Rhinoplasty / Septoplasty - Newport

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Job: Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty I had my surgery...

Job: Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty

I had my surgery a week ago; let me tell you it turned out amazing!!!!!!! to say the least.

No Black Eyes, Swelling went away in a few days, no Pain, only slight discomfort as there should be. I went back to work after 4 days; interesting enough only a few people where able to tell that anything was done. I was extremely surprised and relieved to know that only after a few days I was looking well enough as to not attract attention to the area.

Everyone who knows I had it done says he made it look so natural that they would not have suspected that anything was different. How many doctors can accomplish that? If I had to choose the perfect nose, my Dr. re-created it. I not only recommend my Dr. to everyone reading this, but to everyone one of my family member. That is how confident and happy I am with his work. I can honestly say that my Dr. is a perfectionist who will treat you as you’re his only patient.

Orange County Plastic Surgeon

I have visited many doctors in the area, and every time I left their office I had an uneasy feeling. A year later, I went to Dr. G’s office in Newport. Right off the Bat, his staff was extremely friendly and overall just amazing people. I can tell after Dr. G’s analysis, he was a perfectionist with a very pristine eye for natural perfection. Not, the cookie cutter “perfection” but a look that enhances not replaces. Being a male from a more conservative background that is exactly what I was looking for a subtle change nothing drastic. Furthermore, from all the Doctors that I have visited Dr. G was the only one who suggested building the bridge using tissue from the side of the head rather then cartilage. Which every doctor suggested. However, Dr. G explained that this is a new method to build that allows for a more natural look as well as a natural feel. Out of all the Doctors, Doctor G seemed to be the only one up with the new procedures. To me that is a huge deal.

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