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I have been to see several doctors over the years....

I have been to see several doctors over the years...mostly to gage cost and other information regarding the procedure. When asked what I didn't like about my nose, I got kind of awkward. I think it's difficult to discuss this with a stranger without feeling like you're being silly or petty. I didn't want to sound like a dumb girl and I was really self-conscious about my perceptions.

Most doctors basically just said "yeah, I'll do your nose." Then send me in to see their financial admin person to discuss money. I never felt like there was a connection or understanding about what I wanted to look like and this was 50% my fault due to lack of communication.

I continued to search for doctors and set up an appointment with Dr. Aaron Kosins in February of 2014 (this past Feb). He wouldn't let me get away with not telling him about what I saw in my face. He had me look in a mirror and tell him what I didn't like and even made suggestions to open up the floor. I can't really put into words how this helped me communicate with him, but I found myself being very open and honest about my expectations and desires.

My forehead is very flat making the slope of my nose seem kind of strange. I have a very wide tip (twice the width of the distance between my eyes) and huge flared nostrils. Both are rather concaved and I am not symmetrical at all. I also have a hanging tip.

Anyhow, I knew that I wanted to book surgery with Dr. Kosins because he made me feel comfortable and has included me in this entire process. I see myself actually being friends with this man. He is kind and truly concerned about how I perceive myself. He clearly enjoys his job and really wants to make people happy and confident.

My surgery is in 2 days (June 6).

I will be posting again soon!

Today is the day!

So it happened. I'm in pain, but it's manageable. I'm pretty loopy so I'll keep this short... I was in surgery for about 4 hours so I guess it was a little more extensive than we all initially thought it would be. My upper lip and forehead are completely numb and my upper teeth ache, but I'm doing just fine. There is some bruising under my eyes that I can see now that I'm home.

Old nose

Forgot to post pre op pictures.. I snapped some at work in the bathroom so the lighting in a little creepy, haha. Here ya go

Day 1 night time

Super swollen. I keep icing, but my face has blown up. I don't really care... At least the pain has subsided pretty substantially.

My doctor text me a picture that he took after surgery. The upturned tip will take some getting used to.

Day 3

Cheeks are crazy swollen. I'm super uncomfortable and the splint in my right nostril is causing a lot of of pressure/pain. I just can't wait till these are taken out.

Day 3/4?

If I count the day of surgery as day 1 then today is day 4.. I feel so much better. The splints are a pain in the *ss but I pop a pain pill and I feel nothing. My cheeks are swollen but I finally got to shower and rinse my hair out.. I was too afraid to really wash it because I have staples from the skin graft. I'll try washing it tomorrow. If this is what it's like from here on out.. I'm pretty happy. The first few days were a NIGHTMARE.

Day 6

Wow.. Doing great. I feel good. I've been able to clean around the house.. Go for walks... Play with my dog, etc. Zero pain just stuffed up. Cast comes off tomorrow.. Can't wait.

Cast off!

Omg the splints are huge. I understand why I was so uncomfortable now. No pain when having them taken out... It was just utter relief.

Unfortunately, my doctor put me in a splint afterwards and it won't come off until Tuesday. My nose looked great, though. I'll post pictures on Tuesday.

This is how today went:

Assistant took me back, took the staples out of my head (for my skin graft), then removed the stitches. The stitches were only painful are the bottom if my nasal tip and it stung .. Like plucking your eyebrows so nothing intolerable and it was short-lived.

Dr. Kosins came in and removed the cast (totally painless) and then removed the packing and splints. Holy gross... I had a ton of giant snot clots and blood so I totally understand how and why I was so stuffed up. It wasn't painful just felt kind of strange but it was all a total relief. He taped my nose up and put the splint on and sent me on my way. I'm comfortable and happy. I don't mind the splint.. It's supposed to reduce swelling and expedite the end result so I'm not complaining.

3 months post op

My nose is sensitive at the tip and I have to be gentle with it, but so far, most of the swelling has subsided. My scarring is minimal, too. Dr. Kosins is pleased with my progress and so am I. I must admit that I wish my tip was leas rounded but I am told that there is still a lot of swelling in that area and I should expect much more definition in the future. I also wish I had been less conservative with changing the width of my nose. It still seems rather wide to me, but still a large improvement over my old nose.

7 months post op

I have 50% swelling left in my tip. My nose keeps changing and for the better... So if anyone wonders, like I did, whether my nose was really going to get smaller, it will. I won't make any solid opinions about it until I hit the 12 month mark, but I am definitely happy this far. I imagine I will only be happier going forward.

1 year and 6 months post opp :)

Everything is good. Sometimes I wish I was less conservative with the change. Maybe someday soon I'll make the nose a little more narrow and reduce the tip size, but holy wow it's so much better than my previous nose. Love Dr. Kosins!

Ps... Sorry for any gnarly nostril shots.

2 years and 6 months post op

Everything is good. Most feeling is back in the tip of my nose. I'll still consider making the nostrils more narrow and reducing the tip sometime in the future.

I've otherwise had no complications, complaints, issues... nothing.
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