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I've been thinking about this for a while, but I'm...

I've been thinking about this for a while, but I'm still very unsure! I Am 31, 5'9" and 145 lbs and have had two Kids... and my breasts have, well, downsized quite a bit since. I'm really looking for a natural full look but am nervous about complicatiOns or lOoking "fake"... Any advice would help, as I'm JUST getting started!! Thanks! :)

So I went to my consultation with Dr. Bandy and I...

So I went to my consultation with Dr. Bandy and I decided to go ahead with the surgery! And then I changed my mind back and forth for about a week and finally booked my appointment and put down my deposit today!

She spent over an hour with me going over every question I could possibly think of and made me feel really comfortable. After she left the patient consultant went over some initial sizing (they said we'll spend a lot more time with that at my 2hr pre-op appointment) with the implant under a bra they had (mine was too padded!). She showed me 300 to 500 cc's. I'm not sure where I'll end up with that. I really don't even know what size I am now! I still wear my old 32 C bras even though I have a big gap in them! I think my cup size is probably a small B on the right and a full B on the left. I'm 5'9" 145 lbs and have a 29" rib cage. I am hoping to have a full but natural look. Maybe a 32 D. That is what I measured at Nordstrom before I had my kids. I don't want to go so small there's no point, but I also REALLY don't want to have big old fake lookin boobs!!

We decided on the under muscle, under breast incision (can't remember how to spell the technical names!) and silicone gels. Any advice on these choices would be extremely appreciated!! And on size! I will post my before pictures as soon as I figure out how... Yuck! :(

Also, how much time to you all take off? I have a desk job that I'm pretty new at... I was thinking five days, including procedure day, but the consultant suggested a week... What do you guys think?

Any and all advice is much appreciated!!!

Thank you

Oops... Now I see I should have made a new post...

Oops... Now I see I should have made a new post not an update... Oh well, I'll get the hang of it soon! :)

So I have a lot to update!! I went to my pre op...

So I have a lot to update!! I went to my pre op appointment yesterday and it was a crazy whirlwind of emotions. I got so nervous before hand that I was literally have chest pains and freaking out. I got in there and they took my blood pressure was super high (normally I run very low). The nurse was so nice and really calmed me down. She seemed very knowledgable and I found out she has been working with dr bandy for eighteen years! She had nothing but positive stories to tell me about her.

So anyways I calmed down, my husband met me there and I started the fun part... The sizing! At first when I tried on the implants I felt like I looked like Dolly Parton! Seriously, I felt like I was going to topple over! The girl helping me brought me another set and asked what I thought. I said I like them much better and she laughed... They were the same cc's! Just high profile and the first were mod's. I thought high profile would look way bigger (and I know it's different once they are inside you) but the moderate ones felt so wide I could feel them in
My arm pits! When the doctor measured my breast diameter she said that made sense... Even though I'm tall and not skinny my rib cage is smallish. I'm about 28 inches around and the "breast diameter" is 12 centimeters... Anyone else have a similar situation? I'm still a little concerened about the high profile, but for now that's what I'm planning on. Also we're thinking 400 cc on the left and 425 to 450 on the right. I'm thinking ill end up a 32 d -dd... What do you guys think? I'm doing silicone unders with the inframamary (sp?!) placement.

I am so back and forth between out of my mind excited and insanely nervous! Anyone else close? Anyone else feeling this way? My surgery date is the 17th!!!

So, the day is almost here! I can't believe it! ...

So, the day is almost here! I can't believe it! Day after tomorrow is my surgery day! I have gone through so many emotions preparing for this. I was terrified last week, reading everything that could possibly go wrong and worrying about crazy things that don't even happen often. I got myself convinced I was going with the wrong size wrong profile, not enought time off, that I'm not prepared... I was going a little crazy! Now though I'm suddenly JUST EXCITED! I can't wait to be on the other side!

I know I'm doing silicone, under the muscle, crease incision and high profile. I think the cc's will be 400 on right and 425 on the left. But I think ultimately she'll use her best judgment. I feel like I might have preemptive boob greed... I'm already worried this wont be big enough! Seriously though, in the long run I think it will be perfect. I was worried about the high profile too... But the more I look into, with the size of my rib cage and breast diameter, I think it will look perfect.

Any advice for the home stretch, anyone? I'm sure the nerves will set back in any second... But for now I'm going to enjoy the excitement! But any advice on recovery would be much appreciated :)

The day is here! I'm on my way in... I can't...

The day is here! I'm on my way in... I can't believe it's happening. It all feels very surreal. I get super excited and feel like I can't wait, then the next thing I know I have a wave of intense panic. Then it feels like any other morning and doesn't feel real. Anyway... Wish me luck please! I'll update as soon as I able to after.

So I made it! I'll post the details of the...

So I made it! I'll post the details of the surgery before and after later but here are the highlights:

Dr Bandy and her staff at fantastic! Sweet, kind, patient and professional. As nervous as I was I felt like I was in good hands.
When I woke up.... OH. MY. GOD. The pain was immediately intense... Easily a level nine. The pain level in labor when you would beg for an epidural. That had me wait about twenty minutes and gave me 2 norco's and they really just took the edge off. I left the hospital at about an eight. Thankfully the pain feel very localized to the chest, neck, and shoulders (and arms if I move them at All). Now all that being said, I felt great mentally! I think reading all the stories on here have me a closer to realistic expectation to what I would feel. I could laugh with my husband and the nurse and talk fine. I was really surprised how much it burned though!

I got home and took a muscle relaxer and that, thankfully brought me down to a six on the pain scale. I took a couple quick naps, and ate some sushi, and iced A LOT! I feel like the ice is doing the most!

Can you ice too much?!

Stay tuned for more info.... And those of you getting close, ask me ANYTHING! I think this site helped more than anything in being prepared!

I am exhausted but can't sleep! I dose off for...

I am exhausted but can't sleep! I dose off for like a half an hour here and there, but am just not sleeping and it's after 3 am now!! I would kill for a deep sleep right now!! Oh well, guess I can update the details of surgery.

I got there at 8:30 am and they had me change and went over everything again. My PS came in and marked me up, and answered all of my last minute questions. She said she was bringing 400, 425, and 450 in with her. The anesthesiologist came in also and asked me a lot of questions and answered a lot of mine. She seemed like one of those highly intelligent semi awkward types, which I love for someone whose handling my health in such a way!
I was doing great, just excited not too scared, until they got me back in the operating room! I started crying and didn't know why! But all of the staff said this is very normal.... She got my IV in and then I asked if she was giving me something to relax, she smile and next thing I know I was wide awake and in pain!! I was super relieved to be on the other side and talking a lot, feeling very mental well. I got a peak before the bra went on and I think they looked great! I'm glad I did before the swelling started.
My husband came in and was shocked to see me so up and happy.
Then I got really nauseous but could not throw up! It was horrible! My sweet nurse Isabel gave me her jambs juice smoothie she had in the fridge for lunch and it worked like a charm! I felt better w food in my stomach instantly!

So My ps ended up using the 400 on the left and the 450 on the right. They are silicone, high profile and under the muscle with a crease incision.

I am really surprised at how helpless I feel! The first half of the day home I didn't feel like I could even hold a cup! I could adjust my position... I feel like every move I make uses my pectoral muscles!!! Anyone else notice this?? Thank God for my husband!! He has seriously waited on me hand and foot, with a sweet attitude the whole way through!!
I do think I need a different pain pill though... The norco's are doing NOTHING!! I am afraid I'll take too many flexerill's (muscle relaxers). My mom left me an oxy... But I am way too scared to take it! Any suggestions on what I should ask for?

Also, has anyone else had the experience of knowing you be insanely swollen and hard, but you are still shocked at just HOW swolle , high and hard they are?! I've seen so many progress pics, but somehow am still shocked!! It feels like after you have a baby and are engorged kind of... But worse!

Okay, it's time I can take a muscle relaxer... Maybe I can get some sleep?!? I hope I hope!! Please send sleep vibes!!

So, today is day three (counting surgery as day...

So, today is day three (counting surgery as day one... And I feel SO MUCH BETTER! I'm still sore and uncomfortable, and truly exhausted, but the pain level I would say is down to a three! And I'm taking less medication. I can hardly stay awake after barely sleeping for two days!

Okay, time to post updated after pics!!

I am so thankful that I found this site... If not...

I am so thankful that I found this site... If not I would be terrified of my rock hard huge torpedo boobs!!! Before I found this site I had no idea the started off so high and swollen and hard. Even being prepared I find myself freaking out a little! I think it's hard knowing they're still going to change quite a bit and not knowing what they'll look like. I wish there was some definitive timeline of how they'll change and when they'll be normal!

I'm shocked by how huge they are and I'm really hoping they get smaller as the swelling goes down!

So, I've heard about this Morning boob thing......

So, I've heard about this
Morning boob thing... So far 4 days in, I feel like that but almost all day! Anyone feel like that?! I feel like I have ongoing Braxton hicks contraction of the boobs!

So overall I am feeling WAY better today! And I actually slept a few hours at a time last night! I think that helped a lot! I'm just anxious over how freaking heavy these boons are!! It should get better as the swelling goes down right? I posted pics from today... I think they're normal swollen, but then I get my self freaked out!
Side note: does anyone use coconut oil on them? Though it might help healing, but I also for nervous that I should wait til after my 1 week checkup.

Happy healing ladies!!! :)

So, I'm five days post op now and feeling great! ...

So, I'm five days post op now and feeling great! Still sore, high, and tired but a million times better! Showers still feel creepy... I feel like I'm going to mess up my incision! I don't no why but I am so scared of that... I go in the bathroom and check it constantly! Anyone else worried about that?
I can get up from the couch A LOT easier now. Still feels funny In my chest, but I don't have to have my husband lift me off anymore! I am also extremely scared about hurting myself in a way that will cause major complications. Is it normal if you accidentally put weight on you arms to feel shooting shock like pains in your chest? Also anyone else have numbness on the Lower half of breast? Does feeling come back? Kinda worried about that. i am loving my new boobs! I can't wait for them to feel soft and hang a little. I also can't wait until my 5year old can run up and jump on me again! I didn't think how sad it would make me feel to not be able to cuddle for a little while :(. And is it normal for them to tighten up all the time? Just when I feel like they're getting softer the tighten up like a pregnant belly having a contraction!

Posting a few pics of today's progress... Actually I don't see much progress yet... Still very bolt on, but I love them anyway!

I'm post op day 7! The past few days I've been...

I'm post op day 7! The past few days I've been very emotional and down. I don't know what I expected
My progress at this point but I didn't expect to have round the clock hard tight boobs! The pain has really let up today though, and for that I'm thrilled! I go back to work tomorrow and I super scared! Any advice from those who've gone back?? No one knows at work what I had done, so that's kind of weird :). Hopefully since I usually wear really padded bras it won't be so obvious... Also I plan on wearing scarves for a while :). I went off pain med's today and surprisingly am doing really well... I think they might have had something to do with my feeling down. So, is it normal at my stage to still feel so tight??

So, I went back to work today! I woke up...

So, I went back to work today! I woke up terrified with the most intense morning boob EVER! I got out of bed, I mean off of the couch, popped my two extra strength Tylenol and shuffled to the shower think there is no way I'm making it today! My whole shower I was think in cant do it, I'll never make it! To make matters worse my husband left very early for a work trip, so I was also on my own getting the kids ready and to school. Somehow by the time I get out of the shower and started getting dressed I realized I was feeling better. I got the kids off to school (with lunch money and fast food breakfast!!) and made my way to work. And I was okay. All day. I really had no pain just some stinging pain around the incisions (might juat be the tape) and some weird nerve tingling (I thinkigjt be the nerves waking back up where I'm numb?) and off and on stiffness. I was actually less stiff today than any day so far... Although I'm back to pretty stiff tonight :). I have to say I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER since I got off the pain med's. I'm not exhausted anymore, I have more energy, I feel happier, somehow the pain is better (if that makes sense) and I feel like myself... With a huge, but high and tight, rack ;). Tomorrow I have my one week post op. I can't wait to hear what she has to say... I'm hoping I can wear something besides my surgical bra. If not I'm going to need to order a larger one... What was I think buying a medium?!

I took some updated photos tonight after I posted...

I took some updated photos tonight after I posted my update and I have to say, I'm so excited! They are starting to look like what I think the look like eventually! I hope that makes sense :). They've been a little less tight today and I feel like they seem bigger in a way. I have to say it, and I haven't said this since I was pregnant last... I LOVE MY BOOBS! I'm so glad I did this. I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

Went to my post op this week. I have a lot to say...

Went to my post op this week. I have a lot to say about this... But right now, all I can manage is... The strap is hell!! Mine are riding A BIT high, so my PS prescribed the strap... And I'm sorry, why didn't anyone tell me what a true hell this was?! It's so painful. :(

2 WEEKS POST OP!!! I am two weeks post op today...

2 WEEKS POST OP!!! I am two weeks post op today and feeling great! Only slight discomfort now. I'm not even taking Tylenol and the only thing that hurts is when I wear my strap. I hate that thing! I am extremely happy with my results. I am so happy i went with my doctor's suggestions on size and profile. If I had made the choices with out her opinion, I probably would have gotten 300 cc moderate profile... And I got 400 (left) and 425 (right) high profile! I'm so happy! They are still riding a little high, but I feel confident they'll continue to drop. It's been so nice to have so many people on here to read their stories and know that my progress is totally normal. I think if I didn't have this site I would be freaking that they'd never soften up and would be high forever! Before I started this journey I thought by two weeks you'd be completely healed and see your permanent results!! Ha ha! Yeah right :)
My only complaint is the strap
And I'm dying to sleep curled up on my side. Also I miss big hugs from family with out having to worry if they'll hurt me. And I look forward to serious cleaning again! I'm being so careful not
Lifting or pulling too much, and my house is seriously suffering. But I'm choosing to let it go! I can always clean
Later right? My left is starting to soften up and my right is following close behind. I can't wait to have soft boobs again! I don't think I'll really truly believe they'll soften up and feel naturalish until I see/feel it! Anyone else w silicone under muscle high profile--- when did they soften up? Mine are definitely softer, but have a ways to go! Also when we're you all cleared to sleep on your side? One last note: for all of you experiencing the crazy emotional roller coaster... Hang in there! It gets better! I once again feel like a rational level person and am SO GLAD I WENT THROUGH WITH THIS! So thankful I finally took the leap!

Oops, trying to post pics :)

Oops, trying to post pics :)

Wow, after posting my pictures I can see their...

Wow, after posting my pictures I can see their moving towards the middle more! Yay... Baby steps :)

I'm 3 weeks post op and feeling better everyday! ...

I'm 3 weeks post op and feeling better everyday! My right is still lagging behind a little but not too bad. They are starting to soften up a little which is awesome! I still think they need to drop more, but all that being said I love them! I love feel so much better too! I still get sore when I do too much and I'm trying to be really careful. Still get morning boob! Ill never get used to that! Well, I have a post op appointment tomorrow, ill post more after that!

So I had my 3 week post op today. It went very...

So I had my 3 week post op today. It went very fast and I forgot to ask a lot of my questions, bit the food thing is the office is very responsive by email, so I can always ask later :). She said everything looks great and I'm staring to soften up. She seemed very pleases w my progress. She did day to keep wearing the strap at night unless I see major changes then I can stop. She asked if I wanted the tape off of my incisions and I was soooo scared! Something about the incisions FREAK ME OUT! I have pictured them opening up so many times... At first I said no let them fall off, but them I realized I'm like that kid that lets a bandaid stay on so long it just gets worse and worse. And if they came off at home I knew I'd freak and think something was wrong. So she pulled them off w no pain at all and said they looked great. I could barely look. Ill take pictures tomorrow. In still creeped out by the whole thing. Other than that she said I can work out.. Walk fast, on an incline, elliptical, any leg exercises, even very light arm weights if it feels okay. I'm excited about that! I'm feeling pretty chubby right now, so hopefully that helps! Plus we're going to Vegas mid June for my birthday and I'd love to tighten up a bit! I didn't ask if I need to be careful with washing the incisions, or about scar cream or bio oil directly on them... What have you guys heard about this? I also forgot to ask about sleeping on my side... I miss it soooooo much!! Anyway, I'm exhausted, had a long week and its catching up with me. But I feel like I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and its getting brighter :).

1 month post op!!

I'm one month post op and feeling pretty close to normal... Still am being careful though :). Work isn't hard though anymore and I'm even finally able to clean! I still didn't gt back to working out this week... Just gave myself a little mor time. I think I'll get back at it next week. I finally had the gut to look at my incisions... Ill post a pic now! I'm loving my results! Seriously SO HAPPY!

4 weeks!

4 weeks! Loving my results!

5 weeks post op still so happy I did it!

So I'm five weeks post op and feeling great! I'm still skiddish about hurting myself but really I only feel uncomfortable when I put weight on my arms accidentally or something irritates the incision area. Even then, it doesn't hurt at all, the sensation just feels awkward.
I got sized at Victoria secret and they said I'm a 34DD! I bought some bras and I have to say I'm hooked on bra shopping now!! It's my new lunch time activity :). I found this one, body by Victoria I think, that is a normal bra shape, but wireless. Seems like a good option, but they don't make it in DD, weird. Any way they had great sale bras that I bought for the future when I'm back in underwire or whatever I want.

So far they're softening up and still dropping... I'm anxious for them to fully heal, even though I feel so close already. When did the rest of you further ahead of me feel like you saw your final results? Especially softness wise.

Feeling great! New pics!

I think I'm at seven weeks now! I'm really feeling great! They are softening up a lot and have dropped quite a bit. I still feel firm on the top and my ps said at my 6 week check up last week that is totally normal since they haven't completely dropped yet and I had very little tissue on top. The nurse also said that hers continued to soften for a year. She said true final results are seen at 9-12 months. That made me feel less anxious for sure. I got the all clear to do everything normal! I can finally sleep on my side, thank GOD!!!! I have been back at yoga and I have to say, I lost a lot of arm strength over the past 7 weeks! I taught a class last night and had to have a student demo some of the positions. But I felt more comfortable than I thought I would!

Another pic

Best decision ever!

So... I'm still feeling great and love my results! Not much more to say :). I'm back to all normal activities... I still feel funny doing any weight bearing excersizes on my arms, like push ups, but I'm realizing it doesn't hurt just feels strange. I think it's partially the muscle I lost and the healing of the muscles, and partially there will always be a different feeling there having implants under my muscles. At first that really freaked me out but now I think I'm getting used to the idea that ill get used to the feeling... If that makes sense?! :). They are continuing to to soften and it's weird some days they're softer than others. Any one else notice that? I've only had one friend that didn't know really notice... She flat out cornered me at a party Nd said "what's with the boobs?! Are you pregnant? Or do I just need that bra?!" I said "actually I'm not wearing a bra, just got a boob job!" I thought it was pretty funny :).
Over all I feel like this has been the best decision and I'm so deals I finally took the plunge... I love my new shape, I feel more confident in my body, for the first time ever I like wearing a t shirt, and I'm proud oft self that I made this huge decision FOR MYSELF! Good luck to all the ladies still healing and waiting! And thanks for all of the support!

I always forget to finish posting the pics!

Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

I found dr bandy on real self, and I knew from my free consultation she was the right doctor for me! She is patient, caring, professional and knows what she's doing! I am so glad I trusted her toile my vision and dreams a reality! Her staff is amazing! I had so many questions and every time I emailed the office Melissa or Nicole would email right back with in minutes! And Isabel calmed my nerves and made it clear I was in the best hands! Dr bandy is worth every penny! If I ever have anything else done in the future I would even dream of going anywhere else!

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