38 Years Old Looking for a Great Doctor. New Jersey, NJ

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I live in NYC, I had a consultation in new jersey...

I live in NYC, I had a consultation in new jersey from doctor Gartner plastic Surgery and Laser Center. He was very detailed and very professional and his office was nice and clean. I found out about him through a pervious friend that got the procedure done last year. my understand her results was great. I would like to talk to other people that got the procedure done by him and see what there experience was with Dr. Micheal Gartner.

39 Yrs,two Kids, and Want to Lose my Stomach and Add a BBL

I'm scared but I really do want the procedure and I just want to get the results that I paid for so I'll get back to everyone what the honest true about my over all experience and result with more pictures. I will not forget to post, becuase i know the feeling to be looking for currect up information went you are scared, nervous about the procedure the latest information is very helpful to others.


It hard to stand up straight and pee,I'm on my three recovery day. Just had salad, my throat was hurting right after the surgery and Gatorade helps a lot. Please make sure you have thoses things on your list.

10 days in recovery

I want to be honest with I found out is the older you are the healing process is much longer I started here okay after 7 days but still hurting all over the liposuction areas thank God I had 24 hour care because it's not something you can do by yourself I still can't wipe my a** on my own yet without me arms hurting, baby wipes is another things you need to have on hand. Also you need to have lymphatic massages I just had my first one today it was great and allowing the areas to come back into shape relieving the inflammation, the pain around my back, stomach, side. In ny doctor dont recommend it but it a needed due to your muscles start to lock up on you during your sleep. Also you wake up every 2 hours needing to urinate. The Garment is uncomfortable between your legs to go to the bathroom. So expect to urinate on yourself daily. More update tomorrow.

Solution to calm down the inflammation

lymphatic massage with the radio frequency. Neosporin is a much to have a lot of.

Four week in

After 9 lymphatic massages, much needed. I have a natural look, nothing extra, look like i was bron woth it Dr. GARTNER IS A NATURAL BBL BODY Dr.
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

Nice facility every professional Dr.Gartner concerned about Safety first. He's been very patient with me, throughout the whole process, the staff has really been about polite and courteous. Dr. Gartner and his team Ensure you this is not about the cost it's about what you want for you.

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