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Ever since I was 15..16 I have longed for more...

Ever since I was 15..16 I have longed for more fuller supple breasts. Being one of the first to develop in my age group, & going through so many weight fluxuations, I have never had full or perky breasts. Started wearing bras in 4th grade, full Ds by 16yrs old, small Bs by 18.. everything in between since. Now, I have small sad saggy Cs :( some Drs thought I had breastfed. I am not necessarily going for size. Just as much fullness & lift that I can get with an implant for my shape and with no lift though the Dr. would have rather done just a lift alone. I have chosen Dr. John M. Shamoun as my PS. Thus far I'm super happy. Excited about this, and I hope my story finds you well & it's helpful!

Surgery scheduled

I have finally decided upon a date & chosen to go with 400cc smooth round mentor implants, under muscle, inframamory incision (under boob). I am 5'3 140-145 lbs. more athletic build than fat. If I go any larger I'll look fat :( I just want to look very curvy. I also originally wanted to go with anatomical gel teardrop implants. I want a very natural look, and also the theory is that bc they adhere to the capsule & stay in place (bc they are textured)... they won't sag as much & they will keep their shape. Any other implant will go with the gravity & weight of the breast, therefore possibly making it even sag more. Ughhh However, there is a small percentage of rotation. which makes me nervous. Risk of rotation with smooth round doesn't matter bc it won't make the breast look distorted in any angle. I would have loved to try the anatomicals but I just can't afford another surgery in case of rotation to have them replaced with smooth rounds anyways. Feeling confident with this choice especially after speaking with dr about it, he would've gone either way, but I just choose not to roll the dice.

morning of surgery!

50% excited 50% scared

Day 1 post op

Sorry these are belated posts: So I did it! My friend dropped me off at 7:15 am, I went back, met the staff, spoke with Dr. Shamoun, he marked me up... I was scared. Everyone was great but my anxiety was just SO high. As I was changing into surgery gear, walking back into the room with the mr. anesthesia himself, Ron, who is amazing... it hit me. Omg this is finally happening.. woah.. Being strapped into the surgery table I start crying, Ron looks at me saying it's going to be alright. He numbs my arm with a local lydicane so I don't even feel the IV insertion. He then says he's going to give me something to make me sleepy, then bam, I'm waking up to him saying my name rubbing my arm comfortingly saying "hello honey good morning you did great it's over" I opened my eyes and immediately lifted the sheets and looked down at my chest as I goofily said "that's them?" I was so surreal. I then asked the wonderful tech Holly what size & profile Dr. Shamoun wound up going with. 450 cc moderate plus. :o I was expecting 400 but I did tell him I would rather him use his discretion & then if need be changes, come out slightly bigger than smaller. The feeling out of this surgery is indescribable... 200 million push-ups, elephants sitting on your chest, it is bizarre. My friend got pulled over by the worst Irvine police man for rolling a stop sign in her appartment complex, who had NO concern that she was on her way to pick up a friend just out of surgery who was waiting for her as anisthisia was wearing off. Even as my mother was on the phone with her the Irvine Policeman even condescended her saying "the friend you need to pick up from surgery? it's not going to happen!" Shame on him and shame on Irvine police department. He gave her a ticket & she came in an Uber to pick me up TWO hours later. It was not necessary for him to take up that much of her time. The car ride back.. yes bumps & turns hurt especially after anisthisia & IV pain meds wear off, but tolerable. I was happy to see that I had no binding things no wrapping or compression bandages. I was happy to be done with surgery, happy to be with my friend, & happy to have my implants & be in a comfortable place!

Day 2 post op

They said Day 2 is the worst. Dr Shamoun was wonderful & called me first night out of surgery as well as Day 2 morning to check on me. So all of day 1 I was up & about for the most part compared to all my friends who were layed out for a week or 2! I was prescribed vicodine but was only taking half. Pain was .. definately pain but I guess I just prepared myself for an unimaginable scale of 100% pain. Day 2 I wake up after sleeping upright, not easy btw, & yes it hurts. My boyfriend helps me sit up as I need to eat some food before taking vicodine. VERY IMPORTANT. My obgyn actually told me the week before that it was very important to eat a full meal or at least eat a little bit of something heavy 20 minutes BEFORE taking a vicodine. I think that's why I haven't thrown up at all. The afternoon is coming up & my boyfriend asks my friend & I (she is also post op 20 days w complications) if we would like to go out for lunch. So we go! Then we go for a movie:) Day 2, out & about. Wow. All I have to say is that Dr. Shamoun is incredible or that I am the female equivalent of the Wolverine.

Day 3 Post op

Waking up this morning was not bad at all. Still tender of course but I can now pull my pants down by myself to go to the bathroom, wipe (boyfriend was helping before), & flush (pushing the lever is tough) . Yesterday I actually could brush teeth, do hair, put on makeup.. Today the hardest things have still been sitting up using arms but that's about it. Yesterday day 2 around 7pm was pretty bad. I started crying from uncomfortability rather than actual pain. Bra is tight, chest is sore (it's not a "boob" pain never had been.. it is pure pectoral pain), neck pain, but most of all back & butt pain from having to sit upright & sit not being able to adjust yourself:( for me, its frustrating & uncomfortable more than painful!

Day 3

boyfriend notices they're dropping slightly :)

Week 7

I know I was happy before, but I am even happier. They look & feel amazing. And so natural!? Even my friends can't get over it. How fast I recovered, how real they feel & look, how small & undetectable the incision is.. Clothes fit better, my body is more proportionate, more confident in the bedroom which is a nice surprise. I have no more soreness, & I don't even need to do any crazy massages, just squeeze each implant for 10 seconds per day. That's it! They're settling nicely, & it's like I never even had anything done, until I look in the mirror that is! I just feel more complete. Everything I wanted and then some:)

Best Decision EVER!!

I have a previous post Pre Op describing my feelings but this is my Post Op story and it is very short. I love my new breasts, and I love Dr. John Shamoun. He couldn'tve done a better job & couldn't be happier. Recovery was virtually painless. Up and moving day of, but took it easy. Day after went to lunch & movies. Week 1 back in gym. 1 month already looking & feeling natural, insicions amazing & healed. Worth every penny.

Loving results even more

Almost a year later, I am loving my breast augmentation. They look, move, and feel even more natural as time has progressed. Now fully settled in. They look just like my natural originals, just now, they're more filled out:) exactly what I wanted. The Dr. did suggest a lift along with the implant, which I agree with however, I haven't had kids yet and plan to. So until I am through having children, I'll enjoy these boobies and then I'll get the whole mommy makeover when the time comes! These are perfect for the time being.

After almost 15 yrs of considering plastic surgery & looking for doctors I have finally come upon Dr. Shamoun. I just like the guy. He is honest & very frank. He might not tell you exactly what you want to hear, but that's a very important thing when going into anything that can permantly change you. Everything he says is logical, and he takes the time to talk with you about every detail. He is also pricey. I have been saving for a LONG time.. But I have a feeling he will be worth every penny. From what I've seen plastic surgery wise in general.. the saying "you get what you pay for" definitely rings true. When it comes to your body, why risk it. Go to the best, save the money. Dr. Shamoun's staff (Yvonne) has also been spectacular. She helps explain anything else you might be unsure of. I have never gotten such a good feeling from any medical office as I have with Dr. Shamouns office. He seems like a true cross between Skilled surgeon of medical science & Artist. Excited about this quest:)

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