41 w Kids CoolSculpt Consult and Possibly Procedure Scheduled

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I have been stalking procedures on RS for years...

I have been stalking procedures on RS for years now. Finally broke down and scheduled Coolsculpt for this Monday. Have lost about 20 lbs but still struggle w the tummy pads that Ive had even at my leanest in HS. After 2 kids I may need a TT to deal w skin lax but want to see if Coolsculpt and possibly Thermage later can get me to " good enough". Would be nice to see my abs more defined. Everylittle bit helps right?

CoolSculpt Advantage Treatment Today- Yay!

Went for my consult at Dr. Grace Liu's office. Consult was friendly & thorough as we went over Coolsculpt vs Vanquish and also Exilis for skin toning. My tummy squishy pads were great for coolsculpt so I had the medium head treatment done in two areas this morning. The vanquish is for firmer fat and more of a circumference option. But I really needed to target the trouble spot (Though I would consider Vanquish as a follow up if needed down the road). I will most likely go thru with Exilis also in 2 months to address my skin lax issues.

But as far as my treatment today, the CoolSculpt Advantage is the newer applicator, it only takes 35 minutes per area. It does not do the weird full pinching suction of the older model and covers a wider surface area. I was also told that the recovery discomfort is less because the newer applicator doesn't pull as harshly on the skin, less nerve trauma. (I would check to make sure anyone you are seeing for CoolSculpt is using the new Advantage applicator... shorter treatment time and less recovery issues)

The freeze discomfort was strong for about 10 minutes then totally manageable. Her office provides movies or netflix, so I watched my Black Mirror episode on Netflix. Could've napped honestly. Even the post treatment clean up and massage was not that uncomfortable. So far so good and I would at this point say totally happy with my decision.

3 Days After Coolsculpt Advantage

Just a note. Before procedure I was worried. I had read alot of reviews about the discomfort and recovery pain. I had to get on a plane for a work trip the day after my treatment. Though my abdomen is still a little tender to the touch I have no actual pain. Nothing sharp, stabbing or ongoing. It kinda feels a little numbish, like the fat layer isnt a part of my body ( weird to explain).
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