41 Year Old.women No Kids - Wellesley, MA

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I met with a 2nd Dr. for a consult.Very glad I did...

I met with a 2nd Dr. for a consult.Very glad I did. I was originally going for a tummy tuck and lipo on my flanks.My Dr. explained why I didn't need a tummy tuck and why lipo would be a better choice for me. I booked my surger, I am very excited. I will post pictures later.
Why am I choosing surgery ? I have been going to the gym and eating helthy but the separate identity will not budge.(The belly is the separate identity) I can't fit into clothes I am very down on my self and I feel this is the best option for me. Financially wise ..I work part time and will have to cut corners to make this work .

Before Pics..So Embarrassing.

So embarrassing. This is before. I will post after pics..Just 2.5 weeks away.

Dr.William LoVerme and his team plus the Newton- Wellesley Hospital ... and me a 41 yea old single female .

I am So very Happy. I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr.LoVerme and his team. I had never had surgery before and I was very excited going in and Very Thankful for the results, it has only been a week and I am gleaming . I had Lipo on my stomach and my flanks. The staff where all very friendly and out going. My Dr.is Amazing! I highly recommend Dr. William LoVerme in Wellesley Ma.

Lipo in tummy/flanks

7 months later. I feel like I should have gone with the tummy tuck. I don't see a big difference with the lipo on my tummy but slight change on my flanks. I regret not getting a 3rd opinion .

7 Months later

I had Lipo on my tummy and on my flanks. Two things I had wished I had done differently.
1. Got a third opinion.
2.Had a tummy tuck.

After diet and exercise my big tummy continues to hang on to me. :(

7 months later

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