5'1 112lbs, 560cc silicone inspiras

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Hi, so I thought I would document my journey here...

Hi, so I thought I would document my journey here in hopes to help others and also to get answers from real people who have been through plastic surgery before.
I've wanted bigger boobs since puberty came and missed me lol. I've done everything to make myself appear to have bigger boobs taking me to my current situation of padded bras with chicken cutlets to give them an extra boost. I'm 31 yrs old, 5'1and a half and weigh about 112lbs. I have 3 beautiful kids ages 12,2, & 7 months. I'm done having kids, I think, and would like to give these poor boobs a boost. I actually don't mind being small chested now that I'm older but I hate how they look naked. So I want to get implants to make them look better and if I'm gonna pay for them, I might as well get them big but not too much. I don't wanna look like walking boobs either though. I do have a good size booty, always have, so just enough to even me out. I also would like a tummy tuck one day but that's for another day lol. One thing at a time:)

Need some boobs!

So I was all set to do my surgery in Tijuana with Dr. Pantoja but I'm having second thoughts. I haven't seen many recent pics of breast augmentation without lifts and the whole spinal block anesthesia freaks me out. Anyone have any experience with him or Dr. Carmina?

Consultation scheduled

So I've scheduled my consultation in 2 weeks with Dr. Taneja in Newport Beach. I'm freaking so excited and nervous!

Consult tomorrow with Dr Taneja

So my first consultation is tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go with him but I guess we'll see afterwards. I'm so nervous but also excited!

Dr. Taneja It Is!

So I started a review before but now that I've chosen my Dr, I'll just review it all under one spot. So, here are my stats, 5'1.5 , 112lbs, 34a but deflated after 3 children. I've gone to 2 consults so far and at my last consult, I've made my decision. Dr.Taneja in Newport/Pasadena! The doctor was super nice and has a chill but charismatic thing going. The girl who helped me, Raelyn, was reallycool and nice and informative. I really felt comfortable with them both. I called and made my consult appt 2 weeks ago and then had my consult yesterday. The waiting room is very nice and luckily no one else was there until I got taken to the back. I could here more and more people coming in(there's a doorbell thing when u enter the office) so I'm glad I came a little early. Raelyn had me change into a paper top with opening in the front. Then she and Dr. Taneja came in together to go over my medical history and stuff. He complimented my hair, which funnily my husband hates when I wear it curly lol. Anyway so he has me stand up and asks me how mug I want to go. I say full d, he says ok we can do 600cc! Ahhhh! I wasn't even thinking bigger than 500cc. I tried on sizes in 560cc and 600cc. I actually liked the look! So I chose 600cc, but I think I might change to 560 or smaller? I'm going crazy thinking about sizes...anyway, after that we go in another office for the financial talk and to go over any questions and stuff. Not pushy at all! Thank god cuz I usually will not buy things specifically if the seller is too pushy, even if I want it lol. I'll find it elsewhere! But Raelyn was very just chill or laid back and told me the amount for deposit to schedule a date and I could call back or come in again when I was ready. Well, I knew if I didn't schedule I would debate it again for another 10 years so I left my deposit and picked the date! She also said I need to get a medica clearance, blood tests, meds, and surgical bra which are not included. I'm so freaking excited and nervous! Now what size??? Stay tuned:)

About 3 more weeks

So I changed my date to the same week, just a couple days earlier. I'm super excited, stressed and nervous. Still deciding on sizes:( I have an appointment this Friday to hopefully getting my medical clearance and blood work done through my primary dr at Kaiser. I have heard mixed reviews saying Kaiser won't do the medical clearance so I called and asked if they could send a message to my Dr asking if she would. So they made me an appointment so I'm hoping she'll clear me and that will be a big stress done! I will fill my prescriptions next week. I'm still looking for a surgical bra and wanted to get the brilliant contours one but it's a bit pricey. My hubby said to buy it anyway but idk....I also need to plan some meals ahead of time since hubby can only make cereal lol. Here's a pre picture. So sad:(

I'm on the other side

Had surgery this morning. Went great but I'm in a lot of pain and tired. Will do a detail post tomorrow hopefully.

Day of surgery

Here's a pic of the girls so far


So I had my surgery yesterday but was in so much pain and so nauseous so I'm gonna try today. My appointment time was at 9:30am in Huntington Beach where Dr Taneja does the surgeries. I live in San Diego so we left at 6am to drop off the kids, put gas and we were on our way. I did not wanna be late especially with everyone going to work in the morning because they will reschedule you and charge a hefty fee of $500! Some and my hubby were hauling booty to get there lol. Anyway, we get there at 8:55 only because mapquest gave us the opposite directions of where the building was, so we circled it about 5x before we found it and parked. Took the elevator to the 3rd floor and went inside. Rang the bell and was given paperwork to fill out. The girls at the front are not the friendliest tho, not even a smile but whatever. After filling out everything, me and hubby waited a little while as the Dr is pretty busy. Then I got called back by a nurse who had me take a pregnancy test and then take of my shoes and sweater but leave on my sweats. Btw in case anyone is curious, I wore sweats and a loose zip up hoodie with my Birki slides on my feet. My Dr's office didn't tell me about showering or products but I took the advice of others who showered the night before and then in the morning and did not put on any lotion, deodorant, makeup or hair products. So basically I looked a mess but I didn't really care. Back to the process, after changing into the gown, slippers and heir net, the nurse gave me a warm blanket and took me to a room where she asked me some health questions and started my IV. She then had my husband join me for a bit and went over post op instructions. Hubs left right after. Then the nurse I originally had my consult with Raelyn, showed up and it was nice to see her because she's friendly and has a nice smile. She gave me the remote so I watched Sex in the City for about an hour before she took me back. I got on top of the table and laid down with my arms out. After that, I knocked out I guess because the next thing I knew I was in the recovery room. I guess the anesthesiologist gave me the good stuff without telling me or something. I was in pain 8/10. They gave me some pain medication and took me downstairs to my car. We drove the 2.5 hours back home and I ended up taking another pain pill in the car. I got home and threw up and then my hubs helped me use the bathroom and I tried to sleep on and off. I was in a lot of pain. And I have a pretty high pain tolerance but I was miserable. Mainly the pain was from my back and boobs. I'm feeling sick again so Inwill continue in a little bit.


So it's the day after surgery and I'm still nauseated but haven't thrown up, but I feel like I'm on the verge. I'm taking to pain pills every 4-6 hours with a muscle relaxer after an hour of taking the pain pills. Still sleep on and off all day but was able to eat a little today. I'm using the restroom myself but walking there makes me dizzy and then it's such a hassle to get back into bed and find a comfy spot. This is has been horrible for me as I'm a stomach and side sleeper. I can't wait to be able to sleep properly. I have my first post op appointment on Saturday so I will update what happens. I am hoping my boobs get smaller unlike most women on here. So we shall see.

Day 2 post op pics

3 days post op

So I stopped taking the medicated pain pills and started with just extra strength Tylenol. I was throwing up everything and was super dizzy after taking them so after last nights vomit fest I'm done. I ended up throwing up my antibiotic too so I'm trying to use just extra strength Tylenol. I'm still in pain but I'm moving a bit more and have had a bowel movement after drinking milk of magnesia. It worked only a couple hours later... Boobs feel like balls on my chest and very sore. Still can really sleep but don't know what else to do. It's getting harder to get comfortable maybe because I'm no longer on the pain meds? Idk but I'm dying for these next few days to get better. Hubby goes back to work in a about 4 days so it will just be me and my kids:( I have my follow up on Saturday which is in 2 days and will update.

1 week post op

So it's actually been 8 days since my sugery and I wrote an update yesterday but my phone died and it wasn't saved so here's what's happening so far...

I had my first post op appt. at 5 days and they said everything looks fine. Can start do very light massage. I go back next week at 2 weeks to have my stitches taken out. I'm feeling better. i take extra strength Tylenol once a day and the muscle relaxer once at bedtime. It makes me totally knock out which helps me sleep for a few hours since sleeping on my back is killing me. I can only fell the top of my boobs, the rest is numb and I have itching around my incision site which is driving me nuts. I shower on my own but it does take me a lot longer. I can reach over my head but I try not to unless necessary and very slowly. Went to Walmart yesterday and after about 15 minutes my shoulders and back were killing me. I'm hoping the won't feel this heavy forever because then I may need to get smaller implants when I can afford to. Right now they look huge to me so I hope they get a bit smaller. My hhubby loves them already of course. He went back to work to day so I have the kids by myself so just trying to take it easy and not do my usual routine. Also, I have my 12 year old son lift the baby for me this week so I don't have to. I will have to next week though since he will be back in school so I'm super nervous for that. Also I have pain in between my boobs which is pretty painful. Her are some updated pics

2 weeks post op

So I had my 2 week check up today.Elsy, who Is always very nice when I call and come in, took me to the back and then Dr Taneja gave me a hug when he came in which was so nice. I really like his demeanor and he has like a charisma that I like. Anywho, we chatted a bit and then he checked my new boobs. He said they look great and he had his assistant Raelyn, remove my stitches. I really like Raelyn. She's very nice and has a nice smile and laughs a lot and makes me laugh. She makes me feel comfortable. She then showed me how to massage and that was it. I have my next appointment in 6 weeks. Here's a pic of what they look like now:)

New pics

Pasadena Plastic Surgeon

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