and help detoxify myself from the anesthesia effects. I also know that I suffer from a severe case of PONV, which is postoperative nausea and vomiting so I intend on using a scolapamine patch behind my ear after surgery to help mitigate the nausea i know i get from my last surgical experience. I don't plan on taking opioids so hopefully extra strength Tylenol will do. Opioids can constipate you alot which can cause more bloating and discomfort after surgery so if I can grin and bear not taking the opioids I will and just have it on standby if I really need it. My postoperative diet will include many alkaline foods, like salmon, salad, brown rice green veggies and fruits. Eating inflammatory foods after surgery may make your pain experience worse, which may prolong/delay your body's healing process. I will stay away from aspirin and ibuprofen, as it is an NSAID and not the best medication to use post surgery. For skin healing I am using bio oil, palmers cocoa butter with vitamin e, and scar away. To prevent unwanted stretch marks I will need to keep both my body, organs and skin hydrated. I also brought cepacol losengers for the sore throat I may experience following general anesthesia, in which they usually intubate you during the procedure to keep your airway uncompromised. I am also taking ferrous sulfate (iron), multivitamins, calcium with vit D. I'm using bacitracin prophylactically to keep bacteria away, gauze pads to help as a barrier for excessive drainage areas, chlorahexadine wash to use before surgery (which I know I have no allergies to) to clean my body very well. I also brought dial antibacterial soap to prep my body pre surgery day as well. Alcohol prep, or just bottle of alcohol and done gauze is what I am using if I need it post surgery, which I doubt since it will dry up the skin more than anything else. I purchased an Abdominal binder as an extra protection to use while my compression garments are being washed. Colon cleanser to help detoxify my body from anesthesia, colace as stool softener with fiber supplement, I am using Metamucil. Loose clean 100% cotton clothing to take with me the day of surgery to change into. And of course boppy pillow or donut cushion for support. I brought cotton swabs to clean the incision with saline after surgery. Compression garment can prevent air ventilation so I intend on cleaning those areas frequently and allowing some air to penetrate frequently through my compression garment since I am a complete germophobe! Well anyways this is my own practices and I intend on having a speedy and un-eventful recovery!!!!! Wish me luck as I'm only a few days away! And I'm glad they arranged for transportation for me taking me to the hospital and my surgery was moved up @ earlier time in the day... Yippee!!

Sorry for the many typos it's a shame real self...

Sorry for the many typos it's a shame real self won't let you make any changes to what you write :( it's hard to type on your cellphone without making a typo

Trying to gain some weight for this new booty!!!...

Trying to gain some weight for this new booty!!! Count down to surgery in 36 hours, this 33 year old needs to get her body back to figure 8 status this is my first and last plastic surgery so I better be happy with these results because there is no turning back 5'7" 156 lbs and no more surgery for me! This is too much of a process and a mind trip! Lol

So today is the day for dr bond to make my shape...

So today is the day for dr bond to make my shape beautiful again!!!

Still recovering my butt is huge! Never...

Still recovering my butt is huge! Never underestimate the power of liposuction that sucker is painful will post pics when I get a chance

Loving my body! Yes!!!

Loving my body! Yes!!!
Montclair Plastic Surgeon

Open and very caring, genuine and wealth of experience she drew pictures for me she explained everything to me and she was very well-versed in the terminology of having a great booty!---and body! My results are fantastic!

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