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I have posted some pictures of my breasts before...

I have posted some pictures of my breasts before implant removal and lift. I am currently a D to DD cup. I am 5'4 and weigh 130 pounds. My implants are 345cc saline. I'm really nervous about my surgery tomorrow, but I know I am in skilled hands. I'm going to post more pictures tomorrow after my surgery.
I am hoping to be back to my natural breast size of a C cup. Dr. Bandy informed me that I will be a bit smaller than that. I'm totally fine with being a big B.
I have a slight capsule around my left breast that causes me pain and to be totally honest the weight of breast implants is killing my neck and back. I have degenerative disc disease and the weight is not helping.
I just want to be back to the natural me and to be able to run again will be very nice!

Implants are out!

Just got home and I'm feeling pretty good. Very sore but not as painful as I anticipated. Dr. Bandy did an amazing job and her staff is wonderful!

Well today hurts like h***!!!

Did not get much sleep last night and am feeling pretty sore today. Even though it's extremely painful, I still am glad I got the lift. I know that healing takes time. I'm taking lots of vitamins and my boyfriend is juicing for me. I know eating healthy will heal me alot faster.

Took my first shower....

Took off the bandages today and had a shower. Of course the steri-strips are still in place. Feeling better as every day passes. Took some pictures without the bra and bandages. There looking a little lopsided, I know that it will all smooth out in the next few weeks. I'm still very happy to have those horrible implants out!

4 weeks post op.

I'm 4 weeks post op.
Healing really well, except one spot at vertical incision right at the bottom of my left aereola, the stitch is poking out.
Definitely having some puckering around my aereola, but I know that will dissipate with time.
I did have a capsular contraction around my left implant. My doctor told me is wasn't bad enough to need removing, but that breast is big and has healed much slower. Wish that I would have had it removed.
Other than a few bumps in the road. I'm very happy I removed my breasts implants. I was a 32DD and now I am a 32C!

Here are my 4 week pictures.

More 4 weeks post op pictures.

10 weeks post op.

I'm healing up!

One year later!

Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

My experience has been just fine so far. Consultation went smoothly. I choose Dr. Bandy because of how excellent your breast lifts looked and her 5 star reviews.

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