CoolScultpting 56 year old Male Lower Abdomen

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So I'm going to update this every day with...

So I'm going to update this every day with progress notes. The procedure itself is no big deal, I had 2 large areas done, 60 Minutes each, so my butt was hurting more than anything else. They gave not more but a sheet of paper about after-care, things to expect. Of course, there is no mention of people have tremendous pain people have been reporting on this site 4 days after the procedure. (
So as a precaution I got my doctor to prescribe Gabapentin 300mg and Lidocaine Patches (love my GP).
I also ordered Bromelain for bruising and Young Living Pan Away Essential Oil that apparently some folks got relief from.
On a side-note, I had 3 failed back surgeries and was on very high doses of Opiates for a very long time and I finally decided last year enough and stopped cold turkey. It was as pleasant as one can imagine -NOT, but I made it and there is no way I ever go back in Opiates unless absolutely necessary. The reason I bring this up is I was a nice 190 pounds, going to the gym and was pretty buff before the work accident in 2008. Now I have ballooned to over 255 pounds and I'm disgusted to even look in the mirror

Update day 2 CoolsSulpting

No bruising, maybe a little tender but not even worth mentioning at this point. I did sleep all night with Ice packs, which is nothing new I sleep with then every night on by lower back where I had the fusion surgery.

Update day 3 CoolsSulpting

So far so good. no pain, no swelling (maybe due to the Ice Packs), it's like nothing happened. I'm not celebrating quite yet since most people started reporting nerve pain on the 4th day. So I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

Update day 4 CoolsSulpting

Not much to report, I got a couple of tiny bruises on the very bottom of the treatment, unfortunately,the Pineapple extract only arrived yesterday so I'm taking it now. Still sleeping every night with Ice Packs on it and massage it twice a day. One thing I have noticed while the skin/fat was quite movable before the treatment it feels almost liquefied now. It this a good thing, I don't know, time will tell. Until tomorrow.

Update day 5 CoolsSulpting Lower Abdomen

I sound like a broken record, no pain just a little tenderness. I did forget to mention this is the very lower abdomen which according to the Technician is the least painful. The mid-section is second and the worst is the chest (for men only obviously). The ugly scar you see has nothing to do with the procedure, that was part of my back surgeries (two from the back one from the front). I still believe it's the all-night ice-packs that really do the trick, although I don't ice it during the day still no pain. Maybe tomorrow, I'm known to react strangely. Good luck to you all.

Update day 6 CoolsSulpting

Nothing to pain!

Update day 6 CoolsSulpting

The only thing to report is that I did NOT use ice this night. It's a little tender but that's it.

Update day 8 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen (Previous update should be day 7)

Same as before, a bit tender, that's it.

Update day 9 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen

Broken record, no pain just a little numb.

Update day 10 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen

No pain...

Update day 11 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen

Nothing exciting to report, I just wish the results were more instantaneous rather 2-4 month process.

pdate day 12 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen

no news, not even a picture

Update day 13 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen

I'm not sure that the skin folds are ever going to go away, but it is supposed to take a long time. At least no pain, still sleep with ice on it. Lost about 15 pounds but I'm also drinking more and follow the 4-hour? body diet (although not as strict as I should).

Update day 14 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen

Np pain

Update day 15 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen

No Pain

Update day 16 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen

Nothing to report.

Update day 17 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen

The pounds are coming off very quickly - alas not quick enough to see real results. I started at 255 pounds and this morning I was at 239.

Update day 18 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen

No exciting new, still no pain even when massaging it. Numbness seems to have dissipated?.

Update day 19 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen

I think this is as good as it's going to get, I can't really see any difference? anymore

Update day 20 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen

No Pain!

Update day 21 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen

Lost another 2 pounds overnight, no pain!

Update day 21 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen

Yesterday was a cheat day and I ate way too much, from Pizza to Ice-cream, still lost 1 pound.

Update day 22 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen

Worry about pain is way past, however, those skin folds are not going to go away without further intervention.

Update day 23 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen i-Lipo Chest

The first-day i-Lipo and full pic with CoolSculpting day 23.

Update day 24 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 2nd day i-Lipo Chest

I started i-lipo for my chest so I'll just continue the thread.

Update day 25 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 3nd day i-Lipo Chest

A picture is worth a thousand words

Update day 26 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 4th day i-Lipo Chest

I can't see any difference anymore but it is supposed to take time.

Update day 27 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 5th day i-Lipo Chest

Update day 28 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 6th day i-Lipo Chest

Update day 29 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 7th day i-Lipo Chest

The waiting game...

Update day 30 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 8th day i-Lipo Chest

Down 2 more pounds, not that you can tell!

Update day 31 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 9th day i-Lipo Chest

To my surprise, another pound lost.

Update day 32 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 10th day i-Lipo Chest

Others seem to see a difference, I don't but again it's too soon.

Update day 33 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 11th day i-Lipo Chest

Update day 34 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 12th day i-Lipo Chest

Update day 35 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 13th day i-Lipo Chest

I think another treatment is necessary.

Update day 36 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 14th day i-Lipo Chest

not much change.

Update day 37 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 17th day i-Lipo Chest

I think for the first time I see results, now I realize that the damn scar is just uglier than the rest.

Update day 38 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 18th day i-Lipo Chest

Update day 40 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 20th day i-Lipo Chest

Update day 41 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 21th day i-Lipo Chest

Update day 49 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 30 th day i-Lipo Chest

Still not really happy...

Update day 51 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 32 th day i-Lipo Chest

Can't tell any difference anymore.

Update day 57 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen

Update day 57 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 56 year old Male

It's getting there, that scar either stays or I will have to have it removed, is really worth it, I'm not 20 anymore.

Update day 59 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 56 year old Male

Update day 60 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 56 year old Male

Update day 55 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 56 year old Male

Update day 57 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 56 year old Male

Update day 60 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 56 year old Male

Just the scar and the surrounding tissue.

Update day 61 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 56 year old Male

Update day 67 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 56 year old Male

I think it's definitely going better and even the skin flaps slowly are going away. It's not the body of a 20/30 year old but that is unrealistic to begin with.

Update day 70 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 56 year old Male

Now some Liposculpting and it will be perfect LOL... not going to do that.

Update day 71 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 56 year old Male

Update day 75 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 56 year old Male

Update day 78 CoolSulpting Lower Abdomen 56 year old Male

Soon to be 57 years old on 9/11 :-)
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The staff is really nice as for the procedure it is too early to make any judgements​.

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