Finally Chose a Doctor! I Hope That I'm Making the Right Decision - Newport Beach, CA

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Hi Everyone. I wanted to start posting on real...

Hi Everyone. I wanted to start posting on real self to help out a lot of African Americans (male or female) that may be considering Rhinoplasty. I have read the same reviews for the last year over and over that I can look at a patients nose and know what Surgeon did it. Sad I know but I wanted to make sure I chose the right doctor. Let me just start by saying My mother is Chinese and Jamaican and my dad is Dominican so overall I have an "ethnic" nose. I have searched for years for a surgeon that can give me a "certain nose" that I want but from the looks of other patients results I have only seen one surgeon that can give me that look which is Dr Rizk. However, I chose not to go with Dr Rizk. (Ill explain why in a bit) I started off with choosing Dr Miami (Salzhauer) about a year ago. Booked the date and all and just recently I decided not to go with him because out of nowhere I started to find all kinds of bad reviews about his Rhinoplasty work. I got cold feet and cancelled the appointment. I was frustrated and back to square one. I then considered Dr Ghavami but some of his work and reviews made me feel uneasy which led me to Dr Rizk. I just knew Dr Rizk was the surgeon for me. He quoted me 19,000 which is very expensive but his work on African Americans is amazing and this is my face so I can't be cheap. I did my consult with Dr Rizk and he was really nice. He suggested a Medpor implant which caught me off guard because I felt like that was a little much seeing that I all I want to do is reduce the size of my nostrils and have tip definition. Im no surgeon but I don't feel like thats necessary for what I want to achieve. I did my research on the Medpor implant and didn't like what I read so I called back about a week later and let his office know that I didn't want to do the implant. They called me back after speaking to him and informed me that he would not do the surgery unless he put an implant. Completely blew my mind!! So I chose not to go with him because I didn't want to feel like i was being "forced" into anything. I do believe he could work on my nose without an implant. Soooooo back to the drawing board lol. Long story short I chose Dr Sajjidian. Ive read a lot of good reviews about him and I like his work. I will say I haven't seen much of his work on African American females but the few patients that I have seen, I love. Also his reviews are great. I have a consultation tomorrow. I will update then. Wish me luck :)
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