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Ok, so as an artist myself, I have an a cute eye...

Ok, so as an artist myself, I have an a cute eye for detail & always wanted to make a slight change to my nose. I have always felt that it is slightly masculine & somewhat not harmonious with my face. Just a little too big & strong. I don't want a small "cute" nose. Just my same nose but a little softer & more feminine. However I am so scared that it will somehow come out looking worse. I have chosen Dr. John M. Shamoun to do my procedure. I am very confident with his expertise & experience. I have seen his work in the flesh old & new. I also just had my breast aug with him & I am very happy with mh result and experience. I feel if anyone can yeild the conservative natural result Im seeking, he is the guy. However, As much as I've always wanted this.. I have totally cold feet. I am invisioning the moment of going under & waking up to have actually having it done & im so scared that I won't like it. Yet part of me is so excited to finally have the change & that I will be so much happier & so relieved. I haven't scheduled my surgery yet though I plan to within the next few months. I don't hate my nose, but I don't love it. I'm constantly editing it in pictures & finding myself so unhappy with any videos & pictures I'm in bc of it :( It is just slightly too bulbous towards the tip, too wide when I smile, diagnosed deviated septum (as I age it is also slightly crooked & moving more to my right off center) & the dorsal hump keeps becoming more pronounced as time goes on. So many harsh angles & I feel it overpowers my face. Still, I guess it's hard coming to the actual realization that I am going permanently alter my face & that I will never have this nose back.. plus my conscience kicks in & I think about how so many would be happy to have the nose I have, that it isn't terribly bad, or that my vanity might ruin my looks & I will somehow come out with something worse... it also doesn't help when a lot of people don't see what I'm seeing & they say I'm crazy or that it looks fine. Most of my days I find myself in deep thought about this & begin obcessing about it & realizing that really seeing that any kind of slight refinement could be so much better! Have any of you that have gone through rhino had these feelings? I would love to know any of your thoughts, feelings, & opinions. Help :/

Is it realistic for me to want to see a Frontal Similation from Dr. for rhinoplasty???

My Dr. gave me a simulation of the side profile before & after. But didn't provide any other angles of simulation. Is this the norm? Is it a realistic expectation to ask for a "projected" frontal view digitalization for my future rhinoplasty?

Ready and able to schedule surgery but holding back

I am so scared. I am SO scared. What if I come out with a completely different nose:/ He does great work so I'm not concerned that the nose itself won't look good, but after our consults I am worried that he will want to go smaller on the tip than I want. I expressed I wanted to keep some boxiness. He said I would be the first client in 20 something yrs of his experience who is asking to keep any boxiness. I feel like it is me, if I went from super boxy bulbous tip to completely refined.. I feel it would look too different. He said he would do it but wouldn't do it again even if I decided I didn't like the boxiness he left, so if I change my mind... can't take it back. I showed him pictures of what I liked, some scarlette johannson, some Elisha cuthbert, and some Victoria justice. They all have somewhat boxy tips. I am just worried I won't like it, that it won't look like me, & I can't take it back! Such anxiety, I obcess about doing it or not doing it all day, every day. It doesn't help that people tell me "don't touch it, it's perfect, don't say I told you so.... etc" That makes it worse! This has been something that has bothered me since such a young age. If I could just have a slight change it would change my life. However if it's too much of a change, I could never forgive myself.

I Conquered my fears and did it!!

Thanks for your support everyone, I am going to do a whole separate review for this. Lets just say it deserves it! Stay tuned :)

Incredible Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty Experience

I've always wanted a slight nasal modification. My nose is not a bad nose but has been on the larger side and I've been wanting it slightly softer/more feminine looking. Later in life, my septum also became deviated causing its own little annoyances on top of aesthetic discrepencies that I've had. The problem was, I hadn't found a Dr. who produced the natural results I was looking for. Finally, once I did, I was way too scared to actually go through with's one of the hardest procedures to perform and its also a permanent change right on your face. It's intense! About 3 years after meeting Dr. John Shamoun and first speaking with him about my nose.. I had saved the money, done my BA with him to test the waters, established serious trust, got up the guts, and I booked the date for my rhinoplasty/septoplasty. The rest is history.

Surgery on a wed morning; My boyfriend and I got there at 7:15 am. I signed in, changed into gown, cap, booties, met with the anesthesiologist and nurse, and went to have my last consult with the Dr. before he marked me up for the procedure. Naturally I have pretty bad anxiety in strenuous situations like this. It is like going on an extremely crazy, scary rollercoaster.. getting up the nerve to go on it, waiting in line, it's finally your turn, getting strapped in, getting to the top, and then the drop. Eek! Dr. Shamoun and his staff made me feel so comfortable and at ease even though I wasn't. I gave my guy a hasty hug and kiss as my tears made their appearance and was walked into the O.R. as the Dr. assuringly put his arm around me. I was never even able to envision this moment bc of my anxiety but it was definitely happening! I laid down, had my iv insertion and didn't feel a thing as the anesthesiologist gently numbed me to do it. He and the nurses voices were soothing and reassuring as I was getting sleepy.. and then I woke up to their same voices calmly saying my name, waking me up, letting me know it was over. They went to get my boyfriend promptly which was great. There wasn't any pain, there was just some nausea. It's a heavy feeling on the face and I just remembered to breath through my mouth. Before I knew it, I was being wheeled down to the car on the way to recovery. The hardest part was done with and for me, I don't think it could've gone more smoothly:) the ride was over.

Check out my previous reviews for the whole story...

check out my previous reviews for the whole story and my feelings before surgery. Post op pix here!

I couldn't be happier with the results. My Dr. and his team are amazing. Once again. This is my second surgical procedure with him and he has nailed both. I am almost 1 month out and everything is going smoothly. I honestly felt 100% normal about 2 weeks post op. After 3 days post Op, there is no pain or uncomfortability, Just some swelling and left over bruising. After 1 week, stitches out and cast comes off. I cried out of happiness and relief.. thrilled with the results. Honestly, even right after surgery, it looks worse than it feels. I had no packing and a lot of dissolvable sutures. He did A LOT, without making it look like anything was done... it looks so natural and subtle that my clients who see me every few weeks don't even notice whats been done. They notice something is different and usually ask if I did my hair or makeup differently and say I look great. No one can figure it out, which is exactly what i wanted. Even my best friend needed to see the before and afters to realize the vast improvements. I still look and feel like me, except with the nose of my dreams. I haven't even edited my nose in one picture, and that is such a wonderful feeling. I know the swelling takes about a year to fully dissipate, but if I'm loving results now, that means every day i will literally love it even more. I am so glad i went through with this procedure to spite my fears and doubts And I am so very thankful to my Dr. for doing such an incredible job. My breast aug was previously the bet decision ever... now this is.

Post Op Pics

Swelling going down, getting happier everyday

Almost 8 months post op!

I love it.

Dr. Shamoun and his team are everything.

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