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Hello all, like most on this site I've struggled...

Hello all, like most on this site I've struggled with self-esteem issues ever since I can remember. To clarify, it was mainly my image that I could not learn to love. Now, I don't mean to sound like a vain debbie-downer but growing up being teased for a larger than "normal" nose can do some work on a frail insecure little girl. I remember thinking of rhinoplasty for the first time at age 12. In fact, I couldn't wait to grow up just to have it done. Fast forward many MANY years later, I'm finally ready. I must admit, it took me awhile to even schedule a consultation because I'm deathly afraid of surgery but most importantly because of my hectic work schedule. After reading many promising reviews, I decided to schedule a consult with Dr. Elam. The day of my consultation seemed to drag longer than normal, I just couldn't wait to get it over with but as soon as I walked into his office I was greeted with warm and friendly smiles. Dr. Elam and his entire staff were very helpful and walked me through every step of the procedure. They answered all questions I had long before I could even ask them. I felt so comfortable that I just seized the moment and spontaneously booked my surgery. The second I got home it hit me like a brick wall that I had done it, I had placed a down payment and booked a date.

Just 2 weeks left

I had my pre-op today and it's beginning to feel all the more real. While my nerves and excitement are at an all time high, I was relieved at how informative my pre-op was. I was given instructions to prepare for my surgery and a goodie bag filled with items I may need before and after surgery. I have also researched and purchased a few item other realselfers have found helpful. I was also advised to start a salt free diet and am finding it very difficult as most foods have salt, any idea's my fellow realselfers?

Before Pics

Decided to post a few before pics.

It's Done

My surgery was scheduled for 6:30am this morning and as soon as I got there, it was show time. I spoke to the nurse who asked me a few questions about my diet and any medication I was taking, soon after Dr. Elam came in to discuss my procedure. I was then taken into the operating room where I met my anesthesiologist, we where conversing about my job and that's all she wrote. I woke up and immediately noticed the packing in my nose and incredibly dry mouth. I asked the nurse for some water and she kindly fed it to me.

The drive home was ok, haven't felt any pain yet (knock on wood) and hope it doesn't come. The bruising and swelling on the other hand were almost instant but I'm not to worried about it yet. I tried icing my eyes and around my nose but am too afraid of hurting my new nose.

Cast Removed

My stitches and cast were removed today. Overall, it was okay. I only felt a bit of pressure but no pain at all. When Dr. Elam handed me the mirror and I saw my reflection for the first time I was instantly in tears and embarrassingly could not stop them. I loved my nose at first sight but after my long ride home and seeing my family's reactions I am second guessing my decision. Everyone is saying that my nose looks the same and this bump is seriously getting to me. I've read that it is normal to have a bump form after the cast is removed and that it should go down with time. I guess I was expecting a smoother bridge but I'll need to be patient. Anyone else out there this has happened to? And if so, any suggestions?

10 Day Post Op

So I met with Dr. Elam today and I feel as though he has releived so much worry. I have started seeing the bump slowly disappear and I'm hoping it's completely gone soon. The swelling is still there but it's a waiting game from here on out. He took and gave me my 10 day post op before and after pics and here they are.

One Month

Since surgery, my nose has changed day after day. I have to admit sometimes the swelling gets to me but I try and stay positive by telling myself it's too soon to see my final result. The tip of the nose is what swells up the worst, usually at the end of the day. I also still have a tiny bump and pray everyday that it goes away but overall I'm very happy and I am excited for all this swelling to go down.

I haven't been able to breath very well either, especially from my left nostril and I've been told I began snoring since my surgery, I know it's embarrassing but true lol.

Two Month Update

No major changes since my last update. I still see a tiny bump but it hasn't bothered me too much these days.

I recently reconnected with an old friend and to my surprise he actually noticed the difference in my nose. I hadn't told anyone about my surgery except close family and two of my best friends. To hear him notice the change was surprising but I was also excited to share my experience with him. It's funny because I was so embarrassed and self conscious about my nose but recently it has given me a whole new confidence in myself.

Six Month Update

I cannot believe it's been 6 months since my procedure. My breathing has gotten better and I still get swollen every so often but overall I am so happy with my results. From front you can hardly tell a difference but my profile I am in love with.

1 Year Update

So I absolutely love my profile... until I smile that is! Recently I started noticing that the tip of my nose droops like it did pre-op and its beginning to really bother me to the point where I'm self conscious of my smile now.

Added Pics

3 Year Update

I struggle with how I feel about my results daily. As time has gone by, my nose has transformed dramatically. The bump on my bridge has started to reappear, the tip of my nose droops further down and my nose over all has bent to one side. I've become even more self conscious than I was pre op.
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