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I am 5'1 and 90 lbs. As you can see...

I am 5'1 and 90 lbs. As you can see from my befores, I think I had one of the most difficult noses to work with on this website. My Plastic Surgeon is a MIRACLE worker. I couldn't be more pleased. He over-rotated my nose so that when it naturally drops it will be in my desired position.   

Some of you have been asking for photos of me now...

Thank you for all of your personal messages. The most common question I am getting is if my nose is sloped or straight and if sloped, why I chose a slight slope rather than straight. I would honestly say its a bit of a mixture. People usually assume sloped with "cute" and straight with "natural." My surgeon came up with a "naturally cute" approach. Sorry that I can't give you guys more insight to any digital imaging, or how I decided what to do with my nose because I literally just told my surgeon "I trust you." That's literally it... no digital imaging, nothing. I put my trust in him 1000% and I believe he delivered :) I am currently 13 days post op. Still very swollen. Had an allergic reaction to bactroban a few nights ago :(

Too Much to Respond To

Hi all!
I have decided to take a break from RealSelf! It has been hard for me to take time out of school/work/life to answer you all and then I feel really guilty :( Will Hopefully be back in a few weeks and can do a FULL review of my journey, like you all have, rather than just before and after pictures :)
I wish you all happy healing

For those Who are PMing me for my before/afters...

I would be happy to send you my Before/Afters if you provide me with your email via PM under the following conditions:
You must have an established review on RealSelf with photos etc... Sorry but I have been getting some really weird requests for photos and also some weird messages from men.
~Thanks for understanding :)

New Posting with My plastic surgeons info, and all my before and Afters :)

So I just sent in a request to do a new listing, since I am overwhelmed with the amount of messages I am getting. I felt like adding to this was confusing since I have changed whether to Pm or email etc.. It just already seemed so long without info. They didn't let me do another rhino one since I have this so I did it under revision rhinoplasty but put that it was my primary, I hope they don't flag it because I put so much time and effort into that and I don't want to lose the info :( Here are some before and afters for now, lets cross our fingers that my other listing gets accepted or at least they forward me what I had written so I can post it onto this one.

Rhinoplasty Miracle Worker

I was not active in my other posting for my primary, and it seems jumbled and difficult to follow. I also mentioned to PM me if you'd like photos but I have decided just to put hearts on my eyes and allow them to be posted. Please excuse this, as I am only writing a new review to be more clear.
I would like to address the questions you have all been asking me:
Q) How did you decide to go through with Dr. Daniel?
A) We can all simulate photos, including ones posted to a physicians site. I had seen real-life examples
of Dr. Daniels work and was amazed at how natural, yet cute they looked. Yes, I did plenty of research
on other surgeons, only to come back to Dr. Daniel.
Q) How did your pre-op appointment work?
A) Dr. Daniel spends an incredible amount of time looking at and inside your nose, and addressing all concerns, as well as mentioning the newest research on Rhinoplasty that can help you. He allows YOU plenty of time to tell him what you'd like and what you're unhappy with. His bedside manner is impeccable. After this, you go into a different room with Amy, the patient consultant. She sits with you for however long you need discussing payment, surgery dates and also my favorite part: looking at tons of Dr. Daniels before and afters so you can put post-its on your favorites. What I LOVE about this versus computer imaging is that you can see what can REALLY be done. I see so many RealSelfers relying on before and afters that surgeons have given them, but in all honesty, I could photoshop the same image. It doesn't mean that I will be successful in providing that result for you. I guess for most people its reassurance, however the most reassurance I could get is by seeing real-life possible work.
Q) Your nose looks slightly sloped but still natural and kind of straight, which is it? How did you pick?
A) Ahh, Dr. Daniels speciality... "the suggestion of a slope" and the "naturally cute" approach. I guess its a little bit of both and he does a wonderful job executing this balance. I honestly didn't say much to Dr. Daniel when I came in other than "I trust you, do what you think is best." And I took his suggestions.
Q) Did your surgery take place inside his office? At a hospital? How was your anesthesia?
A) Dr. Daniel performs surgery at a state-of-the-art Newport Beach Surgery Center. It is an outpatient surgery center with the UTMOST care. I have never been taken care of so well by nurses, and unfortunately, I have been in the hospital many times. The huge plus? You're literally right next to Newport Hoag Hospital for added reassurance. The surgery center was so incredible that I sent them in a survey commending them, something that I never have time to do. Anesthesia was easy-peasy! That was honestly my biggest worry. Dr. Daniel uses only MD anesthesiologists, and general anesthesia so that they have complete control over your airway. The day before, my anesthesiologist actually called me to go over some of the basics and to address any concerns I may have. I will continue more with this on the next question.
Q) How did surgery day go?
A) If I could go back, I would do this day one zillion times over again. It was like my wedding day. I seriously even bought some very cute Victorias Secret Sequin Sweats for the day, and kept referring to it as "my wedding dress." I showed up, filled out paperwork, and was brought to the back immediately. I was Dr. Daniels first surgery of the day. I got changed into my surgery gear, and then tucked into a warm comfy bed. My nurse came and introduced herself to me, and then started my IV and gave me some fluids through it. I relaxed for about 20 minutes, while Dr. Daniel and Dr. Snyder (my anesthesiologist) were briefing on my surgery. During my wait, multiple nurses came up to me and told me how lucky I was that Dr. Daniel was doing my nose, and they don't even work for him so I knew they were being honest. Next to me, Dr. Kosins was doing a patients tummy tuck. He also is part of Dr. Daniels practice and does all of the other procedures that Dr. Daniel doesn't do, since Dr. D does rhinoplasty only. P.S. Dr. Kosins is super cute. More on him later... After my short wait, Dr. Snyder came over and we joked around for a bit and then he said he was going to gimme something to make me relax before surgery, since I was still in comfortable pre-op. That thing was great, I immediately felt woozy and happy. I literally said "Oh my gosh this stuff is AWESOME." That is the last I remember. They then wheeled me into the operating room, moved me onto the table and started my anesthesia. So glad I didn't have to walk into the cold scary operating room and hop onto the table. Next thing I remember, I woke up in recovery and was super irritated that they wouldn't let me pee haha but it was only because I was still half out from anesthesia. No Pain or other discomfort though. The nurse even put a bed pan under me, but I refused to go in it. Anyways she was so nice and put up with my complaining. I think I fell asleep for another 15 min? Then she said she would take me to pee and I started to get up but felt just a PINCH of nausea, I think it was just from not eating to be honest, but as soon as I told the nurse she brought in a shot and gave it to me. I went to the bathroom with her help, and by the time I got back to my bed, my nausea was gone and I was pretty much awake. They brought my mom in, though Dr. Daniel had done a great job updating her on my surgery in the waiting room, he told her "her surgery couldn't have gone any better." I laid in recovery for another hour or so, and they gave me applesauce packets. BY THE WAY, BUY LOTS OF THESE!!! They're so great because you literally just stick the end in your mouth and squeeze it. No need for any spoons or opening your mouth (which actually hurts because you're so sore). After that, we got into the car and I went home. Surgery day 1 was easy-peasy. I took Percocet and was comfortable. The rest of the week was difficult for me, mainly because I am a stomach/face sleeper and didn't like sleeping on my back. All of this will pass. At one point, you get so frustrated that you can't taste, move your lip, sleep, or breathe through your nose and you feel like you'll never go back to normal. I assure you, in a couple weeks you WILL and you'll feel GREAT.
Q) Cast removal/packing?
A) I didn't have packing, but Dr. Daniel put in some tubes. I went to have these taken out on Day 6 along with my cast and the non-dissolvable sutures. By the way, Judy has ANGEL hands and none of this hurt at all. Same with Dr. Daniel. I just felt a few seconds of pressure. Judy was so sweet and held my hands as my tubes were coming out, because I was SO nervous from having read how painful it was. I did take one percocet before arriving. I was SO happy to see my new nose. I couldn't believe how straight it was. He gave me nostril retainers to wear at night, and taught me how to tape at night.
Q) Any advice on swelling?
A) Honestly, my nose looked different every day. It would puff up, then puff down in various areas. This is all normal and most of it was gone by 1 month. No I didn't notice any bumps or abnormal swelling. The only thing was that my nostrils were uneven but the retainers have done a GREAT job getting them mostly even (I am only 6 weeks out).
Q) Some of my own notes...
A) What I LOVE about Dr. Daniel is that he consistently produces impeccable frontal views AND profile views. Many of the nose jobs I have seen either look great from the front but not from the side or vice versa. I know many of you have that concern as well.
~I would be MORE than happy to answer any other questions, and I am sure Amy would be very happy to answer any other questions for you. I don't want to compromise my name, as I am a very private person, but feel FREE to write that "Peanut" referred you ;)

2 Months Post Op Now :)

About 2 months post op- LOVING my nose! It is really starting to get some definition and refinement. I am still pretty swollen, and it doesn't help that I have been crying the past few days (due to family issues). My nose still has very puffy days, which is to be expected. Other than that, I can breathe through my nose perfectly and haven't had any complications. Feel free to ask any questions you may have :)

2 1/2 Months Post Op Update

Hi all!
Everything is still going well. I have been a bit lazy cleaning inside my nose so I still have icky crusts :( I feel like even the times where I am very vigorous with the cleaning, it doesn't do much.
My nose looks different every day and different at every angle he he. This is normal and is just the swelling. Overrall, I LOOOOOVE my nose. Here are some new photos from the last 2 1/2 weeks.

Almost 4 Months Post Op

Hi all,
not much to update on. Having a little issue with my dissolvable stitches not actually dissolving. Dr. Daniel has been so good and has been coming in on his days off (because those are the only days I can drive back to Newport from college) to take them out for me. It is a little painful and causes some swelling, so my updated photos are still me very swollen. I can't reiterate enough how important it is to find a good plastic surgeon as follow up care is necessary! I would be happy to answer any and all questions :)

Almost 5 months post op!

Hey all,
Hope you're recovering well! I'm almost 5 months post op and couldn't be more happy. The tip is still really swollen but on a "good nose day" I can see how defined and sculpted it is! A lot of you have been asking about it so I uoloaded a picture. I get non stop compliments on it and Dr Daniel couldn't have done a better job for my features!

Swollen tip day!

Lots of you are concerned about your fluctuations with swelling... It happens to everyone sadly :(

To ease those of you dealing with uneven swelling/nostrils and pigginess

Hi all :) I hope you enjoyed your holidays! I've been getting lots of messages about people worried about their swelling, upturned nose, uneven nostrils etc... I just want to let you know that I had ALL of those issues too! Here's some proof to ease your minds ;P ps don't make fun!

Just over 6 Month Update

Not much to update on other than the fact that I hope my tip swelling decreases just a bit more. Did any of you ladies notice a difference in size from 6 months-1 year? Can you be specific as to any changes you saw during this time? I feel like my size difference between cast removal and 1 month and then up to 3 months was so drastic but now it seems much more slow. I want to know if this is mostly the final result (which I would be thrilled with) or if I should still expect changes. I hope you're all having a beautiful 2015!

11 month update

Hi all,
My tip is still pretty hard! Not much more to say. I figured I would upload some frontal photos since I have received messages asking for them. Feel free to ask any other questions :)
I am extremely happy with my nose, I absolutely LOVE dr Daniel's work. He knows exactly how to capture your personality into a nose that fits your face.

1.5 Year Update- LOVING It!

Nothing too crazy to update on, but I do want to let everyone know that my nose is STILL changing. I actually noticed a pretty large change in between months 13.5-14.5.
My mom had her rhino 30+ years ago and told me hers took 2 1/2 years to finally set (which I think is crazy).
I would be happy to answer any questions :)

1.5 Year Update- Still Changing?

Hi all!
I am around the year and a half mark, and I am STILL seeing slight differences every month. I especially saw one between the 13-14 month mark. Is anyone else experiencing this?
Don't get me wrong, no complaints here!
I absolutely love my nose and I am SO happy I went to Dr. Daniel.

Not letting me post photos?

Has anyone else had an issue with RealSelf taking hours to load up photos and then it just never does but the review posts?

Accused of Having Fake Photos

Hi Realselfers!
I have had such a great experience on here until recently, when a realselfer mentioned that apparently my photos seem fake.
I would like to say that this is greatly disappointing, as I have spent much of my time posting reviews and also messaging/emailing all of you with extra photos etc...
If you go into his office, my photos are also in his binder of previous work.
I would like to hold the integrity of this site, as well as my review.
Any extra questions, feel free to send me a message.
Also- I am not quite sure how you could assume my pictures aren't fake as I have two distinct beauty marks that show up in every photo (lol).
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Daniel is incredible. He knows so much about the nose, and only performs Rhinoplasty. He is the co-founder of The Rhinoplasty Society and has written multiple textbooks on Rhinoplasty techniques. He is pioneer in the field, and is highly respected amongst surgeons everywhere. I have an extremely complicated nose, yet he made it look PERFECT. His staff, Amy and Judy, are also lovely to work with. Their follow up care is impeccable and the treatment that I received is flawless. I couldn't ask for a better plastic surgeon, one who actually understands that Rhinoplasty isn't just about changing the bone, but the cartilage as well. He has performed THOUSANDS of Rhinoplasty and travels around the world lecturing on it. You can look on his website for more info on his credentials, as they surpass what I am writing here

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