New photos are up. Officially 8 weeks post op

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I am so excited to hopefully be moving forward...

I am so excited to hopefully be moving forward with my procedure. I work for my surgeon, which I am so blessed to do, and get to see her amazing results. I was recently married, and now can start packing on the weight. I just need to sit down with Dr. Bandy and determine if I should do it sooner or later. I'm wanting to do it within the next 6 weeks so that I can be healed by the time summer comes along, however, I'm not sure if I will be able to gain enough weight by then, and that is by far one of our busiest times of the year for our surgical calendar. However, maybe I can get lucky and have it done soon! I will be taking fat from my abdomen, waist, flanks, arms, inner thigh and banana roll and aiming for about 800cc on each side.

I keep falling in love with big booties on realself, however, I'm not too sure if my body can support or even look good with a big bootie. I am 5'2" and normally 127lbs of muscle, however, I am not 133. I'm hoping to gain about 15 more pounds, which I can do easily, I'm just not sure I can do it quickly! I want to share my experience with everyone from a patients point of view, but also from someone that works for a plastic surgeon and knows the in and outs of the procedure. I'm ready for the behind! I will keep you all updated, however, I won't be updating a lot, if any until I decide on a surgical date. Good luck to you all and please ask any questions that you have! TEAM BANDY!

Okay, so I guess I truly am a girl, because I want...

Okay, so I guess I truly am a girl, because I want what I want when I want it. I've been eating EXTREMELY bad for only a week and I already feel like a heffer. I haven't booked my surgery yet, but I'm thinking that if I can put on 10 pounds in the next 6 weeks that I can have my surgery Thursday, May 23. I'm hoping to put about 1,000cc in each side, but I'm not sure how much my booty can really hold. By the time fat resorbs I'm hoping to have 700-800cc that actually stays. I'm getting excited for the procedure, and hoping that since I'm considering doing it the weekend of Memorial Day that I can be back to work by that Tuesday since we are off on Monday. Also, I'm hoping to be healed in time for our trip to the river for 4th of July weekend and for some trips we have planned where I will be spending a lot of time in a bikini during the summer. I just want to book surgery already! Very exciting! I'm adding wish photos of what I want, however, they are probably the same photos that everyone else already has. :)

Okay, Now I'm adding photos of me. This is about 5...

Okay, Now I'm adding photos of me. This is about 5 pounds ago, so you can see what I started with. I'm trying to gain about 15 more pounds, and hoping I can do at least 10 by May 23. We shall see.

Weighed in today at 137. I'm up 10 pounds! I can...

Weighed in today at 137. I'm up 10 pounds! I can lose and gain weight rather fast. I'm just concerned that my fat is behind my abdominal wall where a liposuction cannula can't reach, because I notice that my belly is getting bigger, but my pinchable fat on my stomach isn't getting that bigger. With the addition of weight, I notice my face getting bigger too, so I might just add lipo to my chin area while I'm at it. I feel like the Michelin man. To think, my wedding was the beginning of March and I was 10 pounds less. I have about 5 weeks left before surgery (well what I hope will be my surgical date). Dr. Bandy is attending a surgical conference in San Francisco for Memorial Day weekend, so I'm hoping that she will consider doing my surgery prior to her leaving. I will update all you beauties later. :) I'm still a little nervous about going too big. I'm thinking anywhere from 600-900cc each side.

I'm very excited to say that I have officially...

I'm very excited to say that I have officially scheduled my procedure for May 23. In two weeks I will be a little jucier on the back end. I am very excited, and nervous as I am only giving myself 4 full days of recovery before heading back to work, but I"m sure I will be okay by then, just very sore. I'm hoping for at least 1,000cc's in each side, but we shall see how much Dr. Bandy is even able to get out. I'm thinking of adding liposuction to my chin area, just because during the coarse of gaining weight, I have also added a second chin that was never there, so I might as well get that taken care of. I purchased my arnica and bromelain, and won't be going too crazy on babywipes, pads, lipo foam, tummy board, etc. Anyways, I will touch base after the surgery! Wish me luck!

So I'm really struggling to find a garment that...

So I'm really struggling to find a garment that has big enough holes for the brazilian butt lift. I see many garments with smaller holes for the butt, but where is everyone getting the garments with the big holes, that look almost like a thong in the back? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Thursday is my day.

I'm very excited, but just as any BBL girl is, I'm nervous. I'm hoping that my poor eating habits and weight gain of 13lbs provides Dr. Bandy with enough fat to work with. My fingers are crossed.

I have all the materials and supplies that I need (I think). Will update after my surgery. :)

I made it! Surgery was yesterday!

I also had her put fat in my lips. My lips look like sausages they are so swollen! Also my hands are really swollen. She was able to put 700cc in each side. I've been comfortable laying on my stomach but as soon as I get up its a workout and I don't feel very well. I will update in a few days.

Not as bad as I thought it would be.

It's definitely painful at times, but my experience has been much better than others girls stories I have read. I'm happy she was about to put in 700cc on each side. My butt will sometimes throb but not bad at all. I'm sore all over and am very excited to takes shower tomorrow. Not excited to get out of my garment but it will all be worth it! Can't wait for the swelling in my lips to go way down. My lips look horrible from the swelling! I will keep you all updated. Oh yeah, don't even think about sitting on a toilet to urinate. A cup will be your best friend for that!

Just vacuumed and took the trash out

I'm at the point In my healing process that I'm very bored and am getting stiff from Laying on my stomach too much. I quickly vacuumed our wood floors with a light stick vac and emptied the trash can. I feel better walking around than I do laying in bed. I'm going to take a shower today an that's exciting for me. My garment is a closed butt so in think of cutting holes Into it. Healing for me is going well. Will try to take photos before or after the shower without a garment.

Thought I was healing so quick

But the third day swelling and stiffness are no joke. My hands look and feel like they are going to pop. It just got a little difficult and my body is screaming at me to move positions and I can't. I'm not in pain but the swelling and stiffness are pretty miserable.

Anyone feel like their skin is ripping when they move?

I know it sounds weird but I know my skin is trying to heal and reattach but I get sharp, burning like pains when I move my body too much (mainly when getting out of or into the laying position). Has anyone experienced this feeling? Everything is going good, I'm just scared that I'm doing damage. Also, my lady parts are incredibly swollen and firm and bruised, the husband was a little weirded out by it. I'm on my 3rd day of recovery and I feel like I have it pretty easy. My hands are still swollen and I hate my hands at night and in the morning because they are worse. I also just read two reviews about smaller girls having bad results on their stomachs which scares the bejesus out of me. One day at a time.

Still stiff but swelling is going down!

Alright ladies, I'm uploading pics after my first shower and after my second shower. This would be days 3 and 4. My swelling has gone down as the day progresses but I'm still super stuff at night and when I wake up. I slept all the way through the night last night and on my back with pillows propping me up so I had little pressure on my butt. I made the call to schedule my first lymphatic massage and after reading another review from another BBL girl, I now know that I need to give the massages a try.

Today is the first day that I have actually felt focused pain on my inner thighs and banana rolls (area right under my cheeks). Maybe this has to do with where my pillows were propping me up last night am having more pressure on those areas.

My lips are still really swollen, and at this moment it is the only thing I am regretting because I feel like my lips are going to take several several weeks to go down and my husband asked me not to do them and I did them anyways, now I feel really bad that on top of everything I look like a circus clown or a duck until who knows how long. I wish I didn't do my lips. I feel like I let him down and he has been so supportive on everything. I feel like I made the word "team" have an "I" in it. So I'm sorry for that an hope the swelling goes down ASAP!

The swelling on my hands has gone down a lot and I'm thankful for that. I still don't want to put my wedding ring back on and risk having my fingers swell too much.

My girly parts are still swollen and very firm but the swelling has gone down a lot as well.

So that's it for today! I go back to work tomorrow and I'm dreading it. But I'm anxious to see Dr Bandy and all of the girls at the office.

Happy Memorial Day ladies!

More photos

Just wanted to give pics of my lips, my hands now and me in my compression garment now. My stomach looks swollen. Projection and roundness looks good.

Went to work yesterday. Way to soon to go back to work.

Hi ladies! This recovery is hard. It's unlike any recovery I have ever experienced. It is tricky and deceiving. It is a roller coaster of pain and emotions and frustration. I thought during days 2-4 that I was healing better than most, then I went back to work yesterday and worked a full 9 hours. Because I couldn't sit, I was on my feet the entire time, which eventually started hurting my back around 1pm. I began to get tired really fast. My fatigue and pain consumed me for the last half of the day yesterday and being on my feet only increased my swelling. My hands and feet are paying for it today. I'm very tired because I can't get comfortable and laying on my stomach for such a long time just hurts everything for me, most of which my neck. I've only had one cold sore in my entire life and that was 10 years ago, and the stress from this recovery caused me to get a cold sore, which is painful and hard to camouflage when my lips already look like overinflated balloons. I wish I didn't do my lips. My husband also went back to work last night, so I was without him until about 4am.

Ladies, take at least two weeks off of work. You will need it.

One week post op today. Feeling a little better.

So I've worked the past two days and will be going into work today. Working a half day yesterday made such a big difference for me. I actually made it through the day and fell asleep at around 10pm and didn't wake until 6:30 when the hubby came home from work. That's a good uninterrupted 8.5 hours of sleep! Yay! I'm still stiff as a board and even though my inner thighs were not that painful for the first few days of recovery, they sure are screaming at me now. This morning is the first morning that I looked in the mirror and didn't think that I looked like a tonka truck. Before surgery I was a size 3, now I can't even button size 7 pants with all of this swelling, so I'm anxious to see how teeny tiny Dr Bandy got me. I looked at my op report (which is nice to have access to, not going to lie) and I did all the calculations and it looks like Dr Bandy removed 4,500cc, which is close to the limit that she can remove. She told me she got enough fat for my bbl just from my thighs alone. I'm very anxious for all of this swelling to go down.

I have added another photo of my lips, which is still haunting me. The cold sore is painful and I think it is preventing my fat transfer from healing. I feel so bad about getting my lips done. I really let my husband down on this one. :( I'm hoping that they heal fast so that I can feel comfortable going places. We need some things for the house and I don't even want to step foot into target because of how swollen my lips are and not to mention the giant cold sore. Yikes! It will all heal soon enough, and I will look back on this healing process and just laugh.

Happy to have my wedding rings on for the first day in over a week!

I know it seems silly, but I'm really happy that my swelling has gone down enough that I was able to put my wedding set back on! I got sad looking at my bare, fat fingers. So today is 8 days post op. I am wearing a waist cincher now on top of my pre-exisitng garment and boy is it tight! I started to sweat just trying to get the hooks together. But I am starting to see my curves more as the swelling goes down. I also have my first lymphatic massage today (by the time I called the lady was booked out, so today is the first day I can get). I anxious to see if the massages really work, however, the last thing I want is any additional pressure on my abdomen or body parts that Dr. Band worked on. I haven't been on any pain killers since Tuesday morning when I took half of a percocet, but I brought my pain meds just in case the pain from the massage is too much. I'm going to Sue at Loosen Up Massage in Costa Mesa. I read reviews and did my research on finding someone that specializes in post liposuction lymphatic massages, so I will be sure to let you all know how it goes. It is $70 for the hour. I hope it is worth it, because doing this more than once a week is not an option and even once a week might just break the bank a little bit. My swelling on my lips is going down (will post photos from my phone in a few minutes) and my cold sore is starting to go away (THANK GOD). Husband wants to go to the movies tomorrow which has me scared. I don't think I can sit for 2 hours in a chair, nor do I want to risk loosing any volume to my I'm thinking I am going to pass on the movie.

Hope you ladies are all good. Hope my updates help!

Here are a few photos of my lips and bottom today!

Had my first lymphatic massage.

So I just completed my firsts adage and I'm on my 8th day post op. The massage therapist said that I have the best liposuction that she has seen in years. She also said I have very very little swelling and that she doesn't think that I really need her for post op massages, so thy was nice to hear. Also the photo that I meant to upload of my lips didn't upload, so I will be uploading it.

4 weeks post op--new photos

Hi all. So I am officially 4 weeks post op as of yesterday. This recovery is no jobke, as my ribs and stomach are still sore and tender to the touch. I've begun to feel like my sides are itching, but when I go to scrath, I am numb, so thats a weird sensation. I think I did get booty greed a little bit, because although I got fantastic results, I wish my booty were bigger. My husband says that he would hate it if it were bigger though because of how small I am. I just thankful that I was able to get enough fat to show a difference at all. I'm still waiting for swelling to go down, as I can see and feel the swelling. I went back to the gym last week to do minimal workouts (arms, some squats, the stair master, etc.), which felt okay, but my stomach is so darn sore. I have not been the best with taking care of my new booty the way that I should. I work at a desk and for the past week have been sitting on my booty regularly. My ankles could not withstand standing on them any longer (8 hours on your feet in heels is a little hard). Also, I was without a garment for about a week. I am now in a size small Marena garment, but now that even feels like it isn't tight enough in my stomach, so I will most likely get the XS squeem vest to really suck it all in. I have posted photos and tried to label the time period. If I could not sit or touch my butt to anything for 6 weeks I would have, but its "do as I say no as I do" with me I suppose. I will be getting the remaining 680cc that I have frozen injected for more projection closer to October or November. :) I am happy with my results and feel much better in clothing. I don't have a muffin top anymore when I put on pants, which is nice and my stomach is starting to look really flat. The scar tissue is still hard in my stomach, and I try to massage it with body wash while I'm in the shower. I also have access to our ultrasound machine while at work, but Dr. Bandy says that I'm still so early in my healing that my scar tissue will soften and my swelling will continue to go down. My new compression garment ends above my knee and by the end of the day, when I take a shower, my knees look like bowling balls, so I know I have a lot of swelling still, which is exciting for me to know that I will continue to shrink in size, just hopefully not my behind!

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Official Post op photos!

Alright ladies, I am 8 weeks post op. Everything is going good, and I can't wait to get the rest of my frozen fat transfered to my rearend as well! I also might add additional liposuction to the front of my thighs, and transfer that as well. I caught the booty greed bug. :)
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